The weird thing about forcing yourself (to actually be somewhat disciplined) to write (almost) everyday is that if you take a break from it, you instantly feel reluctant to dive back in, in fact you get pretty consumed by laziness all around. And by you I mean me, of course. :)

Actually, that's not even the weirdest thing. The weirdest thing is how out of control it makes me feel pressing forward without stopping to really edit anything, although I've noticed a general decline in control in my stories for several years now. Starting with the very short, tightly written stories I used to do to the giant, rambling epics I seem to write now, things have gotten a lot looser, and I'm not sure I'm entirely a fan of that. On one hand the characters are important, on the other, they shouldn't be telling me what to do all the time.

(Though perhaps my writing hasn't really changed all that much, but my life has, and the sense of being out of control is just a reflection of that stress. And blah blah, control is an illusion blah blah. In real life it is. In a story I don't know that it should be. But then I've often had the sense in general that my fiction is just...weird...all the way around. Not especially good or bad...just...different. I've had more than one remark that my style--whatever it may be--takes some getting used to. So...where was I going with that? Rambling again...)

But speaking of writing, the urge to keep going is, at the same time, very strong. I want this bitch out of my head and I want it out now, and my pace, faster than usual yes, is still somehow too slow. And at the same time there's this vague sense that I'm writing, if not crap, then not my best, because of how fast I'm going. But if I stop for too long, I'm not going to want to keep going, for I am chubby, lazy monster when I want to be.

And, why yes, this was supposed to fun for me. A fun little project, and in a way, it is. For I was raised Catholic and apparently thrive on anguish. :P In fact, I'm sure a lot of writers fret and flail this much. (Except of course, that they are writing The fretting and flailing is probably part of the process I just wish I was a little farther along in the process.

(Or should I mention that I have a milestone b-day approaching and am having a general "my life sucks" "I've accomplished nothing" etc etc freak out and that perhaps getting this bitch out of me is connected to that, even though it's hardly the Great American Novel? But honestly, have you ever had people and their histories--and futures--in your head for a long period of time? It's maddening. Something happens and all you can think is, "I wonder what Charlie or Rene would say if he saw that?" grrrr)

So um...spend a whole day reading through Vanity Fair and then have a Cabaret day? Or just mess around on Youtube and at least do notes for another scene?

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I am from California, but let me assure you, Carrie Prejean in NO WAY speaks for me, or for most of my state.

Bad karma though it may be, I kind of hope she gets a big herpes sore on her lip every time she has to go to a pageant.

I also hope that she has a read a book once or twice in her stupid, ignorant, privileged life.

Pageants have been out of touch with reality for a long time (I mean, Miss America doesn't even get televised anymore because it's sexist and outdated and no amount of saying it's for scholarships has ever convinced me otherwise), but she's a ridiculous.

On the other hand, *she* is the spokesperson for banning gay marriage. *She* is. She who can barely form a sentence. That ought to say something about the people who brought us Prop 8 in this state. They like and listen to twats like her.

Hmm I'm so ranty lately. I ought to rec some stuff. Get some balance. Hmmmm.

and House last night???? WTF???????
Dear reading world,

I get that I am only a struggling and learning writer. I get that I have a serious issue with babbling and someday I will meet my perfect editing match and it will be heavenly. I get that dubcon/gaysecks/secks in general is not for everyone, and that a lot of people read things for different reasons. I get that people have very individual tastes and squicks and attention spans.

I have also taken a lot of crap in my life, and have had to sit through oh so fun writing class critique sessions many times, which suck, but I can take it and learn from them.

So understand that when you take the time to write a review of something I've done, I'm going to assume that you have put some time into the reasons you liked/disliked it, in the same way that I have put time in writing the thing (free online amateur crap though it may be). I mean, obviously it provoked enough of a reaction for you to post about it, so *something* went on there, in our writer/reader relationship even if it was unpleasant for you.

