Random stuff really. Lots of Professionals fic, but nothing I'm in love with, so far. Yet I keep reading. Weird.

What else?

Well normally I don't read RPF/S just on principle, but I've been known to make exceptions. Like for Fake News, because there's great deal of difference between Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert, you know?

So I just have to rec this Five Times The Word Messed With People. In which there is God!Jon Stewart and Satan! Stephen Colbert, and lots and lots of insanity. Kind of brillers.

I have also read some Leverage fic. For it is generally awesomesauce. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady. In which Parker decides to ask out Maggie--Nate's ex-wife Maggie--and Hardison and Eliot are very confused. And also a couple.

Also Leverage. It's All So Clear To Me Now The team through Parker's eyes.

I also recently read a truly awesome story for the Mentalist that [livejournal.com profile] dlasta rec'd to me. Now the link is broken. But I'm going to mention it anyway in case it ever pops up again. It was called "Scarlet. Crimson. Red." and was the kind of fic that makes you wish the show ere that good. That makes you search desperately through the net looking for any other fic that good. It was Patrick Jane/Cho and it was like the cuddly alternate universe Bizarro Shawn/Lassiter.

(Speaking of Shawn/Lassiter relationships....has anyone seen Lake Placid? Hector/Sheriff Keogh, y/y?)

Psych fic I meant to rec for crack_van and never got the chance. Running Late for the Bandwagon a series of angsty/fluffy/hot/smexy drabble type things. Shawn/Lassiter, obv.

I'd do vids and stuff, but clearly, I've been posting enough of those. :P
Clearly, on the list of ridiculous things that make me happy is anything (good) mixing old and new. So this--> Fred Astaire Vs Michael Jackson is awesome. So we can all pretend that Fred Astaire was EVER badass. Also, I just love Cyd Charisse and any reminder not to trust a blond.

Other things that make me happy? Parker Posey in House of Yes. Actually just House of Yes. If you've never seen that movie, watch it *now*. No, like NOW. I means it! Meanwhile, here's a freaky random short vid. Normalcy is coursing through my veins "If people are going to start speaking the truth around here, I'm going to bed."

The original banned cartoon of Betty Boop set to Minnie the Moocher. he took her down to Chinatown he showed her how to kick the gong around Banninated! For drug use and sluttiness references! Complete and total insanity! (in a semi-related note, I need to learn how to Charleston, freels)

Little Shop of Horrors Possibly the best musical ever. Topped off by Bill Murray vs Steve Martin in a sado masochistic struggle for dominance!

And finally, because I need to stop for now, Mario Canton, whom I love, doing celebrity Vagina Monologues. Trust Me. Two words...Joan Crawford. Okay, three words...Anna Nicole Smith. My vagina is a flower, suck it lick it pick it

Edit Dude, I forgot Girls Will Be Girls. Drag movie? Cult movie? Hilarious movie. Astrophysicist!!!
Feel free to add any recs to this you want. About anything. I mean, I read most fandoms, and the ones I don't are generally easy to figure out (though obviously I'll miss the in-jokes and references, and anything sci-fi might get complicated). This is in no way all recent fic, or stories for everyone, or even the best-written/made stuff out there. This particular list is just Feel Good Recs, baby.

Nick and Greg and little red ribbon. Smut! The Ribbon

Greg Sanders, Private Dick. Super historically accurate? Not exactly. Do I care? Nope. This series is completely fun and totally hot and just cheers me up sometimes. Why yes, I have read it repeatedly.

LEX LUTHOR IN A PLAID SCHOOLGIRL SKIRT! *ahem* Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts

Because Saul Panzer in the Nero Wolfe books is just all kinds of awesome: The Christmas Punch

(And Yuletide, btw. YULETIDE!!!!!! Yuletide *is* Fandom Awesome. I ought to do that again this year).

