Continued from Part Two...

Disclaimer: Not mine, btw. And all previous warnings and stuff still apply.

the way we walk, the way we stalk, the way we start to kiss )

I swear to you, this is all just to get to more pr0n. I swears it.
Continued from Part One

All the same warnings apply.

i don't care if you don't )

Okay, so three parts. Damn I need to learn to shut up.

Onto to Part Three (which is much shorter).
The Lovecats

For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassi-pants
Rating: PG-13 for naughty talk.
Summary: Number Five in my Slutty Boys ‘Verse. Though no actual sluttiness this time. This is like the bridge to Slutsville. Also set in S.2. So Shawn and Lassi have had hot bathroom secks and then Shawn went off and chased after fake psychic woman in Psy vs. Psy. They both have issues. Also, there’s a case to solve.
Before you read: Let’s say I wrote two stories from two different POVs describing the same event. Then, just to be difficult, I broke my own POV rule and blended those two stories together. I’m sorry. I will never try to be clever again. Someday when I am less lazy and making a master post for this AU, I will perhaps post them separately too.
Music is by The Cure, obviously. Disney Afternoon and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose references are just there because I am sad.
Please to note: There are allusions in this to a lovely story that [ profile] senor_coconut_1 wrote for me based in this universe, from Gus’ POV. Maybe someday she will even post it. :P

It's the pleating of the pants... )

Once again I have babbled, and so this will need *three* posts. Sigh.
Title: Six Times
Author: Rispacooper
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: N/G
Rating: PG-13-R I don’t know. Adult concepts.
Warnings: Some language, some smex, some cases that involve handcuffs and semen. Spoilers up S.6.

Summary: In which Greg repeatedly tries to say, “Hey, btw, Nick I love you and I want to have your babies”, and Nick refuses to listen.
AN: A totally, completely, *ridiculously* cheesy tartlet I wrote to cheer myself up when my computer was broken. Not quite a five times story. Regard it as fluff. Well, as fluffy as I get.

why don't you like me without making me try? )
Which I have decided to call me, "Pet Me Poppa" after the song, which is vaguely, sorta about cats.
(Or cat-like terms used to describe whorish young ladies. Whatevs). Really title has nothing to do with it. It's all Kittie's fault too. :P

Pet Me Poppa
By R. Cooper
Warnings: Extreme fluff and semi-crack
Summary:'s short. Does it really need a summary? Written in about a day.
AN: See end of story.

Super Due South Kitty Crackfic )

Hmmm and that's without going into our new BSG CKR- related paint!kink.

rispacooper: (this life of crime by forthegenuine)
( Jun. 13th, 2007 09:17 pm)
So...uh...yeah. I see I have some new readers out there. And by I see, I mean, I have emails from new peeps bugging me about chapter links and author's notes and when the story wil end etc...

And not that many stalkery fannish types ever respond when directly asked, but I am always curious, where do you people come from?

Because Yahoo stats tracking tells me nothing really. Just that *surprise* you all have internet browsers. anyone out there are freaked out by Etienne Saint-Cyr as Kittie is??? And if so, why? Was it my babbling about what I imagine behind the scenes as it were, or is it what's actually on the page about him?
Just seeing how I likes it, if I really do, that sort of thing. Especially the last section... All I know is, I really want some waffles now.

Slash. PG at most. For CSI (the original). Nick/Greg. Cuz they are so cuddlyfoofoo.
I'd say, sometime during Season 6. No real spoilers.

If That's Your Boyfriend )

And... You know I have unfinished CSI porn somewhere too. I should have done that first.
[ profile] pir8fancier we are so buddies!!!


And thanks, by the way. Lifesaver isn't doing it justice.

More Due South Slash, and more first person (wtf?), this time it's Fraser's turn. I can't seem to stop and I haven't even gotten to the porn yet. Ai ya.

Smarties Are Love )
Villiers being the Moneypenny stand-in as played by Tobias Menzies (of Rome, ah precious Brutus). I was joking about this fandom until [ profile] furious clued me in to it actually existing. MMM. Scrumptious.

This is my fav story so far, for a Bond in character as the Bond we know while still incorporating some hints of the film, 'Casino Royale'. Set after. Occupational Hazard by Sandrine.

I love it when bad boys play rough with nice geeks. :)

And OH MY GOD the scene where Bond wants to see M...

word on the street is, Daniel Craig requested Bond had a gay love interest in the next one. I doubt this will happen...but if Villiers *is* to be the new Moneypenny....SQUEEEE


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