Last day of the month and I'm torn between showing "Maurice"-Alec climbs through window awesomeness and this---

Guess which one I went with? :)

God I love this movie. The Mama Cass alone!

Both from the cutest episode of Without a Trace ever--Check Your Head. The first one to explain the next. "I've never been a lesbian."


From "It's Different For Girls" starring Rupert Graves (love!!!)

Such a cute movie. I totally recommend it.
For a while they wouldn't play this skit in America.

"You're next, pal."

Some amazing authors and artists are offering up their mad skillz on this community to raise money to help fight the dickwads currently trying to fuck up gay marriage in California. As you may know, San Francisco just allowed gay marriage (yays! because it's equal rights, even if marriage seems a strange concept to me) and now some uptight probably closeted and extremely repressed assholes are trying to strike that down.

Time to fight back in the best way possible...with lots and lots of ghei secks intelligently and artistically.

I'd offer up my services, but who'd bid on me? More likely I will bid on someone else and make them obey my every kinky wish. In fiction form, of course. Muahahahaha!!!!!!

Live Long and Marry Go here. Rispa commands it.

And then, continuing with gay pride vids of awesomeness....Buddy Cole.



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