Pir8fancier's Hate Me/Bite Me Memes story. Harry/Draco. (No, I don't read or especially like Harry Potter. But first of all, grown up, bratty, spoiled Draco is love. And secondly, she took a really stupid and negative internet meme and turned it into porn. I mean love. Yes. That too. Draco was pissed off

A short original, fairy tale-ish fic. The Virgin and the Unicorn

omg, *any* Die Hard 4 Slash if you want hot, kinky porn.

Because I Have Spent My Day Watching Psych CAPSLOCK OF LOVE.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John: Two Girl Scout Cookies In Love Delicious (pun intended) SGA crackfic.

Slash for the movie "Cursed"...which needed it. But there's no fandom, and no expectation of praise, and the author wrote this bit of perfect anyway.

Yuletide again! The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert

Yuletide! "Smoke Signals" slash!!! EEEE!!!!! Thank you, fandom! Telling Tales

A small bit of DS porn from Spuffy. So thanks, Spuffy! What They Needed Ray really is so cute.

More Nick/Greg. The kind of established couple fic that doesn't usually get written. Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet

Tetchy The OG Simon/Jayne fic!

Also: Dear Fandom, you are awesome for introducing me to boysinskirts. Lipstick Vogue for DS.

And genderfuck! Thanks for that too, Fandom! Gonna Go to Babylon and Get Me Some Whiskey more Due South awesomeness. Maybe I ought to just thank Due South. :)

And thanks for authors like Thamiris too. And all her fic. I'll just link to one. Tied to the Wrist ah Smallville.

(Smallville and SGA, two of the few large fandoms I will read on a semi-regular basis, even if I stopped watching the shows themselves long ago)

Holmes/Watson slash, for existing at all. Sacrilege

Perfect fucking fanvids like this one---> Closer Kirk/Spock set to Nine Inch Nails.

I'm missing a lot. And yet babbling on at the same time. Because Fandom has given me so much. I mean, would I ever have discovered all my kinks without it? Would I have learned to tolerate and/or accept other people's kinks without it? And, though I may still harbor a lot of il will toward a lot of het shippers for their general attitude regarding slash and slashers, I have also seen slashers do some completely awesome things, just proving how stupid all those narrow-minded het shipper types are.

And icons! I forgot all about icons! How many precious icons have I gotten over the years???

*ack* Running out of time here...
Now I don't watch Starsky and Hutch. I mean, I've seen glimpses growing up, and of course the horrible remake movie. But I get the gist. Cop partnerships are gay. (Perhaps I should make that read, closer than a lot of marriages, but gay is quicker). I'm reccing this vid anyway. Mostly just because it's fun. It's got a silly song choice and quick editing, and oh yes, the ending.

The Ending makes this vid totally worth it. Why yes, that is *Ray Kowalski* in a Starsky/Hutch vid. Heeee!

The Real Slim Shady
"Catdancers" is a documentary produced by HBO about a team of dancers/cat trainers who performed together for about 40 years. That's really all I can say to describe it. You have to watch the awesome to understand my love of this film.

But I can offer you the trailer:

It's fanfuckingtastic. And everything they hint at in the trailer...oh yes...it all actually happens.
To be fair, I've been doing boring editing projects all day. I need me a fun break.

So here, some Leverage fic recs. Not all of them are slash.

Five Times Eliot Did What Had to Be Done. Just cracky and hot and overall fantastic. This one contains het. Very sexy het.

Aft Gang Agley in which Hardison attempts to seduce Eliot. Things do not work out as planned.

The Way to Man's Heart Or Five Times Eliot Spencer Cooked for Alec Hardison.

FYI I seriously love Parker. She really does have this River Tam quality...without all the annoying singing.
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( Dec. 17th, 2008 11:35 am)
I have a few more NCIS recs and one more gift story that will be done enough to post before Xmas. Though honestly my hands are so cold I'm amazed I can type at all. I feel so...Secret Adventures of Jules Verne poor and starving in a freezing garret. Only I'm not starving, just freezing.