Therefore, saying that it just didn't gel for you and then giving a little imaginary internet shrug...what the fuck am I supposed to take from that? That there were general writing issues you had with it? That there were personal issues you had with it and it had nothing to do with the writing? Or that you are an idiot who wastes your time writing nonspecific reviews about stories you found boring? (Or did you find it boring, see, I can't really tell).

Concrit exists for a reason and it goes like this, "I liked this, here's why. I didn't like this, here's why. And then is followed by an analysis of those dislikes based on personal or artistic differences." And it is cool beans either way. If your review is not constructive criticism, and is just negative, it still really ought to be *based* on *something*. Guess what? I can learn even from someone dumping on my writing with no interest in trying to make me better. Take that, oh lazy reccers of the world. I can learn to improve my editing/scene setting/descriptive/punctuation/porn/whatever the hell skills. I can learn what different audiences are interested in. I can even learn which reviewers to listen to, and which ones to just fucking ignore (Like you. Sorry, your review just didn't work for me, I don't really feel like thinking about why).

So, please, since I made the effort, maybe you ought to as well, just a little, instead of being a douchebag. Because, seriously, I'm wondering, if you don't give a crap, then why did you bother?

Thanks so very much,



(Okay, so it's hot and I'm a little cranky)
Dear Obama (you typical shady, lying politician),

Not holding anyone accountable for torture and then patting yourself on the back for ending it is a big bag of hypocritical bullshit. Using the excuse that those who tortured others were acting with the guidance and approval of the Justice Department is another steaming pile of crap. As the Right Honourable Stephen Colbert (and his team of writers) have pointed out, the idea that just following orders makes horrendous acts acceptable has not been allowed since the Nuremburg Trials.

And though many claims about those trials fairness have been made in the following years, one idea has emerged from them and remained over the years. That just following orders does not make it okay. That in a situation like that, *everyone* who allowed it to happen is accountable, but especially those that *gave the orders*.

In other words (even though not once did I ever vote for Bush or his friends) all of America is partly to blame and has to accept that. And if the average person must take part of the blame, than those who were in charge absolutely MUST be held accountable. Otherwise as a government and a country we can make no further claims to right, or to justice.

Anyone wishing to know what the hell I'm talking about: Obama's policy on accountability

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( Apr. 14th, 2009 11:01 am)
I'm sorry but the idea (suggested by a few, most notably one former 6A staffer) that the whole #amazonfail is really all the very clever work of some fundie right-wing trolls tagging books on Amazon and then sitting back like the chess master working for SMERSH in From Russia With Love and watch the following shitstorm somehow make already-marginalized communities seem crazy is just absolutely ludicrous.

First of all, overly-elaborate conspiracies are always ridiculous. Human nature if nothing else almost always brings down anything too complex, and then following that "logic" the goal of these trolls would be...what exactly? The downfall of Amazon? I doubt that. Though one would have to assume they have something else in place to take Amazon's place, which no one has ever heard of...and also they'd have to be MASSIVE GENIUSES WITH GIANT PULSATING BRAINS to anticipate the popularity of Twitter and its role in all this.

But ignoring that, I could just point out that this has been slowly happening since February, and that most of the books that have been deranked have no tags on them at all.

Don't get me wrong, I totally believe some asshole fundie group would go around tagging random books they found offensive. I even believe they would organize to do it (though I am surprised that they read). But even if this had occurred, again following this "logic", the idea that Amazon did not notice, or did nothing to stop it, or didn't once investigate, or never once set up any other sort of safeguard/blocking system to teh children away from the teh prons, or allowed unknown users to destroy and essentially delete certain books from existence, or didn't know how to classify its own books, or fails at cataloging means that Amazon was never a company that should have been trusted in the first place. That it would then backtrack with the bullshit "glitch" statement is simply pathetic, especially from a company that requires trust from its customers in order to function. (I'm not sending my money out anonymously over the internet unless I have some expectation that I will be treated well. So sorry, Amazon, sucks to be you).

