curiouser and curioser... I honestly can't say how I would react to that. Probably not well, considering my boss. But then she talks about her dildo collection all the time, so apparently my sexual harassment tolerance is pretty high. Masturbation might top me out though.

American Apparel Article

I don't whether that makes me want to buy their products or not... I'm thinking not...but I don't wear knee high socks anyway.
(gotta get my drink that's right)

hmmm, feel like myself for the first time in forever. have been a raving bitch at work and for some reason people eat it up. *glories in the fear she inspires* I should say respect, shouldn't I? Won't though. :P

Also stopped in a video store and rented several Man From Uncle tapes! I will geek out with glee.

For some reason, got lost in thought thinking about alchemy, and Full Metal Alchemist, and Jung, and Faust, and Marlowe and then luckily was snapped out of it by watching the rather amazing husband/wife rape scene on Dynasty. In which really super sorry hubby Blake is forgiven after getting his wifey some flowers. Then he gets mad at her for pawning some emeralds to help her friend/ex-boyfriend. raped that trumps all arguments. Personally, since she chose to stay with the ass anyway, I say she guilts him for the rest of his life. All of this taking place after the "gay" son sleeps with the same ex-boyfriend's wife who just got out of the mental hospital. At the risk of sounding like a hypocritical slasher, sticking your penis repeatedly in a vagina don't make you gay. Neither does barely embracing your "lover".

In other gay news...watched Gary Oldman have group sex in a bathroom in "Prick Up Your Ears". Kind of hot, movie was boring though. Then watched Samurai Champloo. It isn't the greatest show (you can tell where the story is heading) They go where Cowboy Bebop only hinted. Also, I bought Last of the Mohicans...which isn't gay news so much as REALLY F'ING HOT DANIEL DAY-LEWIS news. Damn that's hot.
*amazingly* perverted and weird 1950's pinup art collection, the Works of Art Frahm.

Wow. It's all I can say. The Panties That Defy Logic But Not Gravity. Also...strange celery correlation that I have not yet figured out.

The Effects of Celery on Loose Elastic
Pooky and I were just making plans for my funeral. No, I have no plans on dying, but it's life after all, who can say. (Besides, I am just Catholic enough to know that if I continue on with my blasphemous ways, I might get my ass smoted). Actually, I have always said I want a big party, in a drunken wake kind of way. The social event of the year at the very least. Everyone knows this. However, Pooks and I just made some specific demands and rules.

1. Alcohol a plenty. Preferably vodka, champagne, and tequila, as those are my favorites. However, people can drink whatever they please.

2. Except for Beer. Beer is outlawed, as I hate it. The smell alone would bring me back from the dead.

3. A priest may be present, but he must be hot. And he must speak only in Latin--unless--

4. He is actually a stripper, in which case he can sing along to Madonna's Like A Prayer as he takes off his sacred and ordained cloth. My only requirement there is that he not be a really beefcakey stripper. They are gross and I can't help but imagine them with all sorts of vd's.

5. Only wear black if you look good in black.

6. No kids, unless you want them to see you shit faced.

7. Mock anyone who cries. It's What Rene Would Do.

8. Food will be served. Catering by El Charro and my mother.

9. Bury/Burn me I don't care. But in my casket with me there will be: My favorite Martini glass, my diamond collection (ok small at this point, so what, wanna fight about it?), my strawberry colored Pocket Rocket, my riding crop, a feather boa, a bound finished copy of IOS (will never happen), and I will be wearing a black, cold shoulder Donna Karen dress. heh heh.

10. Party doesn't end until dawn. It's a WAKE people.

Hmmm, I think that's sufficiently morbid enough for today.
if you need something to distract you from work and papers for a bit, then check out the place where google keeps tack of popular searches for internet trends and expressions,

Google Meme Observatory

Frequent mentions of Live Journal and Star Trek and Fandom Wank (kneel to the founders of fandom).

Someday I am going to write a paper on the nature of these things on the internet. These are as permanent as the net can get, really. Someday...when I really, really give a rat's ass.
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( May. 4th, 2005 03:49 pm)
a little history of both...not that I really see much difference, except one seems slightly more visual. well, the intentions are slightly different I suppose.

"As feminist author Joanna Russ said, women want "a sexual relationship that does not require their abandoning freedom, adventure, and first-class humanity...they want sexual enjoyment that is intense, whole, and satisfying, and they want intense emotionality. They also create images of male bodies as objects of desire."

