Feel free to add any recs to this you want. About anything. I mean, I read most fandoms, and the ones I don't are generally easy to figure out (though obviously I'll miss the in-jokes and references, and anything sci-fi might get complicated). This is in no way all recent fic, or stories for everyone, or even the best-written/made stuff out there. This particular list is just Feel Good Recs, baby.

Nick and Greg and little red ribbon. Smut! The Ribbon

Greg Sanders, Private Dick. Super historically accurate? Not exactly. Do I care? Nope. This series is completely fun and totally hot and just cheers me up sometimes. Why yes, I have read it repeatedly.

LEX LUTHOR IN A PLAID SCHOOLGIRL SKIRT! *ahem* Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts

Because Saul Panzer in the Nero Wolfe books is just all kinds of awesome: The Christmas Punch

(And Yuletide, btw. YULETIDE!!!!!! Yuletide *is* Fandom Awesome. I ought to do that again this year).

Pir8fancier's Hate Me/Bite Me Memes story. Harry/Draco. (No, I don't read or especially like Harry Potter. But first of all, grown up, bratty, spoiled Draco is love. And secondly, she took a really stupid and negative internet meme and turned it into porn. I mean love. Yes. That too. Draco was pissed off

A short original, fairy tale-ish fic. The Virgin and the Unicorn

omg, *any* Die Hard 4 Slash if you want hot, kinky porn.

Because I Have Spent My Day Watching Psych CAPSLOCK OF LOVE.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John: Two Girl Scout Cookies In Love Delicious (pun intended) SGA crackfic.

Slash for the movie "Cursed"...which needed it. But there's no fandom, and no expectation of praise, and the author wrote this bit of perfect anyway.

Yuletide again! The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert

Yuletide! "Smoke Signals" slash!!! EEEE!!!!! Thank you, fandom! Telling Tales

A small bit of DS porn from Spuffy. So thanks, Spuffy! What They Needed Ray really is so cute.

More Nick/Greg. The kind of established couple fic that doesn't usually get written. Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet

Tetchy The OG Simon/Jayne fic!

Also: Dear Fandom, you are awesome for introducing me to boysinskirts. Lipstick Vogue for DS.

And genderfuck! Thanks for that too, Fandom! Gonna Go to Babylon and Get Me Some Whiskey more Due South awesomeness. Maybe I ought to just thank Due South. :)

And thanks for authors like Thamiris too. And all her fic. I'll just link to one. Tied to the Wrist ah Smallville.

(Smallville and SGA, two of the few large fandoms I will read on a semi-regular basis, even if I stopped watching the shows themselves long ago)

Holmes/Watson slash, for existing at all. Sacrilege

Perfect fucking fanvids like this one---> Closer Kirk/Spock set to Nine Inch Nails.

I'm missing a lot. And yet babbling on at the same time. Because Fandom has given me so much. I mean, would I ever have discovered all my kinks without it? Would I have learned to tolerate and/or accept other people's kinks without it? And, though I may still harbor a lot of il will toward a lot of het shippers for their general attitude regarding slash and slashers, I have also seen slashers do some completely awesome things, just proving how stupid all those narrow-minded het shipper types are.

And icons! I forgot all about icons! How many precious icons have I gotten over the years???

*ack* Running out of time here...
So MissKittie (aka paradisepink) asked for Old-School Clex. And um....Smallville is hard, y'all. Though at least I got to set it back in the day before Smallville went from fun to TOTAL CRAP.


(Back before Clark became a complete douchebag)

Title: Affogato
Pairing: Clex
Summary: Um...Lex is drinking coffee. It's just a snippet really. A very AU snippet. Clark doesn't do farmboy nearly as well as Lex does obsession.
Warnings: I tend toward the dramatic and cheesy sometimes, but I try to rein it in. Oh, wait, a warning for this? Not really. Clark is a hor.

Affogato )

Now let's make like this never happened.
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 03:25 pm)
(See above) Is still my phrase of the week, even if Kittie says it should be, "Jack Sparrow was sucking his cock". Both work. The latter is just a really odd subject header (unless it's Norrington's LiveJournal, I suppose. Now that would be on my friendslist).

Dammit I was supposed to put the crackpipe down. Oh well. On to the recs! All of these, and more, located on my recs pages, as I'm sure y'all know by now.

Smallville smut. I have Smallville angst too, but I know what people really want. Siren Song Innocence lost against a pooltable. And then for angst, read A Handful of Dust Dark Futrefic.

CSI--and by that I mean Greg/Nick. Smut *and* cuddles. And first, of course, Mud Wrestling!!. I would pay to watch them wrassle in some mud. Seriously.

Okay, and then I rec (with serious reservations) Nobody Ever Notices. Basically, (as I explain on my page) I consider this fic to be crackfic. It's OOC and just frakkin' stupid if you don't know if somebody likes you, to woo them with a videotape of yourself jacking off. That being said,it's still HAWT as hell. 6 orgasms (in the fic, your own are your business). More bathroom sex--a serious kink in the CSI fandom.

