A few questions for anyone bored (or nice) enough to take the time:

Have you ever purchased ebooks (either short story or novel-length)? It doesn't have to be original slash, or gay, or even romance fiction, just in general? --though the rest of these questions will mostly be about teh ghei love.

If you have purchased original slash or gay romantic/erotic fiction, how did you feel the quality compared to original slash/gay/bent fiction that is available for free online? Or just the quality in general? Feel free to babble if you wish. heh heh.

How often do you purchase? (That's a vague question, but it's not like I'm going to graph it or anything. Statistics=no fun.) I'd imagine it depends on reviews or the authors' name recognition. Feel free to go on about that too if you want. :)

Do you go for romance or for smut separately? Do you go to different places for one or the other, or hope for a combo of the two? (Recs also good here)

Do you go to actual slash/smut/gay/romance/small publisher/whatever review websites? (Or do you find the opinions on those websites as varied and non-helpful as I do? --I admit, this question is biased. heh)

Ooh and another question related to that one, how often do you go to Amazon for these purchases vs. the small publishing sites and authors' pages/blogs themselves?

I'm asking a lot. But honestly, maybe I just can't find good review, professional type review sites. I don't think they're looking for what I'm looking for. So maybe I am looking wrong????

Basically just give me your feelings on good online fiction, free or otherwise, and how you find it. Pleeeease.

Thanks!! to anyone who answers. I want to have your babies.
The weird thing about forcing yourself (to actually be somewhat disciplined) to write (almost) everyday is that if you take a break from it, you instantly feel reluctant to dive back in, in fact you get pretty consumed by laziness all around. And by you I mean me, of course. :)

Actually, that's not even the weirdest thing. The weirdest thing is how out of control it makes me feel pressing forward without stopping to really edit anything, although I've noticed a general decline in control in my stories for several years now. Starting with the very short, tightly written stories I used to do to the giant, rambling epics I seem to write now, things have gotten a lot looser, and I'm not sure I'm entirely a fan of that. On one hand the characters are important, on the other, they shouldn't be telling me what to do all the time.

(Though perhaps my writing hasn't really changed all that much, but my life has, and the sense of being out of control is just a reflection of that stress. And blah blah, control is an illusion blah blah. In real life it is. In a story I don't know that it should be. But then I've often had the sense in general that my fiction is just...weird...all the way around. Not especially good or bad...just...different. I've had more than one remark that my style--whatever it may be--takes some getting used to. So...where was I going with that? Rambling again...)

But speaking of writing, the urge to keep going is, at the same time, very strong. I want this bitch out of my head and I want it out now, and my pace, faster than usual yes, is still somehow too slow. And at the same time there's this vague sense that I'm writing, if not crap, then not my best, because of how fast I'm going. But if I stop for too long, I'm not going to want to keep going, for I am chubby, lazy monster when I want to be.

And, why yes, this was supposed to fun for me. A fun little project, and in a way, it is. For I was raised Catholic and apparently thrive on anguish. :P In fact, I'm sure a lot of writers fret and flail this much. (Except of course, that they are writing like...art) The fretting and flailing is probably part of the process I just wish I was a little farther along in the process.

(Or should I mention that I have a milestone b-day approaching and am having a general "my life sucks" "I've accomplished nothing" etc etc freak out and that perhaps getting this bitch out of me is connected to that, even though it's hardly the Great American Novel? But honestly, have you ever had people and their histories--and futures--in your head for a long period of time? It's maddening. Something happens and all you can think is, "I wonder what Charlie or Rene would say if he saw that?" grrrr)

So um...spend a whole day reading through Vanity Fair and then have a Cabaret day? Or just mess around on Youtube and at least do notes for another scene?

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Dear reading world,

I get that I am only a struggling and learning writer. I get that I have a serious issue with babbling and someday I will meet my perfect editing match and it will be heavenly. I get that dubcon/gaysecks/secks in general is not for everyone, and that a lot of people read things for different reasons. I get that people have very individual tastes and squicks and attention spans.

I have also taken a lot of crap in my life, and have had to sit through oh so fun writing class critique sessions many times, which suck, but I can take it and learn from them.

So understand that when you take the time to write a review of something I've done, I'm going to assume that you have put some time into the reasons you liked/disliked it, in the same way that I have put time in writing the thing (free online amateur crap though it may be). I mean, obviously it provoked enough of a reaction for you to post about it, so *something* went on there, in our writer/reader relationship even if it was unpleasant for you.

Therefore, saying that it just didn't gel for you and then giving a little imaginary internet shrug...what the fuck am I supposed to take from that? That there were general writing issues you had with it? That there were personal issues you had with it and it had nothing to do with the writing? Or that you are an idiot who wastes your time writing nonspecific reviews about stories you found boring? (Or did you find it boring, see, I can't really tell).

