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( Oct. 8th, 2004 04:15 pm)
Further update on the recs page (which needs to be totally redone, but who has the time?)

One last new fanfic of mine is up on my fiction page: Hard Leather. A Horatio ficlet for MissKittie that was about bondage and then I got distracted. Good thing it wasn't intended to be deep. Just deep throat.

Huh. That's not even a pun, that's true.

Anyway, also, some fic recs that I have yet to post links to, since I am still considering a revamp of the whole site. Firstly, a Pirates of the Caribbean fic, involving the couple that almost no one seems to notice, Jack/Commodore Norrington. It's just cute, so I'm reccing it. The Ocean, The Pearl... by Marquesate. Available on www.marquesate.org There is also a cutesy bit of fluff involving the Commodore with a cold. Nothing whatsoever to do with the movie really. But muy adorable.

And then a bit of weirdness that I might only rec here, since it involves the film, Lilo and Stitch. I'm sorry, but the mad scientest alien and the conservationist alien were funny together. So here is some sweet and funny (and thankfully nonsexual) slash fic for them. Secrets of A Former Evil Genius. www.squidge.org/~peja/liloandstitch/SecretsOfAFormerEvilGenius.htm

On a side note. Why must all the Trigun fic be so bad? Slash or het, I don't care, it all sucks. What is it abou anime that inspires such horrific fanfiction? The fanart is actually decent and non-squicky, but the fiction...Oy. The Inuyasha fanfic can be truly frightening, although there is one terribly out of character but amusing slash story about Miroku and Sesshomaru. I want you to have my children heh heh. I'd have to find it again to link to it. And btw, to those people who make Sesshomaro and Rin a couple...Shame on you! That is sooo hideously, grossly inappropriate, even for anime perversion. Tsk tsk. Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars. You go straight to jail along with the sickos who make Face and Hannibal from the Ateam a couple and anyone who writes porn about pro wrestlers.


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