2009 Writing Meme: (which is really just the same meme as the past two years, but since I did it then, I thought I should do it now)

Aaaah, 2009, the year I tried to finish my unfinished Psych fic and ended up doing so much more because I was now unemployed and very, very bored. I mostly wrote for Psych though I also did some small experimental things for The Closer (a show that needs more viewers. It starts slow and builds to pretty damn awesome, I swear). I did The Mentalist though I think I'm done with that fandom now. And even a teensy weensy bit for Leverage, House, and NCIS. I also did Original Fic again (yay!!!!) and NaNoWriMo (More yay!!!!) and I really, really hope I can finish my new original thingee pretty soon.

January- Touch Myself for Psych (Part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
A Memory for CSI a ficlet

February- Affogato for Smallville ooh, I forgot about this one. For Kittie.

April- No Myth for CSI

May- You Make Me Feel Like Dancing for Psych (Also part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
Turn The Radio Up Multifandom (Psych, NCIS, The Mentalist, House, Leverage)

June- Spectral for The Mentalist
With A Shout Out To Lady Heather for Psych crackfic written with [profile] dlasta
Almost Like Being In Love for Psych (Slutty Boys 'Verse the end!)
All Over The Guy for Psych another fic with [profile] dlasta!

July- Marked Private for The Mentalist/CSI crack. porn. Mostly for the Mentalist, really.
Drinkity Druggity Meow Meow Meow for Psych

August- Not Not-Safe for Psych (obsess much?)
Five Unusual Mediums... for Psych

September- Coffee for Psych Gen!! I know!
A Piece of Pink Ribbon Original (a small snippet for Ideas of Sin I always meant to finish, if not post)
Jurisdiction for Psych POOOORRRRNNNN

October- No Food or Drink... for The Closer
New Sheriff In Town for Psych crackfic, written with [profile] dlasta
Blame It On The Ladies Home Journal for Psych
Three Conversations for Psych. My first flashfic! I failed at the word limit though. :)

November- NANO!!!!!! (won, barely, at 50053 words). Sadly, this was only a portion of my newest Original story. Because I babble unstoppably. Charlie, Will, my boys, I am working on it, I swear. Well, except for right now.

December- I Saw Lassie Kissing Shawn for Psych more flashfic!
Tender Loving Care for Psych (and lj user="dracofiend">)
Love In The Time Of Cupcakes for Psych (oh, [profile] dlasta)
Somebody Named Will Original. A ficlet of Charlie and Will as a prezzie for Kittie. Will!!!!
Sacrament for The Closer Xmas prezzie for [profile] dlasta
Playtime for Psych Xmas prezzie for [profile] senor_coconut_1

Whew! Brain dead! And those are just the ones that are finished!

My best story of this year: Ooh, um, I played around with structure this year...though I don't know that those stories turned out to be the best-written, I am really pleased that I tried them anyway (Drinkity, Druggity for example. Or Three Conversations, or Five Unusual Mediums... Psych is a good fandom to play around in. No Myth is another example, though for CSI). Best written? I might have to go with my original fic, even with all its current many flaws and its unfinished state. (Although, No Food Or Drink... might also be a contender). I really need to give that a title and stop calling it the thing with Charlie and Will being adorable man muffins.

My favorite story of this year: Almost Like Being In Love. I didn't want it to end. Runner up to Blame It On The Ladies Home Journal for the bitchy cuddle fest. Lassie!

Most fun story to write: New Sheriff In Town. A shared, spontaneous crackfic. It was never meant to be written, much less posted.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Ooh. Jurisdiction, when Shawn tries to speak and actually can't cuz Lassie just spanked him? Almost Like Being In Love, when Lassie first makes like he's going to arrest Shawn and pins him against the shelf, spreads his legs apart? Love In The Time of Cupcakes, when Shawn is strangely innocent and it's hot Lassie can't bear it? (Okay, I didn't write that moment, [profile] dlasta did) Damn. Clearly, Psych is winning this one. Basically, any moment where Shawn's ability to lie and con is taken away from him. HAWT.

Most "Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: Jurisdiction? (Sure felt that way when I first wrote it.) Love In The Time of Cupcakes? Jerk!Lassie. Marked Private.

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. Touch Myself. (Really, the whole Slutty Boys thing). Not Not-Safe. Trying to make Shawn and Lassiter vulnerable in ways that are still real, but also funny. Oy.

Hardest story to write: No Food Or Drink... A Piece of Pink Ribbon. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing.

Biggest Disappointment: A Piece of Pink Ribbon. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (though now I think it's what it needed to be. But not really hot, you know?)

Biggest Surprise: Five Unusual Mediums and Drinkity Druggity. Sort of...cheesy romantic stories, in their way (okay, I might be the only one who thinks of them as romantic).

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: Jurisdiction. Well, not unintentional, just incredibly obvious. I refuse to blush (anymore).

And the others... [discussion of any fics you didn't mention in the meme, but would still like to address] Oh God, the priest! fic I'll never finish. The Nick/Greg ribbon thing I will most likely never get to. The supposed-to-be-funny Psych fic where Shawn is jealous that started out funny and turned into an angst fest because dammit, I can't stop myself! Charlie and Will...I can feel myself lagging because I don't want to write their manpain!

Okay, I'm good. I'll stop now, and go back to my outlining.

oops, and I forgot to say, SESSY LASSIE! Silly me.


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