Random stuff really. Lots of Professionals fic, but nothing I'm in love with, so far. Yet I keep reading. Weird.

What else?

Well normally I don't read RPF/S just on principle, but I've been known to make exceptions. Like for Fake News, because there's great deal of difference between Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert, you know?

So I just have to rec this Five Times The Word Messed With People. In which there is God!Jon Stewart and Satan! Stephen Colbert, and lots and lots of insanity. Kind of brillers.

I have also read some Leverage fic. For it is generally awesomesauce. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady. In which Parker decides to ask out Maggie--Nate's ex-wife Maggie--and Hardison and Eliot are very confused. And also a couple.

Also Leverage. It's All So Clear To Me Now The team through Parker's eyes.

I also recently read a truly awesome story for the Mentalist that [livejournal.com profile] dlasta rec'd to me. Now the link is broken. But I'm going to mention it anyway in case it ever pops up again. It was called "Scarlet. Crimson. Red." and was the kind of fic that makes you wish the show ere that good. That makes you search desperately through the net looking for any other fic that good. It was Patrick Jane/Cho and it was like the cuddly alternate universe Bizarro Shawn/Lassiter.

(Speaking of Shawn/Lassiter relationships....has anyone seen Lake Placid? Hector/Sheriff Keogh, y/y?)

Psych fic I meant to rec for crack_van and never got the chance. Running Late for the Bandwagon a series of angsty/fluffy/hot/smexy drabble type things. Shawn/Lassiter, obv.

I'd do vids and stuff, but clearly, I've been posting enough of those. :P
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( Apr. 1st, 2009 11:29 am)
The other night I had my third ever lesbian erotic dream (that I remember anyway) only this one was actually still hot upon waking because it involved Parker from "Leverage". Haven't watched that show in over a month, so no idea where it came from though.

Then I stumbled back into my teenage crush on Michael Biehn since "The Rock" and then "Aliens" came on tv on the same night. Then "The Terminator" came on last night. Clearly it was Destiny. God he was/is awesome even if he dies in practically every movie he's ever been in. Especially "Aliens". I think my love for Hicks will never die. (Seriously, have I mentioned how much I love people who Get Things Done). I might have to add him to list of blonds I actually find sexy. (This used to be a very short list, as I prefer brunettes. But now he'd be next to Illya Kuryakin, Ray Kowalski, Daniel Craig, and apparently Parker. That's actually a pretty awesome list. BLOND ORGY!!!!!)

In other news, "Twilight" made me completely depressed for two straight days and I'm never going to forgive it for that. No I didn't read it or watch it...it's complicated.

Cuz I'm a blond yeah yeah yeah. Cuz I'm a blond, B-L-O-N-D.
To be fair, I've been doing boring editing projects all day. I need me a fun break.

So here, some Leverage fic recs. Not all of them are slash.

Five Times Eliot Did What Had to Be Done. Just cracky and hot and overall fantastic. This one contains het. Very sexy het.

Aft Gang Agley in which Hardison attempts to seduce Eliot. Things do not work out as planned.

The Way to Man's Heart Or Five Times Eliot Spencer Cooked for Alec Hardison.

FYI I seriously love Parker. She really does have this River Tam quality...without all the annoying singing.


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