(gotta get my drink that's right)

hmmm, feel like myself for the first time in forever. have been a raving bitch at work and for some reason people eat it up. *glories in the fear she inspires* I should say respect, shouldn't I? Won't though. :P

Also stopped in a video store and rented several Man From Uncle tapes! I will geek out with glee.

For some reason, got lost in thought thinking about alchemy, and Full Metal Alchemist, and Jung, and Faust, and Marlowe and then luckily was snapped out of it by watching the rather amazing husband/wife rape scene on Dynasty. In which really super sorry hubby Blake is forgiven after getting his wifey some flowers. Then he gets mad at her for pawning some emeralds to help her friend/ex-boyfriend. Um...you raped her...so that trumps all arguments. Personally, since she chose to stay with the ass anyway, I say she guilts him for the rest of his life. All of this taking place after the "gay" son sleeps with the same ex-boyfriend's wife who just got out of the mental hospital. At the risk of sounding like a hypocritical slasher, sticking your penis repeatedly in a vagina don't make you gay. Neither does barely embracing your "lover".

In other gay news...watched Gary Oldman have group sex in a bathroom in "Prick Up Your Ears". Kind of hot, movie was boring though. Then watched Samurai Champloo. It isn't the greatest show (you can tell where the story is heading) but...wow.... They go where Cowboy Bebop only hinted. Also, I bought Last of the Mohicans...which isn't gay news so much as REALLY F'ING HOT DANIEL DAY-LEWIS news. Damn that's hot.


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