extra sharp cheddar indeed. Hmmm last night I was asked by a male friend, very curious about this, to describe the plot. That was weird, saying the plot of my slashy silliness out loud and trying to make it seem reasonable. Ahaha. Then I got too into it and wouldn't shut up.

Anyway, a bit of Jack/Norry, a scene that exists solely to get them to the next scene...which, as you may guess...will be another kinky scene. Though it won't get written until after the new year most likely. Since I have Troy story to finish and work on IOS chapter 22, and editing 21 for posting before Xmas, and maybe, if time, some BSG porn as a prezzie. A definite maybe on that one.

In which Jack is not drunk and the Commodore does not have a pirate in his bed )

You know, my friend was very confused as to how writing something silly was so much harder for me than drama. But...but...comedy's hard. Drama is so easy. *whines*


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