2009 Writing Meme: (which is really just the same meme as the past two years, but since I did it then, I thought I should do it now)

Aaaah, 2009, the year I tried to finish my unfinished Psych fic and ended up doing so much more because I was now unemployed and very, very bored. I mostly wrote for Psych though I also did some small experimental things for The Closer (a show that needs more viewers. It starts slow and builds to pretty damn awesome, I swear). I did The Mentalist though I think I'm done with that fandom now. And even a teensy weensy bit for Leverage, House, and NCIS. I also did Original Fic again (yay!!!!) and NaNoWriMo (More yay!!!!) and I really, really hope I can finish my new original thingee pretty soon.

January- Touch Myself for Psych (Part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
A Memory for CSI a ficlet

February- Affogato for Smallville ooh, I forgot about this one. For Kittie.

April- No Myth for CSI

May- You Make Me Feel Like Dancing for Psych (Also part of the Slutty Boys 'Verse)
Turn The Radio Up Multifandom (Psych, NCIS, The Mentalist, House, Leverage)

June- Spectral for The Mentalist
With A Shout Out To Lady Heather for Psych crackfic written with [profile] dlasta
Almost Like Being In Love for Psych (Slutty Boys 'Verse the end!)
All Over The Guy for Psych another fic with [profile] dlasta!

July- Marked Private for The Mentalist/CSI crack. porn. Mostly for the Mentalist, really.
Drinkity Druggity Meow Meow Meow for Psych

August- Not Not-Safe for Psych (obsess much?)
Five Unusual Mediums... for Psych

September- Coffee for Psych Gen!! I know!
A Piece of Pink Ribbon Original (a small snippet for Ideas of Sin I always meant to finish, if not post)
Jurisdiction for Psych POOOORRRRNNNN

October- No Food or Drink... for The Closer
New Sheriff In Town for Psych crackfic, written with [profile] dlasta
Blame It On The Ladies Home Journal for Psych
Three Conversations for Psych. My first flashfic! I failed at the word limit though. :)

November- NANO!!!!!! (won, barely, at 50053 words). Sadly, this was only a portion of my newest Original story. Because I babble unstoppably. Charlie, Will, my boys, I am working on it, I swear. Well, except for right now.

December- I Saw Lassie Kissing Shawn for Psych more flashfic!
Tender Loving Care for Psych (and lj user="dracofiend">)
Love In The Time Of Cupcakes for Psych (oh, [profile] dlasta)
Somebody Named Will Original. A ficlet of Charlie and Will as a prezzie for Kittie. Will!!!!
Sacrament for The Closer Xmas prezzie for [profile] dlasta
Playtime for Psych Xmas prezzie for [profile] senor_coconut_1

Whew! Brain dead! And those are just the ones that are finished!

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oops, and I forgot to say, SESSY LASSIE! Silly me.

Jules! She owns my heart!

So because I got poor [personal profile] sinjah (and apparently a few other people) into Psych and she requested a picspam, recs set, gifspam (new word!) post. And since she's so nice to me, reading my insanity, gifting me music occasionally, and also cuz I love Lassiter Gus Jules Henry Shawn Psych I decided to do it.

The following is a collection of recs I've already made here, redone, and some new pics, maybe, and a bunch of pretty gifs I got from vtgraphics (check them out, btw, they are awesome).

For a fandom overview of Psych, should you need one (it's a fluffy, cracky crimesolving show with a cranky yet dorky yet hot detective and also a fake psychic, should you need to know) go here. Which is my [community profile] crack_van overview, complete with pictures.

Everything else, check beyond the fake cut.

we don't have balls. i honestly have no response to that. )
Two very silly and short Psych ficlets written by me and [personal profile] sinjah based on the latest episode, "Thrill Seekers and Hell Raisers" and one tiny, throw away line. Don't worry, [profile] dlasta I know you have the actual awesome lists somewhere. (banana-banana!!!)

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Title: Inhale
For: Psych
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Language, spoilers for S.4
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Summary: Written for [profile] psychflashfic. Prompt: What are you wearing?
Disclaimer: Not mine, written in an hour and a half, with no beta but lots of spell check. I am once again over the word limit, but I tried to keep it down, I swear!
AN: Out Of This World btw, was a hideous, low budget TV show about a girl who was secretly an alien and could stop time and I still quote it to this day. Shaddup you!
Okay, Author's Notes, Round Two: I forgot to a) mention [profile] dlasta and her love of Pursuing!Lassiter and b) to realize that my questions to myself should not be typed in my LJ, because when I do that people actually answer them. heh. Whoops.

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Does this need a sequel?

Sequel --> Exhale
Title: Exhale
For: Psych
Pairing: Shawn/Lassiter
Rating: PG-13 at most
Warnings: language, S.4 spoilers,
Summary: written for [profile] psychflashfic as a sequel to Inhale. Same prompt: what are you wearing
Disclaimer: not mine, etc etc etc.

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