Furthermore, I'm really sick of those who might not necessarily be in power, but who work for those in power and who keep apologizing for those in power when they have either, a) DELIBERATELY and yet CLUMSILY screwed us over, or, b) been so CARELESS and INCOMPETENT that the result is about the same. Your choices are Evil or Stupid. Pick one. No blaming anonymous trolls or meanie groups of your own customers asserting their rights. However this plays out, the fault lies with Amazon.
So the idiot lazy-asses in the California State Legislature have been dicking around for months now, supposedly debating a state budget--while getting paid and taking vacations-- and of course haven't managed to actually do anything.

Meanwhile, California not has been running without a budget (or a functioning legislature, I might add) and building up the largest state debt in our history. The debt is so bad that it is unlikely we will get out of it anytime soon, and is so unbelievably fucked-up that now California won't even be able to run on credit because no one trusts our state with their money (I don't blame them either).

State job layoffs are going to be the most probable result. State programs will also be cut. These actions are supposed to help the state function at a lower cost (I fail to see how, when the unemployed will be asking for state aid, and the many helpless people who once received state aid will now be homeless or destitute or both, but hey, I'm not a politician).

Thus, through their monumental dickery, things have gone from Pretty Fucking Bad to Close to Disastrous.

The Governor (Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I did NOT vote for, but whatever) has had enough and is now invoking privilege and the dire times to hold secret meetings and pass an emergency budget. There is no doubt he will delight in cutting many of the state aid programs he thought were unnecessary anyway. Nonetheless, he is at least aware that the state cannot continue on this way.

The legislature members however, Senate and House, are now complaining that he has shut them out of the decision-making process.

Um...perhaps because you guys weren't making any decisions. Maybe you dumbfucks had your chance and blew it in a spectacular Republican/Democrat pissing match. You didn't do your jobs, and yet every single one of you is going to ask to get re-elected in a few months time.

Assholes. How about we suspend their pay and use that to fund the aid programs? And maybe take away their vacation pay and paid time off for the holidays, give that to the state workers who are now being forced to take unpaid time off that they can't afford?

I am So. Angry.

If you'd like, I can pass on the link to the State Legislature's website, which allows you to look up your representative, and maybe give them a piece of your mind. And feel free to forward the link on, to make sure that everyone who is going to be suffering with the newest cuts knows exactly who to blame. And who not to vote for.

CA Legislature

Argh! I don't have a pissed off icon right now!
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( Oct. 30th, 2008 03:23 pm)
I think I am getting too old for fandom.

Maybe I'm just tired of the way the story always plays out the same way (a fandom starts out small-ish and innovative and interesting and then becomes popular and gets taken over by teenagers or people with the mentality of teenagers). Maybe I just need a break. But honestly, I feel I've seen enough of newbies posting in lists without checking the rules first or doing any basic research for the stories they want but just waltzing in and asking for recs (lazy asses, look it up). I have definitely had enough of those same newbies constantly posting a) fic updates on their crappy stories, but really trolling for more comments b) asking readers how they think their story should end and really trolling for comments c) forming high school-esque groups of mutual adoration for some seriously crap fic, and this is intolerant of me but I don't really care d) torturing characters for the sake of torture and not for any sort of character development or literary merit. (I had enough of that shit in my A-team fic reading days, thank you very much, and it got old there too).

Maybe it's because the older fans are used to fandom wars and wank and tend to react to this by sighing and moving on to something new. Not that I want any wank either, but ceding the field to intellectually vacant morons is just irritating.

Of course, maybe this just means that the show or movies I previously enjoyed have gotten trite and hackneyed enough that said IVMs find it or them awesome and it's time I was moving on anyway. I don't know. I do know that I have been starting to distance myself from the...immediacy...of Live Journal, and its role in fandom. Maybe we need some sort of medium in which time and effort are required to voice your/my dumbass opinion and the kids can stick to and all their Naruto gets raped by Inuyasha but then Inuyasha falls back in love with Kagome because their love is forever omg fanfiction.

