Dear world, is it worth it for me to take the time to post all my old old old (in other words, hella old) Hornblower fic, Pirates of the Caribbean fic, and all those Ideas of Sin original crackfics to Dreamwidth? Some of them might be up there already, but not in Memories, and after spending forever making sure all my newer stuff is in the Memories there, I just want to know if it's worth my time.

Probably not, right? Nobody reads those anymore. Everybody who would have, will have long since done so.


They can go by way of all my ancient fanfics in long-forgotten fandoms. I can just pretend they never happened.
Touching up some things after viewing the third Pirates movie. Mostly though, it was fine, I predicted it pretty well. Yays!

Iffin' y'all are interested... Etienne writes his phone number on mens room walls

I mean...

That's the link to A Respectable Future.

I could snip here, snip there, add some things, and continue Sparrington (approaching epic, dammit) fic. Make it darker to match theme of new film. (Explain the uberbitter).
Except that I wrote it to be fun, and to match the first film.

Without being spoilery, I'm just going to say that I've been comparing DMC to Indiana Jones' second movie, The Temple of Doom. Different. Darker. But not unenjoyable. That being said, it's also the movie where they deleted scenes of characterization and dialogue to fit in more special effects. Thus, it is now the movie where all Characters except for Will (WILL!) have completely gone to hell. There's so much going on they couldn't resolve anything and yet there are more plots and characters to come in the third one (Though I loves Chow Yun Fat and can't wait for him). ARGH!!!!!!! So. Irritating. This vexes me. I am terribly vexed.

Though Johnny is in Newsweek saying he would do a POTC 4 and even a 5 he loves playing Jack so much...There are also comments about the whole Nelly Pirate thing, in the words of John Waters.

Sure, Disney gets points for still including all their old characters. And for the gay joke and playing around with the OTPs. But...DAMMIT! Finish a damn plot first before starting a new one.

Did they learn nothing from the X-files?
ok so like (uh oh she's been in the rum again) why oh why do I seem to feel that Jack Sparrow likes to touch himself in public? (Like he's a fan of the Divinyls, and when he thinks of JAmes, he touches himself).

I've been reading my Sparrington...Reckless Acts and Moves and Motion, so far, and yes, indeed, Jack Sparrow likes to fondle himself in view of the Commodore.

From where in the movie did I get this image? Is it like the CSI slashers and their weird (yet hot) dirty bathroom stall sex in public fetish? Where did this come from?

and Kittie, I *win* at inventing random POTC fandom perversions. So neener.

That's right. NEENER! hahaha
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 03:25 pm)
(See above) Is still my phrase of the week, even if Kittie says it should be, "Jack Sparrow was sucking his cock". Both work. The latter is just a really odd subject header (unless it's Norrington's LiveJournal, I suppose. Now that would be on my friendslist).

Dammit I was supposed to put the crackpipe down. Oh well. On to the recs! All of these, and more, located on my recs pages, as I'm sure y'all know by now.

Smallville smut. I have Smallville angst too, but I know what people really want. Siren Song Innocence lost against a pooltable. And then for angst, read A Handful of Dust Dark Futrefic.

CSI--and by that I mean Greg/Nick. Smut *and* cuddles. And first, of course, Mud Wrestling!!. I would pay to watch them wrassle in some mud. Seriously.

Okay, and then I rec (with serious reservations) Nobody Ever Notices. Basically, (as I explain on my page) I consider this fic to be crackfic. It's OOC and just frakkin' stupid if you don't know if somebody likes you, to woo them with a videotape of yourself jacking off. That being said,it's still HAWT as hell. 6 orgasms (in the fic, your own are your business). More bathroom sex--a serious kink in the CSI fandom.

Then, Three Steps Away. Nick angst post "Grave Danger". Grissom is ubercool. Revenge is best served dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate. And um...this is the one that Nick wants. heee.

New BSG. Sexy, and surprisingly (to them) romantic. Helo/Lee. To Be Young (Is to Be)

And then het...with some boytouching. Calling the Shots. Perhaps the only fandom where I'll read het. Maybe. It helps if there's a threesome involved.

And one lonely POTC a strangely modern voice and very short but which gets rec'd for the line alone...Sexy Quickie Fic

And then a question: Should L.A. Confidential Fic go on the Slashy Detectives page? I have to rearrange the Rareslash anyway. But even though Ed/Bud/Jack are technically detectives...I dunno I don't think of them along the same lines as, say, Nero Wolfe.
[Poll #687303]
I have decided after far too much Night Court viewing that Dan and Harry are sekrit OTP. I need my photoshop again so I can make an icon to that effect. I want them juxtaposed with Bugs and Daffy...think about it, I swear it makes sense. Just as much as watching Hello, Dolly with La Streisand, and thinking how much she and Horace Vandergelder have a Jack/Commodore vibe. Only Jack leers as he says, "You go your way and I'll go mine".

