[livejournal.com profile] inlovewithnight is modding a "One Night Stand Challenge"--in which you pick the fandom, you pick the people (anyone, even originals as long as they're not canon at the time) and then they get it on, in whatever tone you wish, as long it's clearly only for the one night. Then the dirty dirty pr0ns is on (between two consenting adults, of course. Right, LJ spies?)

I am considering it, but I don't know if I have time. Plus...the plot bunny that just bit me in the ass is...HET. Yeah. Yeeeeah.

In other news, stumbled across the crackiest crack fic ever. An AU of a modern cop show...set in Medieval Scotland...but in which the author has not bothered to do much, if any, research, or attempted to keep the characters in character (but, hey, it's an AU, so I'll let that one go). Use of phrases like "panic attack" and "mocha" not to mention "Asian" (which, even if an Asian person had magically been there, that would not have been the word used--at all). And, and also? There's Mpreg.


*crackity crack crack*

But I kept reading it. :P

And in completely unrelated news, the spanking/buttsex porn o' doom has gotten me obsessed with David Bowie.
Rene is, and I quote, Yoda on crack, with a boner. (now scrub the image from your brain)


But as if he had been heard there were footsteps, even and quick, and then his eyes beheld the pale skin of Etienne Saint-Cyr, wearing only pantalons and a thin shirt to receive James, white arms marked with dark bruises reaching up to James, black eyes wide and pleading and weak under James’ strength. Still, his fingers spread over the planes of the broad chest as he was forced backward, and James stepped into the room, hair as gleaming as the gold at his ear slipping from the tie at his neck, shimmering around the frown that cast the sinners from Heaven, fierce eyes revealing no mercy in his heart for the burning flesh of heretics. ....

And as I told Pooky, the burning flesh of heretics is soooo the name of the album when I become a rockstar. :P

And if you ask me if that's real or not, I'll shoot myself (with this imaginary gun, lent from the National Rifle Association) and you'll never know the truth.

rispacooper: (marlon)
( Apr. 24th, 2006 05:43 pm)
Now everyone stop requesting IOS crackfic!

Thanks to Kittie, it's now a trilogy in my head. Since she has a men-awkwardly-confessing-feelings-to-one-another kink and wants a moment where Rene and James are being schmoopy and saying something direct that means the same thing to both of them at the same time.

Ai ya!!! This is Rene we're talkin' about here.

And btw...they go to Beverly Hills High School. Because there's no way this a real high school.

And when Rene refers to a slut who gets down on their knees for the entire football team, he is talking about...



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