Don't get me wrong, everyone was fourteen once, and I wrote some probably hideous stuff back then and others had to suffer through it. And most grow out of it or learn to write and interact with others better. It's just that I don't think most of these people are actually fourteen. I think most of these people are actually much, much older. Old enough to know better.

With their bad manners come the tacky or just outright rude requests and comments. Negative reviewing of publicly-posted stories is well within your rights, but don't be surprised when no one likes you and when they choose to direct a critical eye on your work in return. And no, I am in no way obligated to write anything for you no matter how much you say you like my writing. I am also in no way obligated to say thank you for a comment you leave (it's polite, but I don't have to). That's my choice and my right. You are a fan, that's great. Doesn't mean we're friends. Doesn't mean that I'm supposed to go read and immediately fawn all over your stories. I want no part of comment-trolling and fannish clicks. This isn't high school even if it feels like one, and it's not a workplace where I have to put up with this shit.

Those of us with lives, with real drama going on and daily survival issues, we avoid fandom conflict because this is supposed to be our escape from that. But I'm seriously considering abandoning it altogether and finding some new escape.

But perhaps I am just a grumpy old woman.
I am currently going through the process to see whether or not I end up on a jury for something VERY SERIOUS that I am not allowed to talk about. I don't know how that works in other countries, but it's a pain in the freaking ass and emotionally traumatic (yes, I'd love to discuss my personal shit in a courtroom in front of a bunch of strangers just for the chance to sit on a jury....) and a complete financial burden. (And by that, I mean a whole separate money freak out to follow the freak out I had after being interviewed in court with the freaking microphone and everything). So that's just drama drama drama and if only it were like Psych and all funny ha ha, except it's not, though I am inappropriately lusting after lawyers for distraction. (My suit and tie kink knows no bounds it seems).

It looks like I'll get picked, even though I get the sense both sides don't want my difficult ass, but I'm still probably more qualified than some of the others. So no Xmas challenges or gifts from me this year I think; even if I weren't too freaked to concentrate, I just won't have the time. I'm going to have to serve during the weekdays and then try to work at night and on the weekends to make up the difference in my income. Party! Bonus!

In other good news, I moved at the start of the year (screwed over mortgage victim number 1,000,000...) and changed my address and everything, but apparently it never went through, so guess who probably won't get to vote in the most stressful election year ever???? Even if I re-register now, I live in an area with not enough registered voters, so we have no polling place. I have to use an absentee ballet, and I believe the deadline for those being mailed in has passed. Shit yeah. Thanks, Bureaucracy. Though I see I can still receive my jury duty notices. How nice.

Did I mention that I got a paid vacation at my new job for the first time ever, but I'm going to have to use my vacation days as jury duty pay, because I don't get paid for that, and this trial is supposed to last about a month? It's like being attacked on all fronts.

Anyway, enough with the bitching. Something positive now? I watched a very cute Spanish movie last night called Unconscious. At least that was the English title. It's kind of a farce, definitely a silly sexy romp, set in 1913 and about Alma, trying to find her missing psychiatrist husband with the help of her adorable brother-in-law (who apparently has a large penis and as a running joke, that shouldn't be funny, but it is because he's SO embarrassed about it). He's married to her sister, but they are having issues in their marriage too, and everyone's obsessed with Freud's new theories except for the brother-in-law, Salvador, who is deliciously stuffy and uptight and keeps insisting that feelings are a hormonal imbalance and he doesn't have any. To which Alma replies, if feelings were plants, he'd be a botanical garden. Repression, and genderbending stuff, and sexual experiments (and some ridiculous coincidences that get the movie compared a lot to an Almodovar film) galore. And the romantic/sexual tension with Alma and Salvador was fabulous. Very cute. Very fun movie. Makes you smile even when you feel like crap, trust me.
And yet more things about slash writers that annoy the holy living crap out of me:

The phrase "pre-slash"---as if, somehow, it's not gay if they are only feelings and vague thoughts but not any actual sex. It's the sex that makes it slash apparently. Without it, they're just two straight guys who rilly, rilly like each other I guess, but not in that way.