These are total feel good recs. No complex, twisted, gloriously pain-filled epics today. Those are for later. :)

An adorable NCIS genfic, Tony pov, and very funny. Found in Translation. Genfic! And yet I loved it.

Couple fic. Boys worried about Gibbs finding out, boys worried about Gibbs just kicking their ass for being late. So smooshable! Digging it Out Tony/McGee.

By that same author, a short hint of angst. Stricken more Tony/McGee. I love it when McGee is the strong one. Of course, when he's all confused, that's good too. Unqualified.

This one is just more porny, though still fluffy. Selfaware!Tony totally does it for me too. (In fact, I think all versions of Tony/Tim do it for me. Hmmm.) Resolved. They're finally going to do this thing.

And then a funny as hell, smutty bit, oh god, I *love* McGee-in-Charge so much. hahaha. Reciprocal. *snicker* Probie.
Two movie recs. Not movies I've seen recently. And not new. Both of these films are black and white and fabulous. Two very different directors and styles. But there is a serious lack of respect lately for classic films, and since I have mad love for old movies, I'm going to pimp some, despite any critical ability on my part.

Anyway, these films though radically different have a lot in common in ways that appeal to my sad, geeky heart. :)

Stalag 17

Directed by Billy Wilder (I will try to control my BILLY WILDER FANGIRLING!!!) the genius behind Sunset Boulevard and Some Like it Hot. He was a crazy, cynical European ex-pat who in his movies made the world violent and the people often small or outright vicious, but who always let them pull through at the last second with acts of surprising grace and humanity. To me, it is always like he took something completely absurd, that you know is absurd, that he knew was absurd, and then made it normal by exposing it to you in a thousand different ways. You saw what makes the absurd tick, what makes it kind of like you and then once he'd done that, he left you wanting more--and all while making you laugh, (usually anyway).

Stalag 17 is war movie. Or actually, a prisoner of war movie, and one made in Old Hollywood, so Billy has to hint at a lot of things, but hint he does. (If you're looking for teh gay, in a camp of thousand lonely men, might I direct to Harry and Animal and the Betty Grable incident). It's a prison, so even if they are all supposed to be on the same side, there are groups and there are sides and outside of all of them is Sefton, played by William Holden, a fixer and schemer. He has a devoted sidekick but no friends, just a lot of enemies in fact, because of the ways he thinks up to "trick" the men out of their rations. He always seems to come out on top and disparages just about everything, from officers to patriotism to the war itself. It's when he mocks the men for another escape attempt, first telling them why and how it will fail and then, when it does and the escapees are killed by the guards, reminding them that he had said that all along, that he's in trouble. It becomes to everyone that there's a spy in the camp, in their barracks, and as Sefton is the most disliked, as he seems smarter than everyone else, it's pretty easy to guess who the men are going to blame. (You know, blame with their fists and feet as they are looting his belongings). Beaten and in disgrace, all his stuff gone, and even his sidekick avoiding him, Sefton decides to figure out who the real spy is and get his revenge. Meanwhile, there are all sorts of prison camp shenanigans, and a brave officer getting tortured in the camp commandant's office. He has to escape safely, possessing valuable information, but there's no chance of that with an unknown spy loose in the compound.

Of course, anyone who likes complicated heroes can tell instantly that Sefton is really the cynical asshole with a secret love for honor, nobility, and country, but that Wilder lets him remain that cynical asshole on the surface. You know Sefton's going to do right, but it's quite a long way to get there. But Billy Wilder never lets you forget that you are in a prison camp, that there's a war going on. His reminders are small, but effective, like all the small touches in the movie. The comic relief--Harry and Animal--best friends though they didn't know each other back home. Joey, a kid suffering from shell shock. The man reading mail from home finding out his wife just had found a baby though he's been locked up for years. The German guards taunting them with information about the war going on around them that they aren't a part of. The Russian women in the camp next door that the men are constantly trying to get a look at. It's funny and sad and funny again (in a weird, almost Chaplin-like way) but with some fantastic dialogue (oh, did I mention Billy Wilder wrote it too? FANGIRL!!)

