Feel free to add any recs to this you want. About anything. I mean, I read most fandoms, and the ones I don't are generally easy to figure out (though obviously I'll miss the in-jokes and references, and anything sci-fi might get complicated). This is in no way all recent fic, or stories for everyone, or even the best-written/made stuff out there. This particular list is just Feel Good Recs, baby.

Nick and Greg and little red ribbon. Smut! The Ribbon

Greg Sanders, Private Dick. Super historically accurate? Not exactly. Do I care? Nope. This series is completely fun and totally hot and just cheers me up sometimes. Why yes, I have read it repeatedly.

LEX LUTHOR IN A PLAID SCHOOLGIRL SKIRT! *ahem* Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts

Because Saul Panzer in the Nero Wolfe books is just all kinds of awesome: The Christmas Punch

(And Yuletide, btw. YULETIDE!!!!!! Yuletide *is* Fandom Awesome. I ought to do that again this year).

Pir8fancier's Hate Me/Bite Me Memes story. Harry/Draco. (No, I don't read or especially like Harry Potter. But first of all, grown up, bratty, spoiled Draco is love. And secondly, she took a really stupid and negative internet meme and turned it into porn. I mean love. Yes. That too. Draco was pissed off

A short original, fairy tale-ish fic. The Virgin and the Unicorn

omg, *any* Die Hard 4 Slash if you want hot, kinky porn.

Because I Have Spent My Day Watching Psych CAPSLOCK OF LOVE.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John: Two Girl Scout Cookies In Love Delicious (pun intended) SGA crackfic.

Slash for the movie "Cursed"...which needed it. But there's no fandom, and no expectation of praise, and the author wrote this bit of perfect anyway.

Yuletide again! The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert

Yuletide! "Smoke Signals" slash!!! EEEE!!!!! Thank you, fandom! Telling Tales

A small bit of DS porn from Spuffy. So thanks, Spuffy! What They Needed Ray really is so cute.

More Nick/Greg. The kind of established couple fic that doesn't usually get written. Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet

Tetchy The OG Simon/Jayne fic!

Also: Dear Fandom, you are awesome for introducing me to boysinskirts. Lipstick Vogue for DS.

And genderfuck! Thanks for that too, Fandom! Gonna Go to Babylon and Get Me Some Whiskey more Due South awesomeness. Maybe I ought to just thank Due South. :)

And thanks for authors like Thamiris too. And all her fic. I'll just link to one. Tied to the Wrist ah Smallville.

(Smallville and SGA, two of the few large fandoms I will read on a semi-regular basis, even if I stopped watching the shows themselves long ago)

Holmes/Watson slash, for existing at all. Sacrilege

Perfect fucking fanvids like this one---> Closer Kirk/Spock set to Nine Inch Nails.

I'm missing a lot. And yet babbling on at the same time. Because Fandom has given me so much. I mean, would I ever have discovered all my kinks without it? Would I have learned to tolerate and/or accept other people's kinks without it? And, though I may still harbor a lot of il will toward a lot of het shippers for their general attitude regarding slash and slashers, I have also seen slashers do some completely awesome things, just proving how stupid all those narrow-minded het shipper types are.

And icons! I forgot all about icons! How many precious icons have I gotten over the years???

*ack* Running out of time here...
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 06:58 pm)
Ugh. Like a good and dutiful daughter of Fandom I just uploaded all my DS slash stories (but one)to the Due South Slash Archive, an attempt by another dutiful daughter to get all the Due South fanfic in one spot.

All you DS writers out there, get on it! Upload your stuff too, so if LJ does die someday, at least others will be able to find your greatness.

Now I go to rest my tired fingers.

P.S. Daniel Craig on the Daily Show last night....Nummy!
Domestic Bliss: or, the Mating Habits of the Domesticated (Northern) Werewolf
For: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski Semi-Almost-Established Couple Fic.
Warnings: Language and sexing. Some pretty vanilla kink. Sequel-ish to "Moonlight and Coffee".
Summary: Domestic!kink. About a year ago (a year ago!) I wrote a remixed Fraser-as-a-werewolf story, and promised porn to follow. I started the porny sequel, based on one line from the original story, and then got distracted by various things. So here it is, twelve months late and done in a hurry.