Then, Three Steps Away. Nick angst post "Grave Danger". Grissom is ubercool. Revenge is best served dipped in the finest Belgian chocolate. And um...this is the one that Nick wants. heee.

New BSG. Sexy, and surprisingly (to them) romantic. Helo/Lee. To Be Young (Is to Be)

And then het...with some boytouching. Calling the Shots. Perhaps the only fandom where I'll read het. Maybe. It helps if there's a threesome involved.

And one lonely POTC story...in a strangely modern voice and very short but which gets rec'd for the line alone...Sexy Quickie Fic

And then a question: Should L.A. Confidential Fic go on the Slashy Detectives page? I have to rearrange the Rareslash anyway. But even though Ed/Bud/Jack are technically detectives...I dunno I don't think of them along the same lines as, say, Nero Wolfe.
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( Jan. 14th, 2006 03:17 pm)
New recs for: Smallville, Original, Rome (Miscellaneous), CSI, Samurai Champloo, and the links page.

Silly Firefly porn posted to my page, though I am too lazy to format some of the newer sections of POTC craziness.

I am hungry now. That is all.
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( Dec. 23rd, 2005 02:16 pm)
A few more recs for the season, a fun gift to read at your leisure...should you have any. :)

The first Firefly fic I ever read, and so good and impossibly cute that it cemented Simon/Jayne as my dirty OTP, though it shouldn't have. heh heh. Debchan's Tetchy.

Another Smallville, and intriguing...I told ya I loved redeeming the screwed up baddies...Mercy by Koi.

And then, for the opposite of Xmas cheer, and yet so hhhhot. TO warm your cockles...*snickers*
All L.A. Confidential fic. Ed Exley takes it up the ass.

heh heh.

I see some links are down on my page. uh oh. Whoops!

And uh...I had news to pass along. And I've forgotten of course. Damn. Well Merry Xmas.
Not, mind you, that these are stories written this year. They are simply things I enjoy and thought people would like to read if they manage any spare moments away from the family during the holidays. Original Recs got ignored this year, sorry about that. I plan on making up for that in Jan and Feb, it's my resolution. One of them. Anyway....

So I had sworn off reccing or reading any A-team slash anymore, but something reminded me of those by gone days and I popped over the VA to take a look and found a cute bit of fluff involving Face and Murdock that has a nice Face POV without all the drama the ladies like to give the Faceman normally. You can only get raped by a priest or Dougie Kyle so many times... Points for Spelling by Lachesis.

An old kinky as hell Smallville fic, Bare the Cross by CJ. So Clark liked getting crucified. And we liked to watch it. Catholics and sci-fi geeks united in lust. And then, same fandom, Te makes you hurt and want Lexxxxx. *purr* Benediction. This fandom continually rolls out that hottness. Praise them. Getting rec'd again, for the billionth time by me alone, I give you The Spike's The Ride.

Anything on this page, but especially Absurdly Simple By Irene Adler. Holmes and Watson and Victorian Kink.

Fullmetal Alchemist slash...underage and just *wrong*. But damn do I love it. Roy and Ed...Roy and Hughes. Roy and anyone dammit. Matchmaker by Harukami. Then, Contact by Sleeps With Coyotes. And Better Luck Next Time By Ponderosa121.

CSI...a show and a fandom I devoured this year. Already rec'd this, but it's hot as hell. Conspire by Kalimyre. Greggo and Nicky. Then Shrift gave us, Inventing Games out of Everything. Hot hot hot.

MFU, and an odd one. But you know, you just know, Napolean would try it. Tooth Games by Viviana.

New BSG, Adamacest. Yessss. By Inlovewithnight. Sins Lie Unatoned. There's a het story I actually love for this fandom, but the link is down... :(

Then, in the oddness category. First, for the Breakfast Club, Higher Education by Resonant. Who is always amazing.

More later possibly....
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( Dec. 17th, 2004 03:37 pm)
Stuff to read for fun, with everyone home for the holidays now, we could all use some recs.

So here, one from Smallville...complete and utterly gorgeous silliness. Called Action Figures. No. They are not dolls! *Slash* of course.


So adorable!

A weird Due South Fic that I feel I must rec. Why? I have no idea, I have never seen the show, I don't know if this is in character or not, and it isn't exactly slash. It's het/slash. It's *emotionally* slash and *physically* het. It's also very hot. Well as hot as sex can be with a Mountie. Secrets (by Cara Chapel, seen mostly in the Sentinel fandom on my recs page).


Another Smallville...Lex Luthor as Superhero? Logic can persuade one to do anything. The Man With No Name.


Also, a brief rant. To make Starbuck in new Battlestar Gallactica a girl and then make her romantically involved with Apollo just proves all slashers right, and makes the Sci-fi channel look uptight and prissy and ridiculous. You Dumbass!!! As Milk Chan would say.

Another rant? Well ok. New Drew Barrymore as Barbarella really bothers me. For no reason, it just does. And Kinsey was surprisingly boring. Maybe it's shocking to people who don't watch The Sunday Night Sex Shows and write gay porn for fun, I don't know. They should have just made a documentary.

Um...I think that's all my insanity for now.

heh heh. I slept on Sesshomaru's face last night.



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