2009 Writing Meme: (which is really just the same meme as the past two years, but since I did it then, I thought I should do it now)

Aaaah, 2009, the year I tried to finish my unfinished Psych fic and ended up doing so much more because I was now unemployed and very, very bored. I mostly wrote for Psych though I also did some small experimental things for The Closer (a show that needs more viewers. It starts slow and builds to pretty damn awesome, I swear). I did The Mentalist though I think I'm done with that fandom now. And even a teensy weensy bit for Leverage, House, and NCIS. I also did Original Fic again (yay!!!!) and NaNoWriMo (More yay!!!!) and I really, really hope I can finish my new original thingee pretty soon.

January- Touch Myself for Psych (Part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
A Memory for CSI a ficlet

February- Affogato for Smallville ooh, I forgot about this one. For Kittie.

April- No Myth for CSI

May- You Make Me Feel Like Dancing for Psych (Also part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
Turn The Radio Up Multifandom (Psych, NCIS, The Mentalist, House, Leverage)

June- Spectral for The Mentalist
With A Shout Out To Lady Heather for Psych crackfic written with [profile] dlasta
Almost Like Being In Love for Psych (Slutty Boys 'Verse the end!)
All Over The Guy for Psych another fic with [profile] dlasta!

July- Marked Private for The Mentalist/CSI crack. porn. Mostly for the Mentalist, really.
Drinkity Druggity Meow Meow Meow for Psych

August- Not Not-Safe for Psych (obsess much?)
Five Unusual Mediums... for Psych

September- Coffee for Psych Gen!! I know!
A Piece of Pink Ribbon Original (a small snippet for Ideas of Sin I always meant to finish, if not post)
Jurisdiction for Psych POOOORRRRNNNN

October- No Food or Drink... for The Closer
New Sheriff In Town for Psych crackfic, written with [profile] dlasta
Blame It On The Ladies Home Journal for Psych
Three Conversations for Psych. My first flashfic! I failed at the word limit though. :)

November- NANO!!!!!! (won, barely, at 50053 words). Sadly, this was only a portion of my newest Original story. Because I babble unstoppably. Charlie, Will, my boys, I am working on it, I swear. Well, except for right now.

December- I Saw Lassie Kissing Shawn for Psych more flashfic!
Tender Loving Care for Psych (and lj user="dracofiend">)
Love In The Time Of Cupcakes for Psych (oh, [profile] dlasta)
Somebody Named Will Original. A ficlet of Charlie and Will as a prezzie for Kittie. Will!!!!
Sacrament for The Closer Xmas prezzie for [profile] dlasta
Playtime for Psych Xmas prezzie for [profile] senor_coconut_1

Whew! Brain dead! And those are just the ones that are finished!

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oops, and I forgot to say, SESSY LASSIE! Silly me.
Title: Three Conversations About Pumpkins And Bite-Size Candy
Author: Rispacooper
For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: PG
Warnings: Um...none really.
Please to Note: I wrote this for [profile] psychflashfic which I just discovered the other day. So I wrote this in a hurry to meet their Halloween challenge deadline. And then made it too long, which I tend to do. Seriously, it's like two thousands words too long. Dammit. Pooh. But in my head it's for [profile] psychflashfic anyway.
Summary: Lassi has never enjoyed Halloween. This upsets Shawn for reasons he doesn't understand. Sugary fluff.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I apologize for whatever Beta-ing it needs. I wrote it in like a few hours. Sorry.
AN: [personal profile] dracofiend and her "sticky-outty ears" comment... heeee! Also: the law in California is that kids must wear helmets when riding bikes...now... Back in Carlton and young Shawn's day, only dorks wore helmets while riding their bikes. (They also got head injuries, ah well).

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A few questions for anyone bored (or nice) enough to take the time:

Have you ever purchased ebooks (either short story or novel-length)? It doesn't have to be original slash, or gay, or even romance fiction, just in general? --though the rest of these questions will mostly be about teh ghei love.

If you have purchased original slash or gay romantic/erotic fiction, how did you feel the quality compared to original slash/gay/bent fiction that is available for free online? Or just the quality in general? Feel free to babble if you wish. heh heh.

How often do you purchase? (That's a vague question, but it's not like I'm going to graph it or anything. Statistics=no fun.) I'd imagine it depends on reviews or the authors' name recognition. Feel free to go on about that too if you want. :)

Do you go for romance or for smut separately? Do you go to different places for one or the other, or hope for a combo of the two? (Recs also good here)

Do you go to actual slash/smut/gay/romance/small publisher/whatever review websites? (Or do you find the opinions on those websites as varied and non-helpful as I do? --I admit, this question is biased. heh)

Ooh and another question related to that one, how often do you go to Amazon for these purchases vs. the small publishing sites and authors' pages/blogs themselves?

I'm asking a lot. But honestly, maybe I just can't find good review, professional type review sites. I don't think they're looking for what I'm looking for. So maybe I am looking wrong????

Basically just give me your feelings on good online fiction, free or otherwise, and how you find it. Pleeeease.

Thanks!! to anyone who answers. I want to have your babies.
Title: All Over The Guy
For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter, established relationship (sort of)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kinky references and bitchy not quite ex-wives
Summary: Victoria shows up looking for a booty call. Shawn is *not* having it.
Disclaimer: Not mine. And also, I haven’t actually *seen* the episode with Victoria, but I’ve seen enough episodes to feel confident of her inherent evol. Anyway, this is AU, clearly, so whatever.
Author’s Notes: This might seem like it’s in the Slutty Boys ‘Verse, but it’s NOT. It just involves a similar kink.
A Desert Eagle is like...a really big gun. *wink*

I’m beginning to think [profile] dlasta and I were separated at birth, because my Slutty Boys ending reminded her of an evil plot bunny that’s been haunting her for months now. This is an attempt to bring that bunny to life. As such, most of the beginning is her exact words and prompts and everything else still features much of her cunning, wicked, naughty brain. I hope it's what you wanted, girl.

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