So MissKittie (aka paradisepink) asked for Old-School Clex. And um....Smallville is hard, y'all. Though at least I got to set it back in the day before Smallville went from fun to TOTAL CRAP.


(Back before Clark became a complete douchebag)

Title: Affogato
Pairing: Clex
Summary: Um...Lex is drinking coffee. It's just a snippet really. A very AU snippet. Clark doesn't do farmboy nearly as well as Lex does obsession.
Warnings: I tend toward the dramatic and cheesy sometimes, but I try to rein it in. Oh, wait, a warning for this? Not really. Clark is a hor.

Affogato )

Now let's make like this never happened.
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( Aug. 28th, 2008 10:33 pm)
A meme snagged from [ profile] cerebel:

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

I don't know that I've written 25, but here goes. I bet they are all as long as hell. Because I babble. This excludes unfinished fic and most of my original stuff. Follow the random song lyric...

cuz earl had to die )

Here's what I noticed. I've been experimenting with voice and tense, which is good. But there is some passive voice in there, which is bad. Also I tend not to do the exciting awesome hook beginnings. I mostly build slowly (too slowly) toward the end.
I totally gakked this idea from perverse_idyll and pir8fancier, but I'm avoiding work today. They suggested this after reading the BBC's "Big Read" meme listing the top 100 bestselling novels and wanting to see who had read what.

So this is my top 100 books/stories/poems/plays, based on how many times I've reread them or just how much I feel they've influenced me, even if I only read them once. They are in no special order, and as I'm doing this, I'm noticing how much I veer toward fantasy. Also, there's almost no new or modern fiction at all. Oops.

This was HARD by the way. All my books are still packed away from the move. I'm going on memory here, dammit.

Rispa's 100 )

All making me realize that I need to read Proust, Conrad, Heller, and Joyce. Really. But Ayn Rand can suck my ass. I just need to read more in general. I feel very much like the Marquis in "Quills". You write more than you read? The mark of a true amateur. :)
Tell me about a story I haven't written and I'll write you one sentence from it.

Perhaps more.

(Why? Cuz I'm being responsible today and editing and I need some funs. Also, it's hot as a muthafukah and I'm in Nor Cal and it's not supposed to get this hot here *whine*).


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