This story is just...fucking beautiful. Just yeah.

Sort of an AU, sort of not. You can easily imagine Martin finally having enough one day and just...vanishing. The effect this has on Danny is just breathtakingly painful. Goldatamera did an amazing job with not only the Danny-voice but his slow realization that they could have had more than just friendship, and his anguish over letting Martin down, as well as the strangely light tone that Danny/Martin banter always has, even at their darkest moments. Words that come to mind? Bleak. Magnificent. Incredible.

I wish I had written it. *sigh*

Hold Your Breath A Little Longer

The city sometimes surges, pushes against a body until they snap and are devoured whole; an argument, debts, skipped medication, then a flash and a breaking of glass and a new brown folder gathering dust on a shelf. It's expected almost, familiar, and no one expects to see a person go missing in front of them. They don't notice the way a person hollows out from the inside, eyes growing dead and dull, skin stretching and brittle like it's trying to hold in a vacuum, trying to keep a person visible and it can't take the strain. Body vibrating, holding out, wanting to collapse in on itself, and it looks like the dark coffee twitches of a worker with too little time to sleep, to breathe, to swim against the tide of the city. Soft resignation, a quiet letting go, and no one realises until the empty desk isn't filled, and someone is left standing beside it, two cups of coffee in their hands and a frown on their face.

Danny places the second cup of coffee on Martin's desk, and wonders when the office began to feel so empty.
Total cheese and sweetness and I luvs it. Heee!

And May Your Yuletide Be Gay by Alethia.

Kissing Danny

Without A Trace
m/m slash (obviously)
Xmas fluffiness for Staceykitten, with a shout out to MissKittie for reading this for me despite not knowing the characters. Special mention to Archie, the Shannybear, Jack Nasty, and in a small way, the NeNe.

AN: Total fluff. No attempts have been made to delve into angst or to study their more complex natures and problems. I write depth and angst every day damn it all. I don’t need any more right now. This is really uneven too, I think. Hmm. Um…I apparently decided that Martin’s self-image is horribly off. Blah. Does this shit even make sense??? I think not. Whatever. It's my first time in the fandom. Mistakes will be made.

Onto the sugary boykissing! )

I can't help it! I always go for this type couple, either in its angst form or in the moments of total sugar. Mmmm. (And you knows I can't resist those ears!)

it whups my ass with its very lameness.

And yet...*teh cute*

Look at those ears. My god.
Curse you, Without a Trace for (Anthony Lapaglia's excellence aside) you are not that good of a show. You are a kinder, gentler Law & Order. You follow stupid and predictable romantic plotlines (like obviously you brought in a Hispanic chick just so the Hispanic guy has a chick to date. Boooring. Easy to guess and yeah...shades of Vicki Vale. --"People are starting to think he's gay, let's bring in a forgettable chick") but...barring all of that....


Their love is pure.



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