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( Jan. 14th, 2006 03:17 pm)
New recs for: Smallville, Original, Rome (Miscellaneous), CSI, Samurai Champloo, and the links page.

Silly Firefly porn posted to my page, though I am too lazy to format some of the newer sections of POTC craziness.

I am hungry now. That is all.
I don't have any Potter Recs...though I did read a femmeslash dirty dirty bathroom fic for Potter once that I quite enjoyed. I do have some random PWP's for other fandoms though...Cheer up those that needs it.

A Man From Uncle; Dirty Laundry Honestly, I would have made it dirtier. But still filthy enough. Illya would so top that Bitch.

This one is by one of my fav. authors ever. It's slash for the yaoi Manga fake. But basically a smart ass vs. his stuck up boss. In his office. On the floor. Over a desk (James creams his pantaloons). Sticky and messy. Desk Duty
"Yeah, I know. Just let me come already--"

Berkeley says, "Beg me."

Dee can't quite believe he said that. Just like that, just flat out, just...like he knew Dee would do it if he asked. And he will.

Hot Sky Blue, from the Sentinel Fandom. I've rec'd it before.

This one...I don't know how hot this will be to those who have never read the saga, but A Handful of Rose Petals was a glorious bit of wanking when I first read it. Still love it. Original Slash. Sad and hot and pretty.

Same saga. Different tone entirely. Dirty dirty screwing in an alley (I'm starting to think that's a kink of mine. But what isn't at this point?) Little Persia

aaaaahhh the memories.
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( Jul. 19th, 2005 01:17 pm)
A few Samurai Champloo recs up on recs page. None for Trigun yet, though there's plenty of that fic out there, and I'm sure fans have already read everything. Also, in update news, allowed myself to get a bit distracted. See..it started with the lack of good Sesshoumaru kink in the Inuyasha fandom and ended up with thoughts of a certain corsaire and then...perhaps...his snotty-ass brother. Ahem.

He allowed his lips to curve, not at all amused, then inhaled sharply through his nose as the heat his back increased, pressing closer. It touched him everywhere, the back of his legs, protected only by stockings, seemed to burn, his back scorching beneath his just-a-corps, what could not have been a bead of sweat falling down the length of his spine, sticking to once-crisp linen.

He would not and did not shiver, lifting his chin instead and waiting as the metal at his neck warmed. The blade was no longer as cold as it was once, even if it still hungered for him. This time real amusement made him smile, safely where it could not be viewed by the dog at his back.

“We will speak later.” The calm in his own voice at issuing such a dismissal was no match for the sudden jump in his heartbeat at the expectation of the consequences. Servants and nobles alike had learned to run at his voice in the past year, trembling at his very lack of rage and the way in which he could, if he so chose, show his displeasure. Only those who had felt the kiss of the leash would share in his excitement.

The pressure at his throat did not ease. The blood racing through him now seemed to flood before his vision, only red before his narrowed eyes as he slid his own slim blade from his sleeve and slashed at the arm over his shoulder. “I am not joking!” he snarled as he turned quickly, some of the blood splashing onto him as he did and ruining what had been a costly ensemble.

hee hee.

Also, if anyone reading this knows of an Original Slash author or story that they truly dug, then pass on the links (lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour). Original authors, with few places to post, seem to post them on personal websites and compiling them might be helpful. Also...on the Charmingly Carnal website...if I like a piece do I need to ask author even if I am only posting a link? Technically it's kind of a (really unprofessional and immature) book review. Don't wish to step on any toes. At least, not today.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2005 02:25 pm)
Which I guess is a subdivision of crossdressing kink. I luff angry/teasing foreplay kink. 'specially for Full Metal Alchemist. Mustang/Ed


I have more...really you know fangirls call it yaoi because it's anime, but for purposes, I would label it slash, according to that article separating the two. But whatever. Boysex hotness. Am considering making a page for it...though whole site needs an update and makeover...make it a little less temporary looking. Ah well. Good thing I am lazy.
I gots so many pretty fines right now I just don't know what to do. I have new (well old but I lost the originals years ago) Portishead this week. I finally got my hands on B. Monkey. I have sexy manga just a handsbreath away. New Battlestar Gallactica to freak out and gush over and glare at the Brits who have already seen the apparent *thrusting*. And I have been loving the Ghost in the Shell Standalone Complex TV series (which I have been renting at work, cheating yes I know) I don't even like the movie Ghost in the Shell but I love the show and the theme song is stuck in my head. Yoko Kanno you genius. And my most annoying coworker spent his last day with me today. He transfers out and I will never see him again! Bwahaha! Muriel's Wedding was on tv behind me and now Byron and Shelley are screwing around in some Ken Russell film and I had chocolate cake and there are Inu Yasha episodes on all week that I have never seen before!!! I am going to burst I can't take it!

*And* all sober. A whole week even though I craved vodka cranberries (I refuse to say Cap Codders) like mad on Wednesday.

I am gorgeous sexy beast who busily writes notes on Chapter Nineteen and realizing, with some guilt, that it was *six months* between chapters last time. Sorry.

How weird would it be to have someone describe you as incredible math? I kind of like it though. "She's incredible math."

Yoko Kanno knows how to make Latin both ethereal and sexy.
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( Dec. 17th, 2004 04:09 pm)
has me comparing (again) Inuyasha to Ideas of Sin.

Though is a slight resemblance I will admit, vaguely in the ideas of redemption...regaining your humanity...cast aside son and all that. And if Rene and James were teenagers sent on a quest, it would probably resemble the anime to a frightening degree. And I suppose, some characters are just archetypes. Heh, but here is my crazy list so far.

Inuyasha---clearly, Rene (no manners, yet purity lust for James)
Kagome---well that's James (though weirdly I must say Kikyo is more of Rene's maman...though one could say she had that role for Inuyasha as well...taming him). They do both have the name calling thing down. "Inuyasha! Kagome! Inuyasha! Kagome!" shut up already we know. Sadly though, James and Rene are not innocently sexually frustrated teenagers. That would be totally adorable however.
Miroku (sexy pimp man)---Mirena is the closest, which is awesome. (Miroku...the character most often compared to me aside from occasionally Fluffy references).
Sango is a problem--I could make her Thierry...since she helps out once in a while, but has no actual purpose. Utterly useless really.
Sesshy is another problem---Etienne ought to occupy this space, but there is no way in hell he is that hardcore. Etienne only takes this role on loosely. Once again he fails in the role given to him, poor baby.
Shippo---that's Ben. One day, that boy is gonna grow up and get hot, as recent episodes testified.
Naraku-- heh. that's daddy
Though Inuyasha's daddy is really more of God in Rene's world. Lord of the Western lands. *giggle*
Deniau---another problem. Koga of the Wolves I would guess. A little bloodthirsty rivalry going on. Though has he an interest in James' ass? That remains to be seen. (More of Rene's really)

heh heh
My geek thesis.

God I have had too much espresso today.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2004 03:27 pm)
and am somewhat better. (i swear the twinkie defense would actually work with me). anyway....i bring a strange, cutesy bit of christmas cheer.

It's a drabble for the anime Trigun. (Which actually reminds me of something I abandoned ages ago that also really needs to get finished).




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