Jules! She owns my heart!

So because I got poor [personal profile] sinjah (and apparently a few other people) into Psych and she requested a picspam, recs set, gifspam (new word!) post. And since she's so nice to me, reading my insanity, gifting me music occasionally, and also cuz I love Lassiter Gus Jules Henry Shawn Psych I decided to do it.

The following is a collection of recs I've already made here, redone, and some new pics, maybe, and a bunch of pretty gifs I got from vtgraphics (check them out, btw, they are awesome).

For a fandom overview of Psych, should you need one (it's a fluffy, cracky crimesolving show with a cranky yet dorky yet hot detective and also a fake psychic, should you need to know) go here. Which is my [community profile] crack_van overview, complete with pictures.

Everything else, check beyond the fake cut.

If the overview and those pictures don't have you gooey with slashy love for this show, might I suggest someone else's awesome picspam? Shassie picspam of love all about Shawn and Lassiter. I could not have more love for it. Unf! This show is so ghei and full of loff!!! It makes my heart full and warm and makes me want to shower the world with sparkles!

Also, how about a Lassie/Shawn ship manifesto? Why the hell not, you say? Excellent, I say. More victi--I means, fans. Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Anywaaaaay, there is fic as well. Lots of fic. For a small fandom, it has a pretty good variety. Though my taste is weird, I know that. I like strange things for strange reasons. Keep that in mind. :P Also, I am a little drunk. (You get no apology for that, just for the resulting typos).

What are possibly the greatest stories in this fandom: (okay, yes, they are all Shawn/Lassiter. So what? Suck it. You asked *me*, this is what you get)

Okay, this right here might actually be the best Shassie fic out there, ever (and no, normally I do not approve of combined couples' names nicknames, but it's easy to type, leave me alone :P )
Because I Have Spent My Day Watching Psych CAPSLOCK OF LOVE!!!

What Happens in Freedom

Progress The language in this fic...

Desperado -super cute, though a spoiler warning on this one for those who haven't seen beyond Season One...like [personal profile] sinjah...

The Dah-Ling Store It Yourself and 1930, both by the same author.

Then some equally good, but which I like for random reasons fic:

Green Means Go I love subtle. And fluff. And first move fics.

Collared Hot smut. In character too.

Informed Consent(ery) aaaaw.

Gus Has A Bad Feeling About This heheh

Sowndens of Yester Year AU! Shawn angst!

Differences of Opinion Taking trapped in a hotel room/gay undercover, and doing something with it.

Ask Me No Questions Psych/Iron Man crossover

Give and Take more smut. more kink.

Running Late for the Bandwagon This fandom loves five times fics and drabbles and having fun. I love it.

The Other Man porn battle snippet insanity. I love this show for providing such insane *canon*.

A Different Corner a long, gritty story.

Red Ball Fluff! Cute!

St. Pat's Just a getting together cute fic.

Between The Lines Are Shawn and Jules dating? Jealous!Lassie!

The Journey From Spencer to Shawn perfect

Shawn's Second Moves a sequel to another story, the link should be there. Cuteness!

Tactics Cuteness! Bathroom secks! I can't help myself.

How Shawn Survived Two GunShots and Won The Man of His Dreams

Aaaaand, I'm gonna stop there, for now.

So I can move on to GIFSPAM!!! These are all from [profile] vtgraphics credit them!!


Jules makes me *guh*

The real dynamic duo!

Lassiter/Juliet hug!!!!

*And I'm not even covering all the gun range stories, or the Lassiter/Buzz stories (my eyes!) or the few Gus/Shawn stories I like. If you want those, check out my delicious account @r_cooper)*

Oh, and have I shared this random Tim Omundson convention pic ???

The main Psych screencap gallery I used to use is apparently no more. *sadface* where am I supposed to find pics of Lassiter firing his gun and then catching the expelling shell or yelling at Shawn and Gus for being idiots, or Jules' kitten frowny face? Where???

What caps I still have and that aren't already up on crack_van...

aka the Look of Love.

You know, I need that gif of Shawn doing his worm dance thing to distract Gus. Anyway...

I can't forget at least one vid, that is gen, but pure happy making!

Aaaaaanddd...I'm spent. It didn't make much sense, but it sure was pretty, wasn't it? (And kind of crazy, which might just be the essence of Psych...or I have spent my day writing porn and I don't know from crap anymore).

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