Title: Three Conversations About Pumpkins And Bite-Size Candy
Author: Rispacooper
For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um...none really.
Please to Note: I wrote this for [profile] psychflashfic which I just discovered the other day. So I wrote this in a hurry to meet their Halloween challenge deadline. And then made it too long, which I tend to do. Seriously, it's like two thousands words too long. Dammit. Pooh. But in my head it's for [profile] psychflashfic anyway.
Summary: Lassi has never enjoyed Halloween. This upsets Shawn for reasons he doesn't understand. Sugary fluff.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I apologize for whatever Beta-ing it needs. I wrote it in like a few hours. Sorry.
AN: [personal profile] dracofiend and her "sticky-outty ears" comment... heeee! Also: the law in California is that kids must wear helmets when riding bikes...now... Back in Carlton and young Shawn's day, only dorks wore helmets while riding their bikes. (They also got head injuries, ah well).

it's sugary like candy corn )
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( Sep. 19th, 2009 04:04 pm)
Ok I have never really liked her as a story device (since as Shawn's first serious relationship, she seems to get ignored and forgotten about most of the time and because she's nice but there's like no chemistry between RLC and JR), but now I just feel sorry for Abigail. She is being the Perfect Girlfriend and she's still going to get dumped because no matter how cool she is, she's never going to be the one he wants and that's never fun. (Yeah, BTDT). They aren't going to go all Friends with it, are they? With the guy dating and getting engaged to someone else because he's not with his "true love" and then when the guy and the new girl break up because he hasn't been honest about his feelings and she (rightfully) is completely betrayed (and heartbroken), we're all supposed to hate the other girl even though she technically hasn't done anything wrong?

Fuck that shit.

I hope Abigail hands him his ass.

That said, TO continues to rock my world. *suit lust*
Title: All Over The Guy
For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter, established relationship (sort of)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kinky references and bitchy not quite ex-wives
Summary: Victoria shows up looking for a booty call. Shawn is *not* having it.
Disclaimer: Not mine. And also, I haven’t actually *seen* the episode with Victoria, but I’ve seen enough episodes to feel confident of her inherent evol. Anyway, this is AU, clearly, so whatever.
Author’s Notes: This might seem like it’s in the Slutty Boys ‘Verse, but it’s NOT. It just involves a similar kink.
A Desert Eagle is like...a really big gun. *wink*

I’m beginning to think [profile] dlasta and I were separated at birth, because my Slutty Boys ending reminded her of an evil plot bunny that’s been haunting her for months now. This is an attempt to bring that bunny to life. As such, most of the beginning is her exact words and prompts and everything else still features much of her cunning, wicked, naughty brain. I hope it's what you wanted, girl.

call my man again and ima fuck you up )
Random stuff really. Lots of Professionals fic, but nothing I'm in love with, so far. Yet I keep reading. Weird.

What else?

Well normally I don't read RPF/S just on principle, but I've been known to make exceptions. Like for Fake News, because there's great deal of difference between Stephen Colbert and Stephen Colbert, you know?

So I just have to rec this Five Times The Word Messed With People. In which there is God!Jon Stewart and Satan! Stephen Colbert, and lots and lots of insanity. Kind of brillers.

I have also read some Leverage fic. For it is generally awesomesauce. Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady. In which Parker decides to ask out Maggie--Nate's ex-wife Maggie--and Hardison and Eliot are very confused. And also a couple.

Also Leverage. It's All So Clear To Me Now The team through Parker's eyes.

I also recently read a truly awesome story for the Mentalist that [livejournal.com profile] dlasta rec'd to me. Now the link is broken. But I'm going to mention it anyway in case it ever pops up again. It was called "Scarlet. Crimson. Red." and was the kind of fic that makes you wish the show ere that good. That makes you search desperately through the net looking for any other fic that good. It was Patrick Jane/Cho and it was like the cuddly alternate universe Bizarro Shawn/Lassiter.

(Speaking of Shawn/Lassiter relationships....has anyone seen Lake Placid? Hector/Sheriff Keogh, y/y?)

Psych fic I meant to rec for crack_van and never got the chance. Running Late for the Bandwagon a series of angsty/fluffy/hot/smexy drabble type things. Shawn/Lassiter, obv.

