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( Aug. 23rd, 2005 01:34 pm)
I had a dream this morning in which Sesshomaru had wings and kidnapped me, though I was Kagome for a bit and didn't I look hott in my sailor outfit, and he was a total jerk as she would say. Only he was sentenced to death or had to sacrifice himself or was about to go fight and probably die (details are unclear) and we apparently had sex. I say apparently as even my pervy subconcious couldn't visualize an animated dog demon with wings whom I have always read as gay, fucking/making love to/bopping Kago/me. Then he went off and gave me an egg *disturbed by fertility imagery*. And it was very sad. Only then there were hints he was coming back (to me, sob sob, weep delicately). Then I woke up.

Still disturbed by that egg. Still disturbed by whole thing but especially that egg.

In less gross news, anyone wondering where I've been or why I've been quiet. Simple explanation is a serious fit of depression that left me quite cranky and mopey and apathetic. As depression has been known to do. Also, my mother had an operation (minor) but which required me to care for her for a while. I haven't written anything either, which generally makes the depression worse (and the dreams weirder, come to think of it) and I need to babble about it and talk therapy is free. So if I link at the bottom there's no need to read or respond. Just me talky-talky.

Also, I am a badger. hahaha. Too funny. Though, like Stewie, I like the sound of snake. ssssnake.

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( Dec. 17th, 2004 04:09 pm)
has me comparing (again) Inuyasha to Ideas of Sin.

Though is a slight resemblance I will admit, vaguely in the ideas of redemption...regaining your humanity...cast aside son and all that. And if Rene and James were teenagers sent on a quest, it would probably resemble the anime to a frightening degree. And I suppose, some characters are just archetypes. Heh, but here is my crazy list so far.

Inuyasha---clearly, Rene (no manners, yet purity lust for James)
Kagome---well that's James (though weirdly I must say Kikyo is more of Rene's maman...though one could say she had that role for Inuyasha as well...taming him). They do both have the name calling thing down. "Inuyasha! Kagome! Inuyasha! Kagome!" shut up already we know. Sadly though, James and Rene are not innocently sexually frustrated teenagers. That would be totally adorable however.
Miroku (sexy pimp man)---Mirena is the closest, which is awesome. (Miroku...the character most often compared to me aside from occasionally Fluffy references).
Sango is a problem--I could make her Thierry...since she helps out once in a while, but has no actual purpose. Utterly useless really.
Sesshy is another problem---Etienne ought to occupy this space, but there is no way in hell he is that hardcore. Etienne only takes this role on loosely. Once again he fails in the role given to him, poor baby.
Shippo---that's Ben. One day, that boy is gonna grow up and get hot, as recent episodes testified.
Naraku-- heh. that's daddy
Though Inuyasha's daddy is really more of God in Rene's world. Lord of the Western lands. *giggle*
Deniau---another problem. Koga of the Wolves I would guess. A little bloodthirsty rivalry going on. Though has he an interest in James' ass? That remains to be seen. (More of Rene's really)

heh heh
My geek thesis.

God I have had too much espresso today.
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( Oct. 8th, 2004 04:15 pm)
Further update on the recs page (which needs to be totally redone, but who has the time?)

One last new fanfic of mine is up on my fiction page: Hard Leather. A Horatio ficlet for MissKittie that was about bondage and then I got distracted. Good thing it wasn't intended to be deep. Just deep throat.

Huh. That's not even a pun, that's true.

Anyway, also, some fic recs that I have yet to post links to, since I am still considering a revamp of the whole site. Firstly, a Pirates of the Caribbean fic, involving the couple that almost no one seems to notice, Jack/Commodore Norrington. It's just cute, so I'm reccing it. The Ocean, The Pearl... by Marquesate. Available on www.marquesate.org There is also a cutesy bit of fluff involving the Commodore with a cold. Nothing whatsoever to do with the movie really. But muy adorable.

