To be fair, I've been doing boring editing projects all day. I need me a fun break.

So here, some Leverage fic recs. Not all of them are slash.

Five Times Eliot Did What Had to Be Done. Just cracky and hot and overall fantastic. This one contains het. Very sexy het.

Aft Gang Agley in which Hardison attempts to seduce Eliot. Things do not work out as planned.

The Way to Man's Heart Or Five Times Eliot Spencer Cooked for Alec Hardison.

FYI I seriously love Parker. She really does have this River Tam quality...without all the annoying singing.
[ profile] inlovewithnight is modding a "One Night Stand Challenge"--in which you pick the fandom, you pick the people (anyone, even originals as long as they're not canon at the time) and then they get it on, in whatever tone you wish, as long it's clearly only for the one night. Then the dirty dirty pr0ns is on (between two consenting adults, of course. Right, LJ spies?)

I am considering it, but I don't know if I have time. Plus...the plot bunny that just bit me in the ass is...HET. Yeah. Yeeeeah.

In other news, stumbled across the crackiest crack fic ever. An AU of a modern cop show...set in Medieval Scotland...but in which the author has not bothered to do much, if any, research, or attempted to keep the characters in character (but, hey, it's an AU, so I'll let that one go). Use of phrases like "panic attack" and "mocha" not to mention "Asian" (which, even if an Asian person had magically been there, that would not have been the word used--at all). And, and also? There's Mpreg.


*crackity crack crack*

But I kept reading it. :P

And in completely unrelated news, the spanking/buttsex porn o' doom has gotten me obsessed with David Bowie.
So my sister writes poetry. I ever mention that? Anyway, the other day I made a joke how we were going to be less Victorian and tragic-Bronte sisters. Which I suppose makes Rene my Mr. Rochester (cuz I am definitely Charlotte). Though then I couldn't decide if he really was, or if he should be crazy-as-fuck Mrs. Rochester the 1st hidden up in the attic. But I suppose Mommy/Marechal sort of share that role.


YULETIDE. Praise be to I read through mostly everything (skipping RPS and fandoms I don't know). It's always such a joy to see the small fandoms get represented. Let's see, I got some Philadelphia Story slash and Secret Adventures of Jules Verne and Nero Wolfe and Sherlock Holmes and The Vorkosigan Series and Hustle I haven't gotten to the Shakespeare slash yet but give me time. All my other fandoms have been suffering as it is.

And that's just the slash. There were some lover-ly het and gen pieces as well. I've posted as much recs on my site as my back can currently allow (oh yeah, I made my back very angry this weekend. Don't ask me what I did. But it is a very angry lower back. A very *annoyed* lumbar region indeed. Owie ow). There will be more, soon. I promise. Though I also need to add some Without a Trace to the Slashy Detectives pages. Le Sigh.

I don't have the time, or the fortitude, to write up all these recs, so I'm just going to put up links and categories. K? Slash, gen, het, whatever.

to the fic )

So...yeah...more latah.

P.S. I did notice the category of RPS--Canadian Actors. Only CKR could have even made me consider, I want y'all to know that. And also, the world needs more Jules Verne slash. It really, really does. Honestly. Phileas. Phileas. He's begging for it. (Speaking of Mr. Rochester).



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