The quote: Ray was wearing the same shirt he had worn yesterday, faded black cotton with dark stains beneath his arms. He had not done his laundry, and Fraser thought of offering to do it for him, his face heating at simply the idea of washing Ray’s clothing, of presuming to ask for something so intimate. He shifted, embarrassed at his own foolishness, grateful for once that Ray that had been so distant lately. It meant that at least Ray would never know how warmly Fraser thought of the domestic pleasures of detergent and matched socks.

Then he thought, not for the first time, that he made a very poor werewolf indeed.

It's done! Yay. That's all I care about. :) Follow the 30 Rock reference to read it...

werewolf barmitzvah. boys into men. men into wolves )
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( Jul. 25th, 2007 05:24 pm)
So I bugged [personal profile] paraxdisepink (formerly MissKittie79)about Ray K.'s hair and some Fraser kink. And this was her response. Unbelievably hot and yes, kinky, and oh so cute. It's perfect fucking perfection as I told her earlier. (We have had waaaay too many discussions on the Ray/Fraser dynamic, I'm serious).

The Way You Handle Your Gun

Nope, not teh gun porn. That's just the teaser title.

And I'll end with just one word. Homoerectionally.
Which I have decided to call me, "Pet Me Poppa" after the song, which is vaguely, sorta about cats.
(Or cat-like terms used to describe whorish young ladies. Whatevs). Really title has nothing to do with it. It's all Kittie's fault too. :P

Pet Me Poppa
By R. Cooper
Warnings: Extreme fluff and semi-crack
Summary: Uuhh...it's short. Does it really need a summary? Written in about a day.
AN: See end of story.

Super Due South Kitty Crackfic )

Hmmm and that's without going into our new BSG CKR- related paint!kink.

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( May. 11th, 2007 04:17 pm)
Stuck my CSI story on my messy, messy Fic page on the site. Which honestly, is one of so many things in my life that needs organizing. (But how can I waste time on that when there's fluff and angst and porn to write?)

Added some recs to various pages, recs that were already up on del.icio.us for a while. CSI (which also needs its own page) and Due South. Debating what to do with certain Oz porns and Bondslash.

How I love DS for giving me such a variety of well-written kink fic.

Breeches and Leather Fanclub

This is the kind of shit I find while trying to figure out how exactly to dress (and undress) a Mountie.
[livejournal.com profile] pir8fancier we are so buddies!!!


And thanks, by the way. Lifesaver isn't doing it justice.

More Due South Slash, and more first person (wtf?), this time it's Fraser's turn. I can't seem to stop and I haven't even gotten to the porn yet. Ai ya.

Smarties Are Love )
By sanyin gonna go to babylon and get me some whiskey Ray K/Fraser and HOTT.

Two T's. Fo Shizzle.

Genderfuck porn and the Ray K. voice is *awesome and mighty*.

DAMN Due South is distracting me lately.
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( Dec. 17th, 2004 03:37 pm)
Stuff to read for fun, with everyone home for the holidays now, we could all use some recs.

So here, one from Smallville...complete and utterly gorgeous silliness. Called Action Figures. No. They are not dolls! *Slash* of course.


So adorable!

A weird Due South Fic that I feel I must rec. Why? I have no idea, I have never seen the show, I don't know if this is in character or not, and it isn't exactly slash. It's het/slash. It's *emotionally* slash and *physically* het. It's also very hot. Well as hot as sex can be with a Mountie. Secrets (by Cara Chapel, seen mostly in the Sentinel fandom on my recs page).


Another Smallville...Lex Luthor as Superhero? Logic can persuade one to do anything. The Man With No Name.


Also, a brief rant. To make Starbuck in new Battlestar Gallactica a girl and then make her romantically involved with Apollo just proves all slashers right, and makes the Sci-fi channel look uptight and prissy and ridiculous. You Dumbass!!! As Milk Chan would say.

Another rant? Well ok. New Drew Barrymore as Barbarella really bothers me. For no reason, it just does. And Kinsey was surprisingly boring. Maybe it's shocking to people who don't watch The Sunday Night Sex Shows and write gay porn for fun, I don't know. They should have just made a documentary.

Um...I think that's all my insanity for now.

heh heh. I slept on Sesshomaru's face last night.



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