Dear world, is it worth it for me to take the time to post all my old old old (in other words, hella old) Hornblower fic, Pirates of the Caribbean fic, and all those Ideas of Sin original crackfics to Dreamwidth? Some of them might be up there already, but not in Memories, and after spending forever making sure all my newer stuff is in the Memories there, I just want to know if it's worth my time.

Probably not, right? Nobody reads those anymore. Everybody who would have, will have long since done so.


They can go by way of all my ancient fanfics in long-forgotten fandoms. I can just pretend they never happened.
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( Apr. 16th, 2009 06:53 pm)
Ooh almost forgot.

I'm editing, though I hate it. So IOS is probably going to come down in the near future. Anyone who wants to reread and/or save (if you're saving, just don't tell me) the original version, do so in the next few days. :)

GodDAMN Rene is annoying though.
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( Apr. 18th, 2008 12:34 pm)
Chapter Six could have been better.

Chapter Five is just awkward and weird.


I use entirely too many adverbs and had this strange love of italics.
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( Oct. 9th, 2007 06:20 pm)
Uh yeah so...In case you don't get the emails (and still weird that there's a mailing list btw)--

Chapter 23 of Ideas of Sin is now up, thanks to Kittie.

It is the last chapter. IOS is now finally fucking done.

And no Kittie, I have no idea what I'll do with myself. Finish various WIP epics? Or more likely, mess around with Will Scarlet in the forest. (Insert jokes about Greenwood here).

Seriously though, y'all have been awesome. *licks you*

I have some WIPs going on for real, but if there are requests...I might take the time...
Just sat through crappy crap crap boring movie called "Evening" for the sake of Hugh Dancy (who some of you may or may not know, or care, is my best so far movie!James). Lots of powerhouse chick actors in this movie, for all the good it does them. Movie has no idea what it wants to be or what it's trying to say. Still, I did heart Meryl Streep and Vanessa Redgrave at the end there.

But back to Hugh, I only watched it for him and then he goes and rewards me by playing the drunken, far too senstive, sekrit gay (maybe bi) boy tragically in love with the childhood friend that his sister is also in love with. There was even a bare second of boykissing before he was of course rejected and then tried to play it off with inebriated gallantry. Yays!

Then Claire Danes shows up and annoyed the shit out of me as she usually does with her frowning=acting schtick. (She seems like she'd be okay to talk to in RL, but she has never once sold a film role to me). But it wasn't all her fault, the writing was rather atrociously cliche most of the time.

Hugh isn't quite as tall as I imagine teh James, or as secretly nerdy, but between this and (the just as awful) "Blood and Chocolate", and "the Sleeping Dictionary", I think we may have something. (HBO's "Elizabeth" as well, but that was actually a good movie so...)
You know, post-IOS Etienne, who exists solely in my head, one porn without a plot, and in a crackish POTC crossover, is kind of schizo.

He's got this honour-bound, protect my family, serve my king, serve and be gentle to his gentle little convent-raised wifey. And then he's basically a spy/whore/crimelord who enjoys a savage fucking from Deniau.


This probably means that I have more problems I was previously unaware of.

Heh. Oh well.
Touching up some things after viewing the third Pirates movie. Mostly though, it was fine, I predicted it pretty well. Yays!

Iffin' y'all are interested... Etienne writes his phone number on mens room walls

I mean...

That's the link to A Respectable Future.

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( Jul. 7th, 2007 01:20 pm)
Did you know the number 23 was old slang for get lost? I mean, 23 skidoo, despite its murky originsis always understood to mean Beat It. But 23 on its own also has that meaning? I did not know this. So imagine my amusement to realize the last chapter of IOS is, in fact, number 23.

And that worked out that way before the Jim Carrey movie.

Heh. I am a dork.
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( Jun. 13th, 2007 09:17 pm)
So...uh...yeah. I see I have some new readers out there. And by I see, I mean, I have emails from new peeps bugging me about chapter links and author's notes and when the story wil end etc...

And not that many stalkery fannish types ever respond when directly asked, but I am always curious, where do you people come from?

Because Yahoo stats tracking tells me nothing really. Just that *surprise* you all have internet browsers. anyone out there are freaked out by Etienne Saint-Cyr as Kittie is??? And if so, why? Was it my babbling about what I imagine behind the scenes as it were, or is it what's actually on the page about him?
For this to work, you have to imagine them in the suburbs...which is just possibly only for us crackheaded types to even attempt. haha
For Kittie, My Internet Boyfriend.

