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( Jan. 8th, 2009 12:25 pm)
Because the internet is being weird (as usual). Because NCIS made an Illya Kuryakin reference. Because this song is awesome. Because The Man From UNCLE was one of the kinkiest TV shows ever and because Napoleon *so* wanted to tap that ass. I give you the vid Bedroom Toys.

Now, I've posted it before. But it makes me happy. So neener.

If you can't destroy it, you might as well enjoy it. :)
Further proff that Man from UNCLE's kink wasn't even subtext but *text*....

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( Aug. 8th, 2006 03:49 pm)
Two and a half. :)

First, a funny future fic. The boys on their first date. The Best is Yet to Come Affair by Taliesin.

And then onto the angsty, sexy--Veritas by Nyssa. In which drunken jealous Illya waits while Napoleon is a man ho yet again...but this time with a man. Scandal!'

Now the half...there's a very long fic involving Napoleon and Illya stuck in time warp device and they wake up in 2001 (before Sept 11, judging from subject matter) to discover the world that they belonged in is gone. What to do? It was very detailed and thoughtful and very sad in places, especially for poor Soviet Illya, and had some cute moments as well as they realized that in today's world they could *gasp* possibly even admit to being a couple in public. But I never finished reading it. It was far too long and could have used some serious editing. For those wanting a look anyway I could try to find it.

There are several more I am currently reading/trying to track down anyway.

I fail at reccer today. haha
You know, I have seen The Great Escape about a billion times. I have watched this movie my whole life, as it is one of my mother's favorites (in fact, I can blame a good percentage of my fannish loves on her). Yet, for some reason (I blame hormones) I have been fangirling this movie like a little bitch this week. It just about makes me weep. And then makes me laugh. And lust for every single brave, stiff upper lip *ridiculously British* officer and *outrageously cool* American to be seen. Which is damn near everyone onscreen. And it's...if not 100% accurate, it's still damn closer than most movies now "based on a true story". omfg. (And not it's not just because it has Illya Eric Ashley-Pitt, though that helps).

Though, speaking of Illya (heh), I wrote draft of Muncle porn and realized a) just how based on one or two episodes it was, specifically the Arabian Affair and the Foxes and the Hounds Affair, and b) just how romantically squishy I made it. I am such a girl sometimes. But a drugged, weakened, fluffy Illya...tasty tasty. They weren't cuddling. But they might as well have been. (Foxes and Hounds, btw, BEST. AFFAIR. EVER.)

And then to make Illyalust worse, stupid VH1 and their I Love the 70's crap kept showing me Mikhail Baryshnikov. And no, seeing him in movies like "White Knights" or whatever it was when I was growing up never made him seem hot. Not then. But. BUT then I saw him on Sex in the City and oh my holy fucking christ. No wonder he was the slutboy of the seventies. I mean...Jesus. (Goddamn Ruskie hotness).

Then Hustle was on AMC last night. Older, suaver Napoleon. (I made up the word suaver, so what?) yum.

*Random fangirl squees*
Is it wrong that just *thinking* of Illya's shoulder holster makes me giggle?


::I am evil-corrupting-people-into-MFU genius!::

People at work, you have been warned.

I wish I had news of anything being done to anything. But I am at 50% snail speed these days.

Still...MFU does need some bondage. I mean, honestly. Edith Partridge...HELLO?

Not to mention "Inexperience is not inability, young woman. (Now hold still while Napoleon and I prove that to you, very slowly, and without lube).
And one hopes (fervently) that it's true.

Rumor One: Man From U.N.C.L.E. Season One on DVD July 25!!

Rumor Two: Complete Series (4 seasons with bonuses, commentary etc...)due out soon!!!!!!!!

Our Illyalust has made it happen.

**BTW, where does the phrase 'gakked' come from? Anyone know? Usually I can guess word origins, but this one is a little odd.**
For writing MFU fic I want to read. And MFU smut without the word penis in it. Argh! (I hate that word in smut, with a deep and fiery passion, as a friend used to say).

Keelywolfe has written Smallville fics that I've also rec'd. And her silly "Mulch Ado About Illya" is already on my recs page. But I gots some new ones.

Eternity in An Hour. I cannot properly express my love for topping!Illya...but....*LUV*. Jealous pouncing. I love it when Napolean is Illya's bitch. He's always bossing him around at work and I love to see things nicely reversed.

Then some cuddles and smut. Frozen. Napolean moisturizes to get that soft.

And then just because I love grouchy Illya fighting for the covers (as Napolean would sooo steal them), Call Me Sweetheart.

Then some not by Keelywolfe, geny/slashy-ness. Since Illya is always the one getting captured and tortured (or at least it seems that way sometimes), Waiting for Rescue by Pigeon.

And then...as it just makes me want to purr...Or Maybe Themselves by Meris. Napolean dreaming. And firelight and leashes and collars and oh my. Pretty Russian blond pets.

*Still scouring for more decent MFU fic for Imre_nico.*
Not, mind you, that these are stories written this year. They are simply things I enjoy and thought people would like to read if they manage any spare moments away from the family during the holidays. Original Recs got ignored this year, sorry about that. I plan on making up for that in Jan and Feb, it's my resolution. One of them. Anyway....