The phrase "femmeslash"---as if, somehow, the fact that the story stars two women wouldn't clue us in, they felt the need to take a word that had no real gender meaning attached to it originally (other than implying two people of the same gender) and add something completely unnecessary to it. And by the way, adding a prefix (or even a suffix) to something to make it the feminine version just makes the feminine version look weak and secondary. For fuck's sake--It's slash! You say slash Then you list the pairing. And we all use our brains and say, oh, it's about some ladies.

Come vs. Cum---I've ranted on this one before. But seriously? SERIOUSLY? Who's not getting this now?

The "Hi, I'm new to this fandom, and I've never written a fic for them before but I was really thinking I could do this (some "shocking" idea) in a story, what do you guys think?" desperate plea for attention people. I read something that insecure and I know I'm not going to read anything you'll ever write. Okay? I'm just going to take note of your name and avoid your neediness like it's made of plague bacteria.

The series/WIP writers who post unbeta'd paragraph chunks everyday and then throw fits when people stop reading and reviewing their crap. Seeing this - My Gay Love Epic Part 27/? - lets me know that you are not a writer with an ending in mind. You are writing for attention. If you weren't, you'd take more care and maybe, I don't know, finish something before you posted it even if it meant going for days, maybe even WEEKS, without any attention. *gasp* !!!

Seeing MPREG anywhere at all in a story description. Please note: Kidfic is one thing. Many people enjoy reading about children who already exist getting adopted or whatever. Also, anyone writing about say...aliens with unknown physiology...sure maybe the men are like male seahorses or something, so at least that's plausible. And any show/book/movie with magical realism, you could also make a case for the presence/existence of assbabies. However, none of that really matters, because when I see MPREG in a story summary (though it ought to be in the warnings) I am not going to read that story no matter how plausible you try to make it. Why? Because anyone who chooses to read and write slash and yet is obsessed with offspring enough to also make teh gay men have assbabies is clearly someone who has a lot of personal issues that hopefully her assbabies story will help her deal with, but that's not really what I'm interested in reading. I just don't get it. Why not write about women if you like babies so much? Why not have teh gays adopt? Have them have sex with a woman just for procreation? Any other option but magical ass children. (Which is weird, because I find genderfuck stories all sorts of awesome). Oh you like Danny from Without A Trace and you want to have his babies? Why not turn Martin into you and then have him inexplicably stop getting his period or whatever it is that lets the man know he is with child. Makes perfect sense.

Typos in general I mostly ignore. It's obvious word meanings that are inexcusable in a writer. Lose. Loose. Look them the fuck up. Typos in the story summary... Yeah I'm just not going to read that.

In fact, I see any of those things, and I'm not reading the story. If I start reading a story and the C-U-M spelling appears, I am out of there. No comment. No rec. No linking. No matter how good everything might have been otherwise (though I'm guessing not that good if you're that clueless about such obvious things).

You might think this is me being too picky. But I say it helps me save time by allowing me to avoid a lot of crap epics.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2008 10:07 pm)
I'm sorry but her politics and her knocked up daughter aside, if McCain and his people think that women voters just vote for the nearest vagina, then that shows their true opinion of women. And considering how little he vetted her and her (total lack) of qualifications, I'd say she was chosen by virtue of having a Republican vagina and maybe because she wears glasses and thus at least *looks* intelligent.

Every woman on the street ought to spit in McCain's face for thinking of us as that big of idiots, Palin included.

The fact that she doesn't says a lot.

Does he honestly think that I'm just going to go, oh, she has a breasts, finally someone I can relate to, I'll vote for him so that when his old ass dies, some woman, any woman, can be president, regardless of her abilities and experience and beliefs and intelligence?