Concrit exists for a reason and it goes like this, "I liked this, here's why. I didn't like this, here's why. And then is followed by an analysis of those dislikes based on personal or artistic differences." And it is cool beans either way. If your review is not constructive criticism, and is just negative, it still really ought to be *based* on *something*. Guess what? I can learn even from someone dumping on my writing with no interest in trying to make me better. Take that, oh lazy reccers of the world. I can learn to improve my editing/scene setting/descriptive/punctuation/porn/whatever the hell skills. I can learn what different audiences are interested in. I can even learn which reviewers to listen to, and which ones to just fucking ignore (Like you. Sorry, your review just didn't work for me, I don't really feel like thinking about why).

So, please, since I made the effort, maybe you ought to as well, just a little, instead of being a douchebag. Because, seriously, I'm wondering, if you don't give a crap, then why did you bother?

Thanks so very much,



(Okay, so it's hot and I'm a little cranky)
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 10:33 pm)
A meme snagged from [livejournal.com profile] cerebel:

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

I don't know that I've written 25, but here goes. I bet they are all as long as hell. Because I babble. This excludes unfinished fic and most of my original stuff. Follow the random song lyric...

cuz earl had to die )

Here's what I noticed. I've been experimenting with voice and tense, which is good. But there is some passive voice in there, which is bad. Also I tend not to do the exciting awesome hook beginnings. I mostly build slowly (too slowly) toward the end.
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( Feb. 6th, 2008 07:31 pm)
So I was ranting to Kittie to leave me alone about writing ideas because I don't have time, which, yeah, is a little true, but it's not all true. (Like being mostly dead, I suppose) I have a small amount of time and a great desire to write something, but I feel sort of...aimless.

I have several (hundred) WIPs in need of finishing. But lately, when I look at my writing, when I think about it, I feel like they've all lost their focus. Or I have. By which I mean, I used to write short stories, and pretty tightly structured ones. Or maybe they were just simple, I don't know. Now it feels like I can't stop babbling in what few stories I write and instead of following a clear narrative they're just...a collection of random images. And certain people write that way and I love it but I feel like it's not me. Or what I do. Or just..maybe it's a good thing. Maybe it's a sign of better writing, or more involved, or relaxed. But it's just feels...not as good at all to me. It feels worse. Less. Like someone else wrote it.

Or I'm just angsting over nothing. Or maybe I'm just flailing because I have no Rene anymore.
When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

CSI meets Roman Holiday )

Robin Hood Original Fic )

a little original Etienne ficlet )

Obviously I have too many WIPs, and that's without getting to the notes on new things (in the crypt again, it smells like death, can't see, but plastic fangs still pricking his palm, and he feels fear, fear of Ray) or of course, the Big One )
So...someone...last week ([livejournal.com profile] ponderosa121? [livejournal.com profile] tmelange?) was talking about pieces of fic that are so good that they pull you into a fandom and make you want to seek out everything else for that fandom, but then are so complete and so well-written that by the time you finish reading you are done with that fandom, because that fic was the be all and end all for that pairing/show/movie and is so beautiful that you don't want to ruin it with anything else.

Which is a beautiful, thoughtful sentiment, and the example given was Resonant's Higher Learning, which is an excellent example. And very true.

But that (combined with [livejournal.com profile] misskittie79's discussion of my 'voice' and my writing tendencies) made me think about my writing, specifically why I fuss and angst and kill myself with stress over short stories of *fanfiction*. And I think part of it is that for some reason I never think I'm going to write any more than one story for any one particular fandom, so with each story I feel all this pressure to say everything I want to say, and to make it close to perfect.

Not that my fanfic has ever reach the levels of something like Higher Learning, I just mean my brain for some reason must be aspiring to something like that. Nevermind that I usually end up writing several stories for a fandom and not just one. This is probably also why most of my porn is all symbolic and meaningful instead of just some sexin'.

These are things I must work on, I suppose. That's all. Strange thinky thoughts over for now. Back to boysinskirts.
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( Mar. 17th, 2007 12:00 pm)
So...you ever have someone in a comment or in feedback on a story point out something about your story (or you) that you had never really thought about before?

It's a little...unnerving for the first second or so.

I know art imitates life or however you'd like to phrase it. But still...when I'm writing it, it's fiction to me. I'm imagining *whoever* in a situation and how they'd react. Someone who *is not me*. Except it is me, I know that on some level, but at the time, that's not important. So when I get comments about how well I capture obsession or just perfectly depicting the frustration of being inappropriately attracted to someone or a remark that the story was tense and real when to me it was just a cute moment between two made-up people...

It kind of snaps me out of my little fanfic daydream. And I go...oh! And am forced to kind of smile awkwardly and think about my life for a minute.

But that's probably only true for us repress and deny types, right?

I am such a dumbass sometimes.


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