And then a bit of weirdness that I might only rec here, since it involves the film, Lilo and Stitch. I'm sorry, but the mad scientest alien and the conservationist alien were funny together. So here is some sweet and funny (and thankfully nonsexual) slash fic for them. Secrets of A Former Evil Genius. www.squidge.org/~peja/liloandstitch/SecretsOfAFormerEvilGenius.htm

On a side note. Why must all the Trigun fic be so bad? Slash or het, I don't care, it all sucks. What is it abou anime that inspires such horrific fanfiction? The fanart is actually decent and non-squicky, but the fiction...Oy. The Inuyasha fanfic can be truly frightening, although there is one terribly out of character but amusing slash story about Miroku and Sesshomaru. I want you to have my children heh heh. I'd have to find it again to link to it. And btw, to those people who make Sesshomaro and Rin a couple...Shame on you! That is sooo hideously, grossly inappropriate, even for anime perversion. Tsk tsk. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. You go straight to jail along with the sickos who make Face and Hannibal from the Ateam a couple and anyone who writes porn about pro wrestlers.


"Just practicing, some dance moves..."
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( Oct. 3rd, 2004 03:00 pm)
dropping in to SQUEEEEE over continuing Sesshomaru hotness from last night!! hints of pain and inner anguish!!! aieee!!! he's really the very essence of what not to like in a man, emotionally distant...not human...blah blah blah. nonetheless, HOT. i can't decide if it's the hint of roughness and his bestial nature indicated by the two swords and the claws and the big fluffy tail, or if it's the slenderness and long hair and facial markings that resemble a girl's makeup making him into a bit of a crossdresser. maybe it's the two combined. maybe it's that he's first introduced as "aristocratic assassin". it could also be the whole "challenge" thing i suppose. that distance that makes people think that Spock types are hot. (Spock is not, btw. hot, i mean. although that Ponn Farr? thing is an interesting notion. personally i think khan and kirk should have had an enchanted moment). then there's the voice....



enough fangirlness. unless of course i choose to do some more squeeing over mc chris. which is all anyone i know is doing lately. he is pretty fabulous though. because white kids *do* love hip hop. and only he could make a rap about star wars into something almost cool. but i am not gonna fangirl about that either. even if it still makes me laugh even after a crappy 8 hour saturday shift.

i have nothing of import to say at the moment, unless its anime/adult swim giggling or rants about work, and i refuse to rant about work. it just bores people. it even bores your friends, so of course it will bore strangers on the internet. not that fangirl squeals are exactly riveting either.

my sister's wedding approaches. a white trash fiesta it shall be. i am not looking forward to this. if only i had a Fluffy of my very own to cheer me up.
Am still squealing over appearance of Sesshomaru on last Saturday's new Inuyasha. I have tried to contain my giggles and grins but I cannot. He's such a pimp! (He's a pimp, and Miroku is a playah and I just need the two of them to meet somehow...) To make things more squee worthy, although somewhat disconcerting, I was trying to describe why exactly Fluffy was a pimp in my view, when 2, yes *2* of my friends said that I would act exactly that way (that way meaning heartless). The examples I gave? Well one, when a forest demon is offering and serve, and basically die, for Sesshomaru to serve the great lord etc...Sesshy just keeps walking and says very calmly, I will not need you. And when the other demon persists, Sesshomaru, still without slowing or turning around, says go now or I will lop off your head. Super pimp!
Even if, giving him the benefit of the doubt, that he is doing it to protect the other demon, it's still amazingly cold. (Though dammit I love it so). Before I could even finish describing it, my second friend said, you would so do that.


I do not think Sesshomaru would squee over anyone, and that makes me not him, but I will continue.

Then I gave the example of how he essentially teased his annoying little servant by makinghim think he had killed him (magic sword, long story) and then when the servant realized it, gave what is possibly the tiniest smile anyone has ever seen.

My friends were just nodding as I finished.




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