Fuck off, Old Man.
(An example of all reviews and comments that I really don't ever need to get again. Ever).

I really, really enjoyed your story and am writing to tell you how good it was. Normally, I don't read stories like that, I'm not really into slash or lemon, because slash is always so graphic and I think a lot of sex is just unnecessary, but I read yours anyway, though I skipped over the sex scenes. (Insert name of show/movie here) is my favorite (show/movie) and (insert name of some boyishly good-looking actor) is SO awesome, I really liked the way you wrote him, even though it was really a lot darker than (the show/movie) and it took some getting used to. You should write more stories, I bet you could do something really funny.

I had an idea for a story but I'm not a writer, so I was wondering if you could write something like that (if you do I totally don't even need credit, maybe just a line or something, k?) only in this one (insert name of strong male character from same show/movie) is having problems and (boyishly good-looking actor) helps him through it, and there's lots of disagreements and stuff, and then (boyishly good-looking actor) gets hurt, like some (bad guys or terrorists or whatever) tie him up and capture him and torture him and (strong male character) has to save him and then they get together. I don't need anything smutty or raunchy, so I don't need anything like that just you know, (strong male character) can be like holding (boyishly good-looking actor) in his arms and he's been through so much stuff that he's crying and (strong male character) can like hold him. And maybe they kiss. And then after they are together, (vapid, uninteresting, typical "strong" female character in show/movie who is just bland enough to be any of the vapid, uninteresting females watching show/movie) can come in and find (boyishly good-looking actor) as he's in the hospital and hold his hand or something and then when they are hugging (strong male character) can come up and see them and get jealous and storm off. And (boyishly good-looking actor) has to go after him and convince him that they're in love and maybe (strong male character) can start to cry because he loves him so much and then they really end up together. I just think the way you would write it would be so great.

Anyone, if you want to do that just let me know, that would be awesome.

I'm not one to judge (okay, actually I am, but moving on). Fandom is a crazy, crazy place. Just like the real world in fact, though people like to pretend the two are different and completely separate. And in the real world fandom people of all varieties live their lives and, yes, perhaps, express their secret delights and perversions a little more openly than they would when not staring at a computer moniter.

I've been in fandom a long time now. Counting the nerdy junior high fan discussions my friends and I had before the advent of the internets, and then all those early MASH groups and alt/wesleycrusherdiediedie forums, I'd say, oh, fifteen years. So I've learned a few things, like take it easy on other people's OTPs no matter how weird or batshit they are (because an OTP is a reflection of that person and on some level they know that), that fandom storms only seem to be over, and that for the most part, live and let live is a good policy regarding other people's kinks. So trust me when I say, I don't care if you think hentai is sexy (okay, sometimes it kind of is) or you like Elricest, or if you think Benton Fraser would like a good pegging from Thatcher (first Due South fic I ever read, not kidding). I. Really. Don't. Care. Fandom is, on some level, fantasy, like reading a book or watching TV.

But (and yeah, so obviously about to say that). But To say it's on some level fantasy is not to say that like all art, or works of fiction, that it does not reflect reality or have a place in the real world. As a writer I'm telling you it's the responsibility of writers and artists to be aware of that. Say whatever the hell you want, create whatever monsters or heroes you want, but don't claim innocence or ignorance when I say that your creation says something about you, and about the world as you see it, and those who adore your work obviously share the same view. If you're any good as a writer at all, you should already fucking well know that. If you don't, get out of the game.

