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( May. 9th, 2009 12:10 am)
I was going to stop posting vids...and then I saw this.

Because, damn, are those movies ghei.
Clearly, on the list of ridiculous things that make me happy is anything (good) mixing old and new. So this--> Fred Astaire Vs Michael Jackson is awesome. So we can all pretend that Fred Astaire was EVER badass. Also, I just love Cyd Charisse and any reminder not to trust a blond.

Other things that make me happy? Parker Posey in House of Yes. Actually just House of Yes. If you've never seen that movie, watch it *now*. No, like NOW. I means it! Meanwhile, here's a freaky random short vid. Normalcy is coursing through my veins "If people are going to start speaking the truth around here, I'm going to bed."

The original banned cartoon of Betty Boop set to Minnie the Moocher. he took her down to Chinatown he showed her how to kick the gong around Banninated! For drug use and sluttiness references! Complete and total insanity! (in a semi-related note, I need to learn how to Charleston, freels)

Little Shop of Horrors Possibly the best musical ever. Topped off by Bill Murray vs Steve Martin in a sado masochistic struggle for dominance!

And finally, because I need to stop for now, Mario Canton, whom I love, doing celebrity Vagina Monologues. Trust Me. Two words...Joan Crawford. Okay, three words...Anna Nicole Smith. My vagina is a flower, suck it lick it pick it

Edit Dude, I forgot Girls Will Be Girls. Drag movie? Cult movie? Hilarious movie. Astrophysicist!!!
!!! Yay [livejournal.com profile] dlasta and I are not alone in our mad Wickham love!



And then just a snippet from the actual movie. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5pl3kgNe28


Seriously tho, a vid set to "Barracuda" by Heart, how awesome would that be?
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( Jan. 8th, 2009 12:25 pm)
Because the internet is being weird (as usual). Because NCIS made an Illya Kuryakin reference. Because this song is awesome. Because The Man From UNCLE was one of the kinkiest TV shows ever and because Napoleon *so* wanted to tap that ass. I give you the vid Bedroom Toys.

Now, I've posted it before. But it makes me happy. So neener.

If you can't destroy it, you might as well enjoy it. :)
Halloween is not only about scary good times, but the end of the summer and the light and a welcoming of the dark, a last time to go crazy before the dark takes over, a time to reverse roles, to go hidden, to have fun, to think about death, and the dead, in whatever way you choose to do it.

In the spirit of that, and because I have no social life at the moment, I give you Random Halloween Video Spam.

First...a clip from the original (1963) The Haunting -- a movie that freaks me out to this day. I love it. Low budget and all. A house that was born bad Trust me, just the intro is creepy.

Some musical madness, featuring both Miranda Richardson *and* the Devil...awesome. The Red Shoes

Jack Black and Kyle versus a shiny demon, Round One anyway. Nay, we are but men. ROCK!

I cannot properly express my love for Leslie Hall (owner of Gem sweaters and internet goddess). Nonetheless, just watch her video for "How We Go Out" and you'll understand. You get me hotter than a stick of hot glue Speaking of dress up...

Though if we are talking dress up, I must also include a small bit of Kelly not Shoes.

Slumber Party Massacre!!!!! hahaha

Jack's Lament from the Nightmare Before Christmas. (yay for Oingo Boingo...I mean Danny Elfman). Jack...the Pumpkin King I suppose This Is Halloween is more appropriate. But whatever.

And cuz I have to do it---A One-Eyed One-Horned Flying Purple People Eater

My (current) favorite scene of Young Frankenstein is the scene in which Fredrick orders himself locked in a room with the creature and then immediately wants back out again, only to turn into a charmer/Ultimate Jewish Mother to win over the creature and save himself. ("Hey there, Handsome...") However, this is hard to find on youtube, so yous guys get Super Doooooper!!

For more random: The Flight of the Conchords, Bowie's In Space, Live. The live version is better than the version from the episode, imo. This Bowie to Bowie, I read you loud and clear, man

And then finally, also for the random. Cary Grant, he just went GAY all of the sudden. (Just ask Randolph Scott). You can hear what you want to hear I suppose something from Arsenic and Old Lace would also have been more fitting.

How did my child-self fail to notice this?

Nightcourt!!! Christine and Dan!!! Yays!!!!!!

In other news that will likely only make sense to [livejournal.com profile] pir8fancier I started to decorate my bedroom!

So HERE, some happy things:

First---yay! for dancing French people---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOy-ek3KgFU
It's like the ending of Beau Travail, only less gay.

Secondly--- FAR too adorable video. Like so adorable you'll cry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYbFQFXG0U


Seth Green giving *fabulous* lessons from Party Monster ("I've lost him! I've lost my friend!!")

Cute with Chris being hilarious (again)
Because T-pain is an idiot. "no homo"

And then a fantastically 80's video from Laura Branigan that si currently my jam (and directed by Friedkin...hmmm)

Both from the cutest episode of Without a Trace ever--Check Your Head. The first one to explain the next. "I've never been a lesbian."

For a while they wouldn't play this skit in America.

"You're next, pal."

Because I love Barbara Stanwyck so much, and because I love it when people pair modern crap with classic goodness, may I direct you to, In Love Wit A Stripper Set to "Lady of Burlesque" --the movie based on the mystery novel by Gypsy Rose Lee?

*in love*

The same creator has one for "The Lady Eve" set to You Remind Me, by Usher.


Damn I love Barbara Stanwyck...and I love her fans too.


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