Also, and if I may be a shallow slasher, *someone* needs to slash Sefton and the brave officer. For real.

Pickup on South Street.

Now here's a strange one. It's not exactly film noir, and it's not exactly a crime movie. It was hardly a movie made with any sort of Billy Wilder type budget or star power either. And it has a lot of problems writing-wise. That being said, there's a reason that Criterion added it to their collection. It was directed by Samuel Fuller (most well known as the director of The Big Red One) and tells the story of a pickpocket named Skip McCoy, (I know I know, but it was the Fifties) who steals from the wrong girl's purse and ends up with some film that both the Soviets and the US Government is after. Only Skip is a street orphan all grown up, who's been in prison before, in fact who's just been released, and is out to avoid strike number three. He has absolutely no faith in anyone or anything except himself. So he sees no problem in selling this information to the top bidder, which would most likely be the communist agents, because the US Government will just take him and lock him away.

The reason he can't? Well the girl he stole from didn't know what she was carrying. She's a two-bit floozy, yeah, but she's not a traitor. Once she figures out she was lied to she sets out to convince Skip (or to steal it back from him, whatever comes first) to give the film up to the authorities. Her name is Candy (oh yeah) and she's played with sweaty, sexy, faded flower glory by Jean Peters (though in fact, many Hollywood actresses wanted the part, but Fuller felt that only Jean Peters looked pretty yet ordinary enough, her legs "bowed from walking the streets"...sort of a compliment, I guess). To help her we have professional police stoolie Moe (Thelma Ritter, who got a Best Supporting Actress nomination for it) who might rat out to the police, but only certain information, because she needs the money if she wants to get buried properly and not in Potter's Field. Moe, in her way, was the person who raised Skip so he could not be more surprised when even Moe can't believe that he'd consider selling the information to communists, because there are rats and there are rats.

So the communists are after him, and the police, and the government, and Candy. Self-reliant Skip has to get help from somebody, whether he wants it or not, and once he gets it, you can actually see the confusion on his face that somebody would actually help him, protect him. Richard Widmark is Skip, and surprisingly good at being a cold, smirking asshole who's just a little boy inside. Maybe it's that combination that makes Candy fall for him. Neither of them is perfect, neither of them pretend to be, even at the end of the film. They don't live in a world like that.

In fact the sets are a combination of total, despairing poverty and Hollywood fantasy. It's kind of fascinating. You get the sense that people in the audience wouldn't believe streets that dark really existed, so they have them, but it's Hollywood, so nothing too vile is ever seen directly. But Thelma Ritter, as always, is the movie-stealer as old, poor, desperate stoolie Moe. I won't describe it, but her last scene in the movie is completely heart breaking. Even the commie agent is shown as being cruel but mostly frightened, because everyone (even the cops and the government agents interestingly) have someone they have to answer to. Nobody is really free of that, not even with the...happy...ending.
So HERE, some happy things:

First---yay! for dancing French people---http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOy-ek3KgFU
It's like the ending of Beau Travail, only less gay.

Secondly--- FAR too adorable video. Like so adorable you'll cry. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adYbFQFXG0U


Seth Green giving *fabulous* lessons from Party Monster ("I've lost him! I've lost my friend!!")

Cute with Chris being hilarious (again)
Because T-pain is an idiot. "no homo"

And then a fantastically 80's video from Laura Branigan that si currently my jam (and directed by Friedkin...hmmm)
So um...when I'm writing (like actually writing and not saying I am and then dicking around for hours/days/weeks/months...ok/years shut up) I don't like to read fanfic or real fic unless it's completely unrelated to what I'm writing. If I'm writing angst, I'm reading fluff etc... I feel like it ruins my focus otherwise and getting me to focus and sit down and write is difficult enough. I also will not read anything for the fandom I'm currently writing for
(should I not be doing something Original). I've been working on something fairly angsty, so I haven't been reading Rareslash at all lately, especially anything There Will Be Blood or 3:10 to Yuma, I'll get back to them later. But since my brain has been narrowed to angst my fun reading habits have led me to the show Psych and all the silliness of Shawn/Lassiter.

