Am drunk. Have fallen from wagon. tsk tsk. Wagons are uncomfortable. Actually fell from wagon last night, with chambord. Mmmm. Raspberry liqueur of doom. Focusing has become difficult. Thoughts maudlin and ridiculous. Last night also listened to very funny David Cross bit about being really fucked up and being woken up in a strange hotel room thinking he had lost his mind. Hmmmm. As I came to drinking a bit late in life (I was pretty close to straight edge in high school and even college) I find it interesting when people who were serious, serious drinkers/partiers decide to give it up. I have had several friends do that recently...though I suppose when you wake up in jail in S.F. the day after New Year's and you can't remember how or why, then yeah, you drink too much. (Ah Sebastion you idiot). Just find it interesting, in that, there but for the grace of god kind of way.

I hate straight edgers by the way. People who don't trust themselves. Like Sydney Greenstreet as the Fat Man in the Maltese Falcon, I like a man who drinks. A man who doesn't drink doesn't trust himself, and I don't trust a man who doesn't trust himself. It's like Vegans. Vegetarians are cool. Vegans can suck a big meaty dick. Pussy ass motherfuckers. (oh, I get ghetto when I drink. I forgot to mention that. I get Tex-Arkana when I am angry too. Weirdness.)

I would like to write more Horatio getting spanked. But I have work to do. Nineteen to finish (yes, has begun) and then somehow, need to noncon that fine ass from...well I've talked enough about that.

Have put my foot in my mouth about ten times in past two days. Will blame that on lack of sleep.

I really really want to slash WOT Mat and Rand. But I can't. Robert Jordan is a tight ass. Well actualyl I have, but can never post. Which is sad, cuz they are a beautiful couple.

Can't remember where the bottle went. Uh oh. Problem.

Also, look soon for the cool folks wearing original hand painted Ideas of Sin dork shirts! Soon to be modeled by Kittie and yours truly. :)
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