Speaking of happy piratses...they have entertained me much in my thoughts lately. And I do need to finish that shiznit before the new movies come out and shred my universe to pieces. One hears rumors of a [ profile] pir8fancier archive? Ist true? Hmmm.

It's almost done anyway, but of course, the minute I get close to ending something, I stall and let it sit there, compltely afraid of the AFTER.

P.S. Pride and Prejudice is out on Tuesday, for those wanting to buy the hot.
The first is probably old to everyone in the POTC fandom, but I just got around to posting the rec (and no, I haven't yet read anything on pirategasm, not even in the archives...I am a...busy...little...bee...). Taking Advantage.

And then one for the new Battlestar Galactica (only one month till Playgirl with Jamie Bamber comes out...woot!) which is a bizarre little crossover with Apollo on Earth, metting up with Gambit from the X-men. HOT HOT HOT! But only a little smutty. Which is sad, as this is porn I would PAY to read. Pay Muchly. For Gambit was and always will be Sex on A Stick. (Now I just need Gambit and Mat from the Wheel of Time to get freaky and my prayers will have been answered. Rand/Mat, my OTP). Light For My Darkest Nights. Gambit....aaaah all my junior high comic book reading lust has returned.

Then Kittie says possibly the greatest thing in the world to me. Referring to the lack of dirtybadwrong in the fandoms that really need it (Rome) she expresses a desire to someday read crackfic for work of hers and adds, "I just want someone to express their issues through my characters."

hahaha. If only other authors were so enlightened.

"Rand...are you the Daughter of the Nine Moons?" aahahaha
Ok so the Commodore is insisting on turning into a woman from a Harlequin Romance. It's pissng me off. Or maybe it's pissing Jack off, and me through Jack. Since poor Jack is so very aroused right now. And I wonder if I've been inspired here by [ profile] pir8fancier's Your Move story. But dammit why is Jack always the gas and Norry's always the brakes?

*rant rant rant*

Sorry. I can't help it.

Ai ya!
extra sharp cheddar indeed. Hmmm last night I was asked by a male friend, very curious about this, to describe the plot. That was weird, saying the plot of my slashy silliness out loud and trying to make it seem reasonable. Ahaha. Then I got too into it and wouldn't shut up.

Anyway, a bit of Jack/Norry, a scene that exists solely to get them to the next scene...which, as you may guess...will be another kinky scene. Though it won't get written until after the new year most likely. Since I have Troy story to finish and work on IOS chapter 22, and editing 21 for posting before Xmas, and maybe, if time, some BSG porn as a prezzie. A definite maybe on that one.

In which Jack is not drunk and the Commodore does not have a pirate in his bed )

You know, my friend was very confused as to how writing something silly was so much harder for me than drama. But...but...comedy's hard. Drama is so easy. *whines*
OK, yes, Reckless Acts is a cheesy title. But it's a cheesy story. Pirate fluff. Good lord. Don't really even know why it was written.
Summary: Jack is insecure. The Commodore...isn’t. Fluff. Or something equally Out of Character.
AN: This is what happens when I try to write Sparrington without alcohol in my system. Though, when you when watch the movie enough, you notice Jack isn’t actually drunk all that much either. So that’s no real excuse for rambling on forever about nothing. I suppose this is what they wanted to do, since they wouldn’t do what I wanted to do. Bitches. Anyway, read [ profile] pir8fancier’s (sexee) Game, Set, Match. Got me thinking about Jack Sparrow playing chess. Tried to write it. Ended up being a lot like me playing the game...which is to say bored and easily distracted. Oh well. It’s done.

Reckless Acts )
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There will be no "Cora Sparrow"! Damn, why must they do this? Sure ok, she doesn't have to be Jack's daughter, she could be his sister, and sure, she might not be a Mary Sue. But I doubt it, since Elizabeth came pretty close and she wasn't a cute little girl with that infamous last name.

THE ONLY WAY this is acceptable: She exists only to drive Jack more bonkers than usual, be she daughter or sister, and the only person she actually gets along with in the film is Commodore Norrington. (HOW f'in adorable would that be? That would make me want to breed.) Just the image of Jack afraid of his flesh and blood little girl/Norrington totally at ease with her in their big gay happy family.

That plotline is so delicious it doesn't even need chocolate sprinkles.


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