Psych btw is a ridiculous yet funny show about a hyper genius named Shawn with some serious issues because of his cop-for-a-daddy and how he ends up as a super detective pretending to be a psychic and pissing off a very grumpy cop named Lassiter and annoying the hell out of his best friend Gus. It's got that freak vs stuffy guy dynamic that I love in all its variations. Very Sparrington. Then you add in the quick dialogue and I'm all over it like it was made of chocolate and vodka.

So, as I edit, I give you some pretty Shawn/Lassiter (I will not say Shassy) slash recs:

A Yuletide story by Lenore-What Happens in Freedom Stays in Freedom Not only awesome and funny but the Lassiter Voice is just amazing. Lassi is portrayed as actually being competent and Shawn is brilliant but flaky. Plus, hot smex.

For a good combo of angst and sweetness, there's 30 Kisses by Auntie_climatic. Shawn and Lassiter over the course of the first season. Also showing perfectly just why I heart Gus. Totally and completely supportive of Shawn--even if he doesn't need to hear all the details.

Total funny morning after fic-- Progress by Corona. Possibly the best Shawn voice *ever* and the view of Lassiter isn't too bad either. :P

By sparkysparky: Guns Are Not Your Friends, or That Time Shawn Got Shot. Short and cute, you know, for a someone getting shot story. :)

Henry Spencer, Matchmaker by Ryann Blackwood. Shawn's dad, gruff and brilliant and loving, if not exactly the model dad, nonetheless decides it's time his flaky son settles down, and he's out to find the bride or groom for him. Good Henry pov, but mostly, I really, really wanted Shawn to continue that lap dance he started on Lassiter in the serial killer episode and this story really worked that for me. hee!

Sexy Lassiter as aggressor fic--Tactics (or Five Times Juliet's Medding Didn't Work and One Time It Did).

And then, Read You Like A Book by N.T. Whip. Short segments of everyone around Shawn getting the obvious before Lassiter does. There's a sequel from Lassiter's pov, but I like this one by itself too.

That's it for now. I adore Gus, (the chocolate Columbo!), someone write me a convincing Shawn/Gus and I will read it, but for right now I actually support the *het* cutesy Gus/Juliet. * het squeee* Also, for such a light-hearted show, they really want to go there with the angst. Which means, if I ever wrote for it, I would totally angst it up and kill the mood. SIGH.
I'm in a hurry here, so sorry these are brief, but, they are still very, very much worth a look.

Due South, F/K kink and angst, by [livejournal.com profile] arrow00


and then a Charlie Prince/Ben Wade fic from 3:10 to Yuma, with a pretty awesome Ben Wade pov by [livejournal.com profile] handful_ofdust

Think Like A Gun

Both adults only
Normally I'd post some New Year's Resolutions, but I did that last year and pretty successfully completed most of them so I'm good on that. Plus, I've got a lot going on right now so I really don't need a to-do list. Instead, just in the spirit of feeling good, or trying to (fucking colds) I'm going to talk about what I loved about 2007, or at least, what I can remember.

Newsworthy things that made me happeeee -

Stephen Colbert: Well I *still* love him. Now I just love him more. Buy his book,"I am America and So Can You" or at least read it. Truly funny.

Larry Craig: Republican dipshit asshole asking for gay sex in a mens room? What's not to love? Bastard.

Michael Vick going to jail.

Drunk-driving celebrities going to jail. If only it had been real.

No more Karl Rove or Alberto Gonzalez.

Music some new, some old resdiscovered. Oh the joy!

