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( Jun. 5th, 2006 03:52 pm)
Did you know there's an LJ for Christ_Slash? hmmmm tasty blasphemy.

And...and...one just for Jayne_Simon Slash? From Firefly/Serenity???? *boggles*

I had to search for days on archives to find any j/s back in the day and now there's a whole LJ of delicious fic for me???


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( Jan. 11th, 2006 07:26 pm)
I..uh..haven't been eating. Neglecting to feed myself is a bit of a recurring problem,( and no I'm not Friends with Ani, although,like Rene, I *will* drink on an empty stomach), which has led to some weirdness...most notably being the writing of Firefly PORN. Starring our secret, forbidden OTP, Simon and Jayne. And the only thing that now looks tempting to eat is Jayne Nilla Wafers.

Yeah. Weird. Like I said. But worth it for the learning of random Mandarin dirtiness. I might post someday. Not today. I can't take even the possibility of rejection or criticism today. *is a fragile woobie*

mmmm...Nilla Wafers...
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( Dec. 23rd, 2005 02:16 pm)
A few more recs for the season, a fun gift to read at your leisure...should you have any. :)

The first Firefly fic I ever read, and so good and impossibly cute that it cemented Simon/Jayne as my dirty OTP, though it shouldn't have. heh heh. Debchan's Tetchy.

Another Smallville, and intriguing...I told ya I loved redeeming the screwed up baddies...Mercy by Koi.

And then, for the opposite of Xmas cheer, and yet so hhhhot. TO warm your cockles...*snickers*
All L.A. Confidential fic. Ed Exley takes it up the ass.

heh heh.

I see some links are down on my page. uh oh. Whoops!

And uh...I had news to pass along. And I've forgotten of course. Damn. Well Merry Xmas.


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