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( Dec. 17th, 2008 11:35 am)
I have a few more NCIS recs and one more gift story that will be done enough to post before Xmas. Though honestly my hands are so cold I'm amazed I can type at all. I feel so...Secret Adventures of Jules Verne poor and starving in a freezing garret. Only I'm not starving, just freezing.

These are total feel good recs. No complex, twisted, gloriously pain-filled epics today. Those are for later. :)

An adorable NCIS genfic, Tony pov, and very funny. Found in Translation. Genfic! And yet I loved it.

Couple fic. Boys worried about Gibbs finding out, boys worried about Gibbs just kicking their ass for being late. So smooshable! Digging it Out Tony/McGee.

By that same author, a short hint of angst. Stricken more Tony/McGee. I love it when McGee is the strong one. Of course, when he's all confused, that's good too. Unqualified.

This one is just more porny, though still fluffy. Selfaware!Tony totally does it for me too. (In fact, I think all versions of Tony/Tim do it for me. Hmmm.) Resolved. They're finally going to do this thing.

And then a funny as hell, smutty bit, oh god, I *love* McGee-in-Charge so much. hahaha. Reciprocal. *snicker* Probie.

hahaha Oh God help me! All I want to do now is write more Tony/Tim!!!! I'm supposed to be writing people's Xmas gifts, dammit!!!!!!

But oh I love them!
Tim and Tony at the Roundup

A playful snippet of a present for [livejournal.com profile] adnamamai who didn’t ask for an Xmas prezzie, but who I know has been dying for more NCIS fic. This is the best I can do. Merry Xmas!

(This is kind of fun, but I don't know how long my story a week rate can keep going...Whew!)

Tim and Tony at the Roundup
Summary: Undercover to apprehend a suspect.
Warnings: None really. No spoilers either. Takes place fairly early in the series.
Rating: Maybe PG.
AN: I have no idea about DiNozzo and a dog, but it seemed to fit. And The Roundup is an actual bar, just not in any area around DC. Oh, Cher…

and when i'm sad, you're a clown... )


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