Amy Winehouse (my kind of crazy bitch). Kay Starr and Peggy Lee. Regina Spektor (I have no problem with all the Brit girl singers invading) Watch her video for "Fidelity" it's adorable. Donovan used to creepy effect in the movie "Zodiac". David Bowie. Kat Deluna work-out music of the gods, if they needed to work out. The new Scissor Sisters CD and the new single "Nuthin' Better to Do" by Leann Rimes. Oh, forgot, girl groups like the Crystals and the Shangri-Las

A few of these inspired fic, as you might notice.

Movies OH GOODNESS (Clive Owen)-

I'm counting Casino Royale (technically '06 but on DVD '07). Bon Cop, Bad Cop Canadian silliness. Wilby Wonderful. Night Watch/Day Watch. Shoot 'Em Up! 3:10 to Yuma (the gayest gay since gay came to gay town). The Departed leaves me fucking spellbound and I hate crime movies. Waitress. Stranger Than Fiction. Infamous. Hot Fuzz.

Books (that aren't fanfiction, sadly, and usually not as good as the stuff online)-

The Great Mortality by John Kelly. A history of the Black Death, oh yeah. Lois Mc Master Bujold's Curse of Chalion series, though I miss the Vorkosigans. (Purchased but not yet read, His Dark Materials Trilogy. Not a lot of other books this year pleased me. I am picky.

What about TV you ask? Heh.

Due South love reignited with Season 3/4 given as a gift last Christmas. Dexter always and forever. Weirdly, NCIS any season after the first one. (I think it's because it is a show with actual character development, despite it's other flaws).
Greg/Nick on CSI the rest of that show this season has been a lot of WTF? Slings and Arrows just fucking brilliant writing. (Heroes, you sucked balls, if it weren't for Nathan/Peter I wouldn't even watch you). House, for making me feel sorry for Cutthroat Bitch and for House telling Wilson he loves him, even if it was for pain meds.


Grown-up AUs for Harry Potter with Harry/Draco as feuding sexy sexy lovers. Snotty, aristocratic Draco really cheered me up this year. Though honestly, I have such a prep-school fic kink that I'm surprised I haven't read more stories of them in school.

Stanley Ray Kowalski. Nuff said.

That crazy footage of Elizabeth Taylor going "noooooooo"

Caramel Frappacinos

That friends and family now bring me slashy tidbits from movies they've watched

Champagne in a can, so not joking

Limo Secks

Leslie Hall and all the Kelly videos on Youtube

I'm sure there's more, but I think that's good for now. :)

Yay for coffee!!!! Now I'll leave you with this bit of silly--I'm gonna buy you a draaank
So Yahoo booted my ass unexpectedly the other day (for what I don't know, I assume the porn thing, but maybe someone got a hold of password and was spamming people, whatever). So the recs page is no more. Which is bad news for me, because I had a lot of links up there and all my fanfic archived there as well. But, I was also tired of the inconvenient format, so yay for change I guess.

However, I am lazy and busy (Nick and Greg do not porn themselves, people), so re-archiving my fic might take a while. I'm going to set a Greatest Journal just for fic purposes I think. As for recs, a lot of my old recs and some news have been up on del.icio.us for a while, and I'll continue to tage recs there, in my extremely unorganized fashion.

I might repost all my fanfic up here as well. We shall see.

In the meantime, have been writing furiously almost everyday, except for Tuesday, when I had a sangria break.

Busy busy little meeeee.
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( May. 11th, 2007 04:17 pm)
Stuck my CSI story on my messy, messy Fic page on the site. Which honestly, is one of so many things in my life that needs organizing. (But how can I waste time on that when there's fluff and angst and porn to write?)

Added some recs to various pages, recs that were already up on del.icio.us for a while. CSI (which also needs its own page) and Due South. Debating what to do with certain Oz porns and Bondslash.

How I love DS for giving me such a variety of well-written kink fic.



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