So I had sworn off reccing or reading any A-team slash anymore, but something reminded me of those by gone days and I popped over the VA to take a look and found a cute bit of fluff involving Face and Murdock that has a nice Face POV without all the drama the ladies like to give the Faceman normally. You can only get raped by a priest or Dougie Kyle so many times... Points for Spelling by Lachesis.

An old kinky as hell Smallville fic, Bare the Cross by CJ. So Clark liked getting crucified. And we liked to watch it. Catholics and sci-fi geeks united in lust. And then, same fandom, Te makes you hurt and want Lexxxxx. *purr* Benediction. This fandom continually rolls out that hottness. Praise them. Getting rec'd again, for the billionth time by me alone, I give you The Spike's The Ride.

Anything on this page, but especially Absurdly Simple By Irene Adler. Holmes and Watson and Victorian Kink.

Fullmetal Alchemist slash...underage and just *wrong*. But damn do I love it. Roy and Ed...Roy and Hughes. Roy and anyone dammit. Matchmaker by Harukami. Then, Contact by Sleeps With Coyotes. And Better Luck Next Time By Ponderosa121.

CSI...a show and a fandom I devoured this year. Already rec'd this, but it's hot as hell. Conspire by Kalimyre. Greggo and Nicky. Then Shrift gave us, Inventing Games out of Everything. Hot hot hot.

MFU, and an odd one. But you know, you just know, Napolean would try it. Tooth Games by Viviana.

New BSG, Adamacest. Yessss. By Inlovewithnight. Sins Lie Unatoned. There's a het story I actually love for this fandom, but the link is down... :(

Then, in the oddness category. First, for the Breakfast Club, Higher Education by Resonant. Who is always amazing.

More later possibly....
I don't have any Potter Recs...though I did read a femmeslash dirty dirty bathroom fic for Potter once that I quite enjoyed. I do have some random PWP's for other fandoms though...Cheer up those that needs it.

A Man From Uncle; Dirty Laundry Honestly, I would have made it dirtier. But still filthy enough. Illya would so top that Bitch.

This one is by one of my fav. authors ever. It's slash for the yaoi Manga fake. But basically a smart ass vs. his stuck up boss. In his office. On the floor. Over a desk (James creams his pantaloons). Sticky and messy. Desk Duty
"Yeah, I know. Just let me come already--"

Berkeley says, "Beg me."

Dee can't quite believe he said that. Just like that, just flat out, just...like he knew Dee would do it if he asked. And he will.

Hot Sky Blue, from the Sentinel Fandom. I've rec'd it before.

This one...I don't know how hot this will be to those who have never read the saga, but A Handful of Rose Petals was a glorious bit of wanking when I first read it. Still love it. Original Slash. Sad and hot and pretty.

Same saga. Different tone entirely. Dirty dirty screwing in an alley (I'm starting to think that's a kink of mine. But what isn't at this point?) Little Persia

aaaaahhh the memories.
Have just seen what is now my second favourite episode of MFU! And never let anyone tell you that show wasn't about the subtext (at least the first few seasons anyway). Aside from being the episode in which Illya pretends to be the son of Lawrence of Arabia (something mind boggling in its own right)or Napolean's jaunty little hat, The Arabian Affair shall now be known as the eppy in which Napolean almost openly declares his affection.

Beginning; scene is set with Illya off chasing some Thrush dissolving/killing machine in the Arabia desert, where he is captured by Bedouin and presumed missing and dead by UNCLE. Then cut to Napolean and a hot clerk chick in a basement where Napolean is in some kind of trouble we suppose, as he is now #11 and not #2. Anyway, is he flirting with said hot clerk chick in order to get her into bed? No. He is coaxing her into calling Mr. Waverly for him to ask about Illya. hmmm.

Discovers Illya was off chasing the dissolving/killing machine thing. So sets off on seemingly seperate case involving the over-65 members of Thrush, who, it turns out, get retired permanently, only they don't know that. Convinces/bribes one to leave Thrush and then demands all info on Arabian dissolving/killing machine. hmmm. None of which with official permission one assumes, as he is alone.

Walks twice by himself and unarmed into Thrush headquarters. Not once referring to Illya mind you, but continually demanding or seeking this info. Calmly sneaks aboard plane to Arabia, sneaks into secret facility just as Illya has taken control of Bedouin tribe and raids the place. Great fight ensues. Napolean saves Illya at last moment while in disguise, Illya thanks whoever it is and Napolean removes masks and they stare at each other. Illya does a double take. And they stare. They stare for almost an awkward amount of time. Clock it. And then Illya gets snarky 'I should have known it was you from they way you tripped over your own feet.' And they stare *again*. And then Napolean smiles, and reaches out and touches the T.E. Lawrence robes that Illya has on and says (oh so softly) 'gee I wish I had a dress like that.' Stares again (yes again) and then fade to black before commercials and final bit of cuteness afterwards.

It was done so well you don't realize until halfway through that Napolean is looking for his partner.


yes yes. i am a geek.


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