(Nor do I, apparently, have friends, but lets ignore that for now).

I'm not doing Yuletide this year for various reasons. And considering how much and yet how slowly I already babble, I really don't think NaNo is for me. Nonetheless, Xmas is coming up and I don't have any big projects going on. Which means I can take on a few small projects. Maybe. Therefore if anyone has any suggestions/thoughts/vague plot bunnies/things they'd really like to see then now's the time to come forth (and know me better, man).

I'm not looking for anything long. And honestly, if I'm in the mood, I'll write porn, but I generally find requests for porn strange because it usually involves someone else's fantasies, not mine, and that's hard to write and keep it hot. (Now, if we happen to share the same kink, that is another matter).

My mood right now is leaning toward angst, and I already have a few, vague-ish ideas for Xmas prezzies floating around in my messy brain. But, if you've got a notion, I'm willing to hear it.

Sort of Yuletide-type rules here: If you get too specific in your request it will be impossible to write. Also, I write slowly, so I can't do them all. And I prefer slash. Gen is pretty much boring and to do het I'd have to really like the female character involved, which I rarely do. To give you another taste of my interests...

Fandoms I have written for: Classic films. Secret Adventures of Jules Verne. Sherlock Holmes. Due South. A-team. Pirates of the Caribbean. Psych. Without A Trace. The new Battlestar Galactica. The Man From UNCLE. The Wheel of Time. CSI (Vegas). Original historical slash.

Fandoms I currently read or have read (at least more than one story): Jeeves & Wooster. CSI. CSI:NY. Due South. POTC. the new BSG. the A-team. MFU. Psych. Original slash. Classic films. Nero Wolfe. Sherlock Holmes. SAJV. 3:10 to Yuma. LA Confidential. Original fairy tales. Smallville. Spiderman. Die Hard 4. NCIS (DiNozzo/McGee). Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Harry Potter (Harry/Draco). Bondslash. Firefly. Hard Core Logo. Petrellicest. Fullmetal Alchemist. Hellsing. Criminal Minds.

Or I could link you all to my extremely unorganized recs pages.

Well, actually, if you're on my flist, I assume you'd already know what I would write. But I think I'm looking for stuff a little more unusual. Smaller fandoms, non-common pairings. That sort of thing.

And I also has me some questions about it. As in, apparently, what I meant to be a silly bit of sexual tension fluff in a crack-headed crossover turned into some weird catharsis for Dead Man's Chest or something and suddenly it became an angsty bit of sexual tension for which there is no resolution for either the angst *or* the sexual tension.

And now I am confused.

Will post tomorrow or later tonight if people would like it. But I am just getting my warnings out now. I mean...it sort of took over my brain today and ended up being waaaaaay more sad than I had intended.

I...dunno about this one.
* The writing is awful and clunky

* Rene apparently thinks he's trapped inside 'Madame Butterfly'

* I compare Ben to Etienne in a really strange way

* James continues to silently beg Etienne to jump him and is getting annoyed that Etienne won't. (i.e. please take the decision away from me Etienne and just fuck me)

* I really need to edit

* Mirena is hot

* (in my head) when Honore comes to kidnap Etienne, Etienne was sleeping and having a strange, sweaty fantasy about James and a desk and Honore sort of stopped to stare at him for a moment in fascination

* I really need to edit
rispacooper: (hawt DDL by someone i now luv)
( Aug. 15th, 2006 11:41 am)
Where's all the fun chat and heated debate to distract me from the writing I am supposed to be doing today???? Ain't nuthin' goin' on that I can see. (There's just no there there...and I know Steiny supposedly said that about Oakland, being different from the Oakland --was it Oakland?-- where she grew up, but I think she ought to come back to life and visit it now. One might agree that it differs radically from the town she knew as a child, but there is *definitely* something *there*.....crack!.

I did find these on [livejournal.com profile] imre_nico's flist, which amused me greatly. And I did find out that Stephen Colbert (the precious!) has a Myspace, as does Michael Ian Black (geek god!). But dammit, how can that keep me from the black vortex that will undoubtedly occur when I press on with NeNe's madness and despair!!expletive deleted!!

And yes...there was coffee. A lot of coffee. And a lovely dream with me very drunk in Vegas, partying with a bunch of hookers. (Yeah, why hookers I don't know either, but they were nice I guess, and helped me keep on eye on my Coach bag. Which was good, as I do lose things when I've been drinking, even dream Coach bags).

My boss tried to psychonanlyze me the other day. She's an idiot, but still, it's annoying. (as Pooky would say, Only *I* can do that). And I'm of course just insecure paranoid enough to start wondering if she was right. grrrrrrrr.

But just finished reading, "From Russia with Love" by Ian Fleming. It's fascinating. Plus, all women do want to be raped you know. We're just panting for it. Obviously.


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