So, to all those members of a certain fandom that, for a certain show that, admittedly, I have never seen, but who are currently embroiled in a war over the show's misogynistic overtones: Whatever it is, own up to it and own up to it for the right reasons. Either it's sexist or it's not. If you're comfortable with it being anti-woman and want to keep watching for the hawt brother-love, then go right ahead, but please don't try to sugar-coat it. ---"It's a part of that character" "It makes sense he'd be sexist after his mother abandoned him"--- That's all (if you'll pardon me) bullshit. BULLSHIT. And I call shenanigans on anyone claiming that as though this show exists in a vacuum. As though this show doesn't exist in a world where misogyny (and violence against women) is a real problem. As though this character hasn't faced and been given choices and opportunities to change his worldview in the (4??) years this show has been on the air and the writers and producers have determined that it's not as profitable to take the focus away from dead girls and female-hating language. As though it's a legitimate and original creative decision to make a character be about as sexist as every other man on mainstream TV. As though if a TV character says it, it didn't come from anywhere and doesn't end up etched into your brain.

I'm not going to go all radical on you. There are many, like dear MissKittie who loved this show but couldn't take it anymore for the reasons I just stated and so who quietly just stopped watching. That you want to continue watching, that's your choice, and it's cool, baby. But honestly, please, don't give me anymore of those crap reasons about why it's cool for you. It's your show, it's your fantasy, and you, like the show, do not exist in pure fantasy but also in the real world, and you have to own up to the fact that this says something about you. Own it, and move on, but don't tell the people see who that fantasy and reality are connected to shut up.

Feel free to defriend me if I just pissed you off.
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( Apr. 17th, 2008 12:31 pm)
I HATE Judd Apatow.

I HATE his movies. They are not funny. They insult women and men, and every idiot who thinks there is some sort of universal truth in his crappy sad-sack modern American male angst is full of shit and more ignorant than the average Marin County resident (which is, sorry Marin, pretty ignorant).

Knocked Up was possibly the most insulting piece of shit I've seen since Sorority Boys, though at least SB had Michael Rosenbaum to soften the blow. And Superbad, you know why the boys in that movie couldn't get laid? Because they were assholes. People like that movie for McLovin, the rest of it is utter garbage.

Whatever depth Apatow may have had in Freaks and Geeks has long since been pushed out in favor of dick jokes and fat, slacker losers once again somehow attracting hot, successful (yet somehow still portrayed as crazy, irrational bitches) women.

His men are unlikeable (oh, feel sorry for them, for they are stuck in a perpetual adolescence of their own making). His women are two-dimensional responsible boring citizens sent to redeem and tame they little boys and turn them into proper grown up husband material--and then have the husbands hate them for it. It's annoying and repetitive (Anchorman is saved mostly by Will Ferrell and Steve Carell) and I really, really don't get America's fascination. (But then, America hasn't had a strong woman lead actress in a while, so I guess that says clearly who the audience for movies is).

One more stupidly excited Apatow fan is going to make me lose it.

(And even though Apatow didn't make it, don't even get me started on the problems with Juno).
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( Oct. 29th, 2007 03:12 pm)
I'm gonna have just a *slight* breakdown where I scream and rant at people who probably don't deserve it because there is a lot of little crap building up into some big crap and none of it is my doing and there's nothing else I can really do about it. Like the State of California for some reason continually deciding that *something* hasn't been paid on my P.O.S. car that I bought *last year*, despite the fact that I keep paying whatever the fuck they tell me to (do not mess with CA and taxes...they are so much worse than Federal) and then whenever I try to call to ask about it I get a busy signal. Yeah. A busy signal. Like they only have one line or something.

Or my birthday, in which I originally state I want to do nothing this year. Nothing sounds nice actually. And then people insist. They whine. So I say fine. Dinner. And then comes the harassment and more whining about when they are available and then (of course, because this is why I didn't want to deal with it again) nobody can come. So it will be yet another party where I was forced to make a big deal out of something and then end up feeling stupid for having the small gathering I'd wanted in the first place.

And then I've been sick. Like PMS-related anemia and a sinus infection and the lovely bump on the head I gave myself last week and I hear how people are complaining because I've been acting poopy and it's annoying them. Uh yeah. Because I felt like shit. I was tired. Legitimately exhausted and then got some fun plan your birthday party stress from you assholes. (Oh but, plan it around their plans...thanks)

I swear to god my friends have good qualities but I'm not feeling them right now.