Redrawing Love
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( Mar. 8th, 2005 01:18 pm)
i think i've screwed up, badly in fact. doing a big...i want to say disservice but people don't actually use that word, do they? i mean, i do in my head, but i don't say that out loud...or type it for that matter. well i did now. in the world of fiction i use it. but not in real life. which is the point, my problem. i um...have cultivated a certain ditzy demeanor in the past few years, since leaving college actually. to the point where most people don't even think i'm capable of attending a college i think. and part of it was, i don't like bragging. it seems...immodest somehow to constantly refer to my college, or my grades in college. and also i know part of it was that i don't see any reason why a "smart" person can't also be interested in fashion, or a cute shade of eyeshadow. not all the time, just on occasion. and then i noticed, when i expressed an interest in that in public, i was almost instantly labeled, i could see the click in their eyes from their first assumption (glasses=nerd) to "shallow and vapid". so then, my nature being what it is, i would play up to that, thinking i suppose, in the back of my mind, that it would be interesting when they actually see me go into full geek mode.

only somehow either that never happened or that the vapid impression cancels out all other input, because while i think i am seen as being intelligent enough to do my job, the assumptions about me are that i am still primarily concerned with having a good time. how on earth i got portrayed as a party girl i don't know. to make it more confusing, for me anyway, is that at the same time, i have this heartless bitch image as where a coworker actually expressed surprise that i have feelings. (that is not even an exaggaration).

and i know, i've talked about it before, the tendency in people to play down their intelligence to fit n, or to make their friends feel better. even if it means just pretending to take longer to reach a conclusion than it actually takes you, i think everyone has done it at some point. but it doesn't really make you fit in, even if it does grant you some 'normal' human contact. if you don't want to spend all your time conversing with dry boring ass snobs on your intellectual level or higher. but now i feel sort of stuck...between the two. aaahhh i don't even know if i can stop the ditziness now. its so ingrained. sometimes i can feel the more serious, hardcore part of me slipping away and its incredibly frightening. but when i was more concerned with thinking and learning, i knew less of people, and so i recognize the give and take here. nonetheless, its frightening. incredibly fucking frightening. don't ever let anyone tell you an identity crisis isn't a big deal. feeling it leaving me like that is so scary. makes me feel a bit like sherlock holmes, when he acknowledges why he never interacts with anyone but watson. that he even lets watson in is only proof of how lonely people can get.

hmm i geeked out in the middle of my problem. that's oddly comforting.

what started this was a discussion i had with pooky about men finding the way another man in slash *thinks* to be sexy. the same cannot be said of men with women. grrr. might also be part of my problem.

i need a drink. alas. i must go to work.

i'm just babbling by the way. no one needs to answer this in lj or email. :)
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( Jan. 25th, 2005 10:59 pm)
Am drunk. Have fallen from wagon. tsk tsk. Wagons are uncomfortable. Actually fell from wagon last night, with chambord. Mmmm. Raspberry liqueur of doom. Focusing has become difficult. Thoughts maudlin and ridiculous. Last night also listened to very funny David Cross bit about being really fucked up and being woken up in a strange hotel room thinking he had lost his mind. Hmmmm. As I came to drinking a bit late in life (I was pretty close to straight edge in high school and even college) I find it interesting when people who were serious, serious drinkers/partiers decide to give it up. I have had several friends do that recently...though I suppose when you wake up in jail in S.F. the day after New Year's and you can't remember how or why, then yeah, you drink too much. (Ah Sebastion you idiot). Just find it interesting, in that, there but for the grace of god kind of way.

I hate straight edgers by the way. People who don't trust themselves. Like Sydney Greenstreet as the Fat Man in the Maltese Falcon, I like a man who drinks. A man who doesn't drink doesn't trust himself, and I don't trust a man who doesn't trust himself. It's like Vegans. Vegetarians are cool. Vegans can suck a big meaty dick. Pussy ass motherfuckers. (oh, I get ghetto when I drink. I forgot to mention that. I get Tex-Arkana when I am angry too. Weirdness.)

I would like to write more Horatio getting spanked. But I have work to do. Nineteen to finish (yes, has begun) and then somehow, need to noncon that fine ass from...well I've talked enough about that.

Have put my foot in my mouth about ten times in past two days. Will blame that on lack of sleep.

I really really want to slash WOT Mat and Rand. But I can't. Robert Jordan is a tight ass. Well actualyl I have, but can never post. Which is sad, cuz they are a beautiful couple.

Can't remember where the bottle went. Uh oh. Problem.

Also, look soon for the cool folks wearing original hand painted Ideas of Sin dork shirts! Soon to be modeled by Kittie and yours truly. :)
I gots so many pretty fines right now I just don't know what to do. I have new (well old but I lost the originals years ago) Portishead this week. I finally got my hands on B. Monkey. I have sexy manga just a handsbreath away. New Battlestar Gallactica to freak out and gush over and glare at the Brits who have already seen the apparent *thrusting*. And I have been loving the Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex TV series (which I have been renting at work, cheating yes I know) I don't even like the movie Ghost in the Shell but I love the show and the theme song is stuck in my head. Yoko Kanno you genius. And my most annoying coworker spent his last day with me today. He transfers out and I will never see him again! Bwahaha! Muriel's Wedding was on tv behind me and now Byron and Shelley are screwing around in some Ken Russell film and I had chocolate cake and there are Inu Yasha episodes on all week that I have never seen before!!! I am going to burst I can't take it!

*And* all sober. A whole week even though I craved vodka cranberries (I refuse to say Cap Codders) like mad on Wednesday.

I am gorgeous sexy beast who busily writes notes on Chapter Nineteen and realizing, with some guilt, that it was *six months* between chapters last time. Sorry.

How weird would it be to have someone describe you as incredible math? I kind of like it though. "She's incredible math."

Yoko Kanno knows how to make Latin both ethereal and sexy.


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