Title:Violent Love Play
Author: Rispacooper (2004...)
For: The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Pairing: Gen...or slash. It's slash to me, much like the show itself, but one could take this as gen, if one wanted. (Though why?)
Rating: PG at most
Warnings: not really
Summary: Rebecca’s observations after a bad day. This is gen or slash, depending on how you view it. Much like the show really.
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me, but sue me anyway, I could use the time off work. The food is free in jail, right?
AN: Initials in a tree… Title taken from a brief line in “The Templars and The Assassins; the Militia of Heaven” by James Wasserman. Which has nothing to do with anything.

Violent Love Play )
omg I just saved all my junk stories and fanfiction onto del.icio.us. Mostly to have it all nicely bundled. But for some of them, those fandoms are so small and rare we need some more fanfic, people and I wanted to spread the love.

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne fans...I'm looking in your direction...

I didn't even really bother to review anything. I just wanted the goddamn tags up. Tags are so nice, and yet such a pain for us not-naturally-organized type people.

Anyway, authors with delicious accts, if you haven't done this, please tag your own stuff, so someday, if we feel this compelling need to seek out all of an author's fic, it's not too much work. (And you know, especially if your work is everywhere, or on an LJ that's gets banned and there are links to works elsewhere).
rispacooper: (kittie's rome slash)
( May. 9th, 2006 02:01 pm)
I am suddenly back in the throes of my horrible Secret Adventures of Jules Verne crush. Dammitall! Now I'm gonna have to dig out my tapes. It was so...candlelight and swords and cheese and alcoholic brooding. Yummy.

And in other strange, pointless news, Kittie informs me that Robert Jordan, fantasy author I have often cursed for his hack-ish writing, his endless and unecessary sequels written solely for profit, stupid female characters, and his refusal to allow any erotic fanfic but especially not slash, is dying slowly of a terminal illness. And it serves him right that all his fans are apparently concerned about is whether or not he'll ever finish the series before he dies. That's got to piss you off.

Which then of course brings me back to IOS...just sitting there...unfinished...and how I would so become a ghost if I died now with it incomplete. Seriously...it's like about a chapter from the ending. One painful, traumatic, nervewracking (to write) chapter from the end.

But oddly, watching the ok but hardly earth-shattering, The Interpreter last night sort of inspired me.
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( May. 3rd, 2006 03:32 pm)
Aaah Kittie has been reminding me of my long lost geeky ST:tng lurve. Or more specifically, my luv for Q and his luv for Picard. *licks them both*

Now Q is on tv behind me. I turned on the tv to check something and whatever channel I had left it on before it now playing the TNG episode, "Qpid" which is one of the gayest ever!!

"She's revealed a vulnerability in you...a vulnerability that I've been looking for for years. If I'd known this before I would have chosen the form of a woman."---Q

I am such a geek. But *that* line would have been gay even without the whole -whispering it in Picard's ear after appearing in his bed -thing.

But, I just got rec'd on my friendslist! Tee hee. For the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Another long lost lurve!
indirectly, that one is supposed to actually post updating info about things on this. So there are now two new Secret Adventures of Jules Verne fics up on my part of my recs page. Well, not exactly new, more like, written months ago, but never bothered to be put into code and posted. They are posted now. One semi slashy, one as slashy as can be. Both a touch on the angsty side. Now I needs to revise that Horatio in bondage one for MissKittie so I can focus on ne ne and james, and play connect the porn shorts into actually stories.



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