Oh and then job stuff and trying to get excited about what used to be my favorite holiday and just...

I don't care. I just don't care.

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( Sep. 25th, 2007 07:40 pm)
So fucking pissed at the world right now. And bosses and coworkers and just people in general who don't do anything and leave you holding the bag and dumbass bitches who won't shut up and tell you that Bill O' Reilly actually *isn't that bad* because he's against pedophiles...(like anyone is ever going to cheer for those sick fucks, even they know better in public) and dumb rich bitches on the View (all of you shut up) and friends, yeah friends, shifting blame onto you to make themselves look good, and fandom stupid, and low iron levels in your blood and vitamin absorbtion problems and fucking *Rene* and people who say such incredbily illogical things and get away with it and just...

I need a sedative.
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( Aug. 5th, 2007 05:22 pm)
Not to stir up more hoo-ha...except that is totally what I am doing here, I will direct people to this
6A Employee Mocks Fandom.

Read the article and then read the cut and paste version of the original comment that started the fuss.

Look, you can mock fandom all you like. In fact, some fandoms can use some mocking. But at the moment they have some legitimate complaints (like more concrete TOS, those would be nice. And maybe LJ/6A not deeming themselves art critics...) But the fact is, if I were EVER mocking customers while I were still "in uniform", as it were, I would be yelled at at best, fired at worst. To use your LJ work name and go in a public forum to mock an already outraged fandom...that's not only abhorrent but criminally stupid.

If asshat gets fired he has it coming.
What in the hell was I thinking???

Gaaahhh!!!! This is going to posess me for weeks! WEEKS!!

I have other things I need to be doing!

It's like Ray K in the uniform all over again!!!

Why do the things you love (the best stories) always drive you so fucking nuts????

N-V-T-S Nuts
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( Jun. 3rd, 2007 01:32 pm)

To Lose (Losing): fail to keep or to maintain; cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense; fail to win; suffer the loss of a person through death or removal; misplace: place (something) where one cannot find it again; miss from one's possessions; lose sight of; allow to go out of sight; fail to make money in a business; make a loss or fail to profit; fail to get or obtain; fall back: retreat

Loose (Loosing):not restrained or confined or attached; not compact or dense in structure or arrangement; (of a ball in sport) not in the possession or control of any player;
not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting; informal: not officially recognized or controlled; free: not literal; lax: emptying easily or excessively; unaffixed: not affixed; not tense or taut; (of textures) full of small openings or gaps; "an open texture"; "a loose weave" not fixed firmly or tightly; idle: lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility; not carefully arranged in a package; free: grant freedom to; free from confinement; unleash: turn loose or free from restraint; at large(p): having escaped, especially from confinement; loosen: make loose or looser; easy: casual and unrestrained in sexual behavior;

Two totally different words and if I see that mistake one more time...

*raves nonsensically*
Then I could rape whoever I wanted and get away with it too. It wouldn't even be considered rape.

Yo, yo, my California Bay Area bitches. It's (quite conspicuously) not on the news, so I don't know if you're aware that there's some serious shenanigans going on in Santa Clara right now, involving a passed-out 17 year old and the college baseball team. While the evidence is pretty clear that it was gang-rape, the DA feels that the lack of testimony from anyone on the team makes this case too hard to prosecute, so charges will not be filed.

Now, eyewitnesses, CA's consent laws and the fact that the girl was 17 (which makes it automatically statutory)aside, I guess the DA is afraid the case will still hinge on what these things always hinge on in trial, whether or not an underage girl passed out with vomit on her face in a room full of big, strong athlete types actually consented. And apparently, she is concerned that 12 average citizens won't see it her way. And because, as I said, no one witness will be volunteering anything--Accomplice Liability

The victim wants to press charges.

Story, discussion all from Feministing

There's also a petition, but I don't know what good that will it getting them to press charges. Linked to on Feministing.

I can't believe I got this news online and know...on Channel 3.


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