Jules! She owns my heart!

So because I got poor [personal profile] sinjah (and apparently a few other people) into Psych and she requested a picspam, recs set, gifspam (new word!) post. And since she's so nice to me, reading my insanity, gifting me music occasionally, and also cuz I love Lassiter Gus Jules Henry Shawn Psych I decided to do it.

The following is a collection of recs I've already made here, redone, and some new pics, maybe, and a bunch of pretty gifs I got from vtgraphics (check them out, btw, they are awesome).

For a fandom overview of Psych, should you need one (it's a fluffy, cracky crimesolving show with a cranky yet dorky yet hot detective and also a fake psychic, should you need to know) go here. Which is my [community profile] crack_van overview, complete with pictures.

Everything else, check beyond the fake cut.

we don't have balls. i honestly have no response to that. )
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( Dec. 9th, 2006 08:23 pm)
[livejournal.com profile] cerebel for her amazing New Battlestar Galactica slash fics as well as her (heavily Antony-centered) HBO's Rome slash. Brutus/Antony! (Read Acquiese and Treason esp.) and for BSG I loff them all so far, but I dearly adore her newest, The Tragedy of Number Five.

I love it when people bring background characters to life. And she has made Jammer/Number Five my sekrit OTP.

*is stunned*



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