I'd do vids and stuff, but clearly, I've been posting enough of those. :P
Feel free to add any recs to this you want. About anything. I mean, I read most fandoms, and the ones I don't are generally easy to figure out (though obviously I'll miss the in-jokes and references, and anything sci-fi might get complicated). This is in no way all recent fic, or stories for everyone, or even the best-written/made stuff out there. This particular list is just Feel Good Recs, baby.

Nick and Greg and little red ribbon. Smut! The Ribbon

Greg Sanders, Private Dick. Super historically accurate? Not exactly. Do I care? Nope. This series is completely fun and totally hot and just cheers me up sometimes. Why yes, I have read it repeatedly.

LEX LUTHOR IN A PLAID SCHOOLGIRL SKIRT! *ahem* Friends Don't Let Friends Wear Plaid Schoolgirl Skirts

Because Saul Panzer in the Nero Wolfe books is just all kinds of awesome: The Christmas Punch

(And Yuletide, btw. YULETIDE!!!!!! Yuletide *is* Fandom Awesome. I ought to do that again this year).

Pir8fancier's Hate Me/Bite Me Memes story. Harry/Draco. (No, I don't read or especially like Harry Potter. But first of all, grown up, bratty, spoiled Draco is love. And secondly, she took a really stupid and negative internet meme and turned it into porn. I mean love. Yes. That too. Draco was pissed off

A short original, fairy tale-ish fic. The Virgin and the Unicorn

omg, *any* Die Hard 4 Slash if you want hot, kinky porn.

Because I Have Spent My Day Watching Psych CAPSLOCK OF LOVE.

The Epic Tale of Rodney & John: Two Girl Scout Cookies In Love Delicious (pun intended) SGA crackfic.

Slash for the movie "Cursed"...which needed it. But there's no fandom, and no expectation of praise, and the author wrote this bit of perfect anyway.

Yuletide again! The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert

Yuletide! "Smoke Signals" slash!!! EEEE!!!!! Thank you, fandom! Telling Tales

A small bit of DS porn from Spuffy. So thanks, Spuffy! What They Needed Ray really is so cute.

More Nick/Greg. The kind of established couple fic that doesn't usually get written. Ruminations on Broken Glass and Bare Feet

Tetchy The OG Simon/Jayne fic!

Also: Dear Fandom, you are awesome for introducing me to boysinskirts. Lipstick Vogue for DS.

And genderfuck! Thanks for that too, Fandom! Gonna Go to Babylon and Get Me Some Whiskey more Due South awesomeness. Maybe I ought to just thank Due South. :)

And thanks for authors like Thamiris too. And all her fic. I'll just link to one. Tied to the Wrist ah Smallville.

(Smallville and SGA, two of the few large fandoms I will read on a semi-regular basis, even if I stopped watching the shows themselves long ago)

Holmes/Watson slash, for existing at all. Sacrilege

Perfect fucking fanvids like this one---> Closer Kirk/Spock set to Nine Inch Nails.

I'm missing a lot. And yet babbling on at the same time. Because Fandom has given me so much. I mean, would I ever have discovered all my kinks without it? Would I have learned to tolerate and/or accept other people's kinks without it? And, though I may still harbor a lot of il will toward a lot of het shippers for their general attitude regarding slash and slashers, I have also seen slashers do some completely awesome things, just proving how stupid all those narrow-minded het shipper types are.

And icons! I forgot all about icons! How many precious icons have I gotten over the years???

*ack* Running out of time here...
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( Feb. 25th, 2009 11:40 am)
I will be guest pimping Psych for March over at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van.

That sucks for all of you Gus/Shawn shippers out there. Especially since Psych doesn't appear to have a bio page yet...


I'd say neener, but I'll be good and just ask that if anyone knows of any *outstanding* (and I mean that, outstanding, nothing mediocre) Gus/Shawn fics they'd like me to read, then I will be only too happy to read them now. (Look, for Lassiter, I can read a lot of crap, but for Gus/Shawn I need a *very very* good writer to convince me that Gus would ever cross that line that he has clearly drawn between them. I am totally convinced Shawn would cross it, it's Gus who has the issue in my head).

Now excuse me while I flail around.


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