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( Dec. 17th, 2008 11:35 am)
I have a few more NCIS recs and one more gift story that will be done enough to post before Xmas. Though honestly my hands are so cold I'm amazed I can type at all. I feel so...Secret Adventures of Jules Verne poor and starving in a freezing garret. Only I'm not starving, just freezing.

These are total feel good recs. No complex, twisted, gloriously pain-filled epics today. Those are for later. :)

An adorable NCIS genfic, Tony pov, and very funny. Found in Translation. Genfic! And yet I loved it.

Couple fic. Boys worried about Gibbs finding out, boys worried about Gibbs just kicking their ass for being late. So smooshable! Digging it Out Tony/McGee.

By that same author, a short hint of angst. Stricken more Tony/McGee. I love it when McGee is the strong one. Of course, when he's all confused, that's good too. Unqualified.

This one is just more porny, though still fluffy. Selfaware!Tony totally does it for me too. (In fact, I think all versions of Tony/Tim do it for me. Hmmm.) Resolved. They're finally going to do this thing.

And then a funny as hell, smutty bit, oh god, I *love* McGee-in-Charge so much. hahaha. Reciprocal. *snicker* Probie.
Any fic, any pairing, any *crack* you can come up with with, so as long as it's for Due South and it involves vampires/werewolves/witches/whatever-so long as it's supernatural.

Fic due on or before October 31st. (Why yes, Halloween of course). There will be a prompt list for those that want a prompt, but if you already have ideas, feel free to write whatever you want.

To take part or just to read the fic please Friend or Join--ds_fur_or_fang_fest
Touching up some things after viewing the third Pirates movie. Mostly though, it was fine, I predicted it pretty well. Yays!

Iffin' y'all are interested... Etienne writes his phone number on mens room walls

I mean...

That's the link to A Respectable Future.

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( Jul. 16th, 2007 06:40 pm)
All my POTC fic is up on my Greatestjouranl now, except for the Ideas of Sin crossover crackfic, which needs editing.

blah. :P
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( Jul. 6th, 2007 07:42 pm)
Please Note: My links list has changed. My fanfic archive at GJ is now listed. Some things have been deleted.

Slash fics up at my Greatest Journal so far: Horatio Hornblower, the Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Without a Trace, The Count of Monte Cristo, Due South, and Firefly.

and I'm spent...
Posted today--My scattering of Horatio Hornblower fics (in which I went all out with teh non-con and the kink, because that fandom wouldn't) and my three fics for the new Battlestar Galactica. (More smut there, oh Jamie Bamber, what we do for you). The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne stories are still up, along with my lonely Count of Monte Cristo slash.

Next up...probably my one-offs. But I know I need to post the revised Moves and Motion, POTC goodness soon, since my LJ only has the old version. Ai ya.
Then Man from UNCLE and CSI, I suppose. And maybe all the Ideas of Sin crackfic.

(some of) my fanfic
So I have set up a basic acct over on Greatest Journal to archive all my fanfiction that Yahoo so nicely deleted for me. :P

Anywaaaay, I am slowly reposting all the fanfic I've written over the years there. (Recs will remain on delicious and Ideas of Sin is at the same location as well.

So far, I have posted Covet--a fanfic based on the film The Count of Monte Cristo and four fics for my cheesy sci-fi steampunk love, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. All slashy and dark and yet so long ago I find them vaguely embarrassing. If you like, there are here Rispa's Fanfic

But going through all of my old stuff has reminded me that I used to write some angsty fic without happy endings. Yeah. I mean, nobody dies, but there's no holding hands and walking into the sunset either. Weird. Where did that go? Well I did leave Ray and Fraser momentarily heartbroken about those marshmallows...but they still get their cheese. Damn.


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