A ring...I don't mean on the phone... )

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
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( Nov. 21st, 2006 07:53 pm)
Not that any IOS movie will ever get made. (I mean *honestly*. But just imagining it--of course without stupid Hollywood interference--makes me all swoony). So no film will ever get made. But for no reason at all I like to prowl around the BBC sometimes looking for suitable actors (and yes, if it were ever made it would be BBC/maybe BBC/A&E or some Canadian company...).

Anyway, so those who watched the awesome HBO movie "Elizabeth" may remember Mr. Hugh Dancy as whiny wittle Essex. He has also had some small parts in American films, "The Sleeping Dictionary" (hot), "Ella Enchanted" and apparently he was in "Black Hawk Down" (must watch again).

He's a little short to be the Jamesey James and sometimes he looks than handsome. But nonetheless he's close.

I just need a pic with glasses.

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( Nov. 17th, 2006 10:20 pm)
About Chapter Nineteen (Ladooshka was friendly enough to point out) the reson it is not loading is that there is a little errant 't' in the URL. So just take out the 't' 'chaptertnineteen.html' so it reads 'chapternineteen' and it'll be fine. Read away, it will load just fine. :P

Sheesh. Suddenly I gots a full mailbox.
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( Nov. 7th, 2006 05:59 am)
Twenty-Two is now up. Thank you.

There, like a figure out of Face's worst nightmare, stood Dougie Kyle.

"Welcome, Lieutenant."

"Go to hell, Kyle."

"Oh, I'm sure you're going to get there first. Bwahahahahaha."

"What the hell was that?" Face asked.

"Why, it's the evil laugh that all bad guys give before they torture the good guys."

haha that fic still cracks me up!
Turns out that Pooky and I strike again. All the old chapters have been up for weeks and weeks now, but she had some typos in the code on the first five chapters, and I never bothered to look at the rest of the chapters, which were fine, so just assumed it still wasn't up. previously posted parts are again up and readable. And I am tapping dutifully away on the last bits.

Sorry. My bad.

The site is up, and it looks like the chapter links are up, but they aren't yet. Still, this is the site to change all bookmarks to. Especially since I have to update/revise a few of the older chapters a little. Yay for painstaking revision. Yay! (sigh). And Yay! for Pooky for doing all of this.

New Addy for the NeNe and James the Whorebag

I like her new design.

"If you ain't no punk, holla we want pre-nup, we want pre-nup, yeah!"
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( Jun. 14th, 2006 03:13 pm)
SO...Ideas of Sin is currently unavailable online. Anywhere. As Pooky is having some sort technical difficulties. While she has made space for the whole mess on a new site, it is not yet uploaded.

So no freaking out, alright, those who might freak out. :)

in other less important news. Microsoft Word--no, I did not mean "Pale Botanist". I meant "Paleobotanist" which is what I wrote. And Yahoo spellcheck? I typed "Kuryakin" not "Kayaking". That is all.
And proof that sometimes I think things out too much.

1). In my head, James' stepmother is a Jew-ess, as they would have said at the time. Why? I don't know. I think she's the the result of waaaay too many conversations with my brother done in the accent of New York yenta (well really just Linda Richman from Coffee Talk)...and no his belle-mere wouldn't be from New York, but still, this amuses me.

2). James listens to Nine Inch Nails on his iPod. Rene listens to Shakira. Etienne loves the Rolling Stones and Britney Spears, but switches to Mozart whenever someone comes in the room.

3). I accidentally made Rene related to Jesus. (Damn you Da Vinci Code!!) See a long, long time ago, I was searching through lists of French heraldry and found a family name I'm not going to mention now, and thought it would be cool for Crazy!mommy to be of that family, on her mother's side. Descendents of the Merovingians, they come from an area rumored to have once (or still) hold the grail. I mean, like, THE Grail, right? So then it just amused me to put her in a chapel with a big cup on the altar...not Teh grail obviously, but still a symbol of the feminine. And then...AND THEN...that fucking book comes out and suddenly I realize...oh wait...if grail=womb then Rene is....

Shit. Now he *has* to breed.

To make it worse, and infinitly cheesier. If James is a Fitzroy, and Rene is a part-Merovingian...then they are *both* descended of lines of kings.

(None of which equals the Incident of Too Much Research of Pooky's, but I won't go into that now).

I am a GEEK, yay!!!


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