I gots so many pretty fines right now I just don't know what to do. I have new (well old but I lost the originals years ago) Portishead this week. I finally got my hands on B. Monkey. I have sexy manga just a handsbreath away. New Battlestar Gallactica to freak out and gush over and glare at the Brits who have already seen the apparent *thrusting*. And I have been loving the Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex TV series (which I have been renting at work, cheating yes I know) I don't even like the movie Ghost in the Shell but I love the show and the theme song is stuck in my head. Yoko Kanno you genius. And my most annoying coworker spent his last day with me today. He transfers out and I will never see him again! Bwahaha! Muriel's Wedding was on tv behind me and now Byron and Shelley are screwing around in some Ken Russell film and I had chocolate cake and there are Inu Yasha episodes on all week that I have never seen before!!! I am going to burst I can't take it!

*And* all sober. A whole week even though I craved vodka cranberries (I refuse to say Cap Codders) like mad on Wednesday.

I am gorgeous sexy beast who busily writes notes on Chapter Nineteen and realizing, with some guilt, that it was *six months* between chapters last time. Sorry.

How weird would it be to have someone describe you as incredible math? I kind of like it though. "She's incredible math."

Yoko Kanno knows how to make Latin both ethereal and sexy.
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