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( Jul. 21st, 2009 01:38 pm)
Two cups of coffee and six very drippy pieces of pineapple later, and I'm still all anxious. About what? Nothing important, but still, the anxious is there. As evidenced by the fact that half a cup of coffee and a lot of pineapple juice ended up in my lap.

I have been reading a lot of screenplays. Why? Also no real reason. My friend is a film major and I am very bored, unemployed girl who likes to read things. It's a weird art. Despite my love of snappy dialogue, the good screenplays really do seem to be about the art of saying less. And they are a lot more descriptive than I always imagined them being. (I guess I thought directors made those decisions).

Robert Towne in an introduction to one made an interesting point about actors' body language, and how old movies showed an actors' whole body more than movies now do, and so old classic film actors probably wouldn't have had jobs today. That's something to think about. (He meant, I believe, that who the actor was, the way they naturally moved, was a part of the roles they played, versus like...Johnny Depp or Daniel Day Lewis who deliberately take on the body language of someone else to inhabit that role). Definitely changes the way you view movies in any case.

Watched a documentary that's a few years old...and isn't so much a documentary about a person so much as a documentary about how it's difficult to do a documentary about a person when we know so little about them. It was The Realms of the Unreal and really, really makes me hope that I don't end up dying a lonely, poor, old, weirdo recluse with a room full of a fantasy life that was my everything for over fifty years. Worth watching though, for reasons others than that. Definitely makes me want to go see an exhibition of the art of Henry Darger.

I have fanfic obligations, but for the moment my attention is elsewhere apparently. Weird.

And the Mighty Boosh is totally on Netflix *and* Youtube. *win* Brian Williams on the Daily Show last night totally won me over. He's been cool for a while now on TDS and the Colbert Report but last night with Jon Stewart he was calm, collected, sharp, and overall adorable.
"Catdancers" is a documentary produced by HBO about a team of dancers/cat trainers who performed together for about 40 years. That's really all I can say to describe it. You have to watch the awesome to understand my love of this film.

But I can offer you the trailer:

It's fanfuckingtastic. And everything they hint at in the trailer...oh yes...it all actually happens.
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( Oct. 12th, 2008 11:16 am)
Or play rec. Whatever. The point is a while ago the BBC aired a few TV movie-length redone versions of Shakespeare plays called, "ShakespeaRE-TOLD". I rented the set--containing 4 movies/plays, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, Taming of the Shrew, and A Midsummer Night's Dream--mainly for James McAvoy, as he is on the cover, but I haven't actually watched his yet. He's in Macbeth, and I have to be in the right mood for Mackers.

Anyway the Much Ado is cute, though short on some of the hot bickering sexual tension in my opinion. The guy playing Benedick was willing to humiliate himself though, so it definitely had moments of funny. But the highlight so far, my absolutely favorite, has been Taming of the Shrew.

Shrew is hard to produce in modern times for various reasons and yes, they have changed some elements, Petruchio is more crazy than a jerk, for example. But um...oh my, they made it funny, they made it hot, they made Kate so sympathetic and yet *such* a bitch, (the actress playing her, whose name I don't know, but I know her face, just went for shrew and got it. She's mean and cutting and intelligent and biting but also just...lashing out at her beautiful sister and the idiots she works with who aren't as smart as she is etc...) The way she holds up her middle finger and says "Swivel" is pure awesome. And then, to match Kate, they have Rufus Sewell.

Rufus Sewell. Normally, I'm not the biggest fan. (He's a good actor, but I've never gotten the physical attraction thing I guess.) But oh sweet holy christ. You can hardly blame Kate, he was fucking hot (and funny, and smart, and completely insane). And oh yes, he shows up to their wedding drunk and in drag. Love love love. How could I not? The heat (and comedy) only get better on their "honeymoon" where his hurt feelings = messing with her until she takes up smoking.

Big smile on my face. Oh yeah.
Not since "Little Miss Sunshine" has such a weird little movie made me so happy. *happy* Um, not as funny as LMS, but still somehow, real and yet fairy-tale-ish, if that makes sense. If you read the premise, it will tell you it's about a guy in love with a life-size sex doll, which is kind of is, except it isn't at all. It's just charming and funny and painful and (in the words of one of the film's actresses) *pure*.

Lars is beyond lonely. Lars is beyond awkward. And Lars' mind compensates with a pretty awesome delusion, and those around him who love him, do their best to help. It's all about connecting and human relationships and courage and...well it's just awesome.

Also, please to note, it's set in Canada and stars mostly Canadian actors. And then: Ryan Gosling.

For all you fans of the '72 movie "Sleuth" out there, I watched the Kenneth Branaugh remake last night and um...yeah... I will say this, I love Michael Caine, and seeing play Wyck this time was kind of awesome.

You should also know that in this adaptation they made the gay a lot more obvious. And by obvious I mean they just made it gay. Which was entertaining...but also strange. They stripped away all the subtlety and layers and just...made it obvious. So while you get Jude Law acting sexy rent boy cocktease, which was kind of awesome, you also totally lose the point of the original--that these are two really fucked bastards who like playing their little games together and the games *are* sex to them (